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Sticks - in the hands

Minister of Sports of Yakutia: We are ready for the widespread introduction of the TRP standards

Sticks - in the hands

The Minister of Sports of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Mikhail Gulyaev, in an interview with, spoke about the popularity of Scandinavian walking in the uluses, the TRP norms for pensioners and winter motorcycle riding - in a word, about the sports boom that the republic is experiencing.

- Mikhail Dmitrievich, you promised that by the 2017, every third Yakut citizen will be involved in the sport. Have something to brag about today?

- To host the Children of Asia International Games and the Russia - Country of Sports Forum in Yakutsk in 2012, we built a number of large facilities, including the Triumph sports complex, a football arena, and a swimming pool. Today, the city is home to about 300 thousand people, and we have created conditions for sports. It is gratifying to see that young people have begun to train - students, schoolchildren and toddlers. Girls want to be beautiful, boys want to be strong, so there are not even enough sports facilities. The number of sports schools is also growing: quite recently there were 54, now there are 64.

We plan to further expand our technical base. With the introduction of the norms of the TRP complex (in 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the revival of the TRP standards in the country, a Soviet-era physical culture program for educating patriotic youth. The name of the TRP program - "Ready for Labor and Defense" - remained from Soviet times - we have high hopes for improving public health. This year, Yakutia has become one of 30 pilot projects for the introduction of this standard. In our country, even before the All-Russian norms, starting from the 2000-s, in many districts of the republic, their own standards, taking into account climatic and geographic conditions, were in effect among various age categories of residents. For example, in the town of Mirny, the GTO has been passing the standards for the fourth year. As an experiment, we developed TRP standards in the Churapchinsky district, where the Federal Institute of Physical Culture and Sports is located. In principle, we are ready for the widespread introduction of the TRP standards. This year we have concluded an agreement with all the heads of districts, and in the near future we will create six specialized centers for the delivery of standards.

In addition, we are developing new sports in the republic - we are promoting Scandinavian walking. It is scientifically and practically proven that Nordic walking is very beneficial for health. By the way, in the Scandinavian countries this sport is at its peak of popularity.

- How are TRP standards developed?

- According to the federal norm, the norms are distributed by age - from preschool age to 70 years. Taking this physical education exam is voluntary. It includes exercises for flexibility, running, pulling up, walking, etc. If an elderly person is simply interested in checking whether he can walk 3 km, then schoolchildren receive their bonus: for example, whoever takes the test for a gold badge, 10 points are added to the USE result, which, accordingly, will be a plus when entering a university. We hope that it is this incentive that will make passing the TRP standards popular among young people.

- Why was Scandinavian walking among the new sports that you plant in Yakutia? Really take root ?!

- Certainly. We invited scientists from St. Petersburg who teach Nordic walking lessons and held seminars in Yakutia. Since this all started. We now have promoters of this sport - for example, Matvey Ivanovich Lytkin, Ph.D., created a club for fans of Scandinavian walking in Yakutsk. Now the club has branches in all uluses.

This sport is rapidly gaining momentum. During walking with sticks almost all muscles work. This is a load that has practically no contraindications. You can do Scandinavian walking both in the team and on your own. It is generally accepted that Scandinavian walking suits older people, but, believe me, this is far from the case.

- What promotes the development of sports activity in Yakutia?

- Firstly, the introduction of RLD norms promotes the involvement of the population in regular physical education, and, secondly, everyone needs health. The media maintains interest in sports. These are the newspaper "Sport Yakutia", NVK (National Broadcasting Company), the magazine "Sport Sakha", the commercial firm "Moy Sport", which broadcasts sports programs and competitions on several channels.

- And what about the sport of higher achievements?

- Sports of the highest achievements in Yakutia on the rise. Over the past year, at all official competitions, we have received 203 medals, beginning with the Russian championships, continental championships, world championships and the Olympic Games. From 203 - 88 gold, 55 silver and 60 bronze medals. Compare with 2005 year, when we had only 11 medals. Certainly, one of the landmark moments of 2014 was the silver medal of Nikita Kryukov, who represented our republic at the Sochi Olympics.

Last year we held 548 republican sports events, not counting municipal ones. Of these, two world championships (World Championship in boxing among students, World Championship in mas-wrestling), two championships in Russia (Czech Republic in freestyle wrestling, Czech Republic and the Russian Cup in archery). We have traditional events - the Roman Mikhailovich Dmitriev International Tournament (17 countries participated last year), the Dmitry Petrovich Korkin International Tournament (30 countries participated).

- How is the technical base of training professional athletes improving in the republic?

- We created three institutions last year - the Center for Adaptive Physical Culture to help the development of wheelchair sports, the Department of Children and Youth Sports and the Training of the Sports Reserve, and the Winter Sports Center for Biathlon in the city of Aldan. At the beginning of the year, we opened the 11th republican sports school for basic sports.

In Aldan, on the eve of the Olympics, biathlonists were trained, athletes have been training this season. The center will continue to develop, because we have an advantage over the rest of the training bases, as the snow in Aldan falls in late September and in early October you can ski. Homologation of this route has already been carried out, we will soon receive a license to hold major sporting events in Yakutia.

- At the Olympics in Sochi last year, a grandiose presentation of the regions of the Far East, where Yakutia was assigned the leading role. This presentation has somehow affected the development of sports?

- Such presentations are rather important not for the development of sports in the republic, but for the image of Yakutia abroad, so that they will learn abroad that there is culture and sports in the northernmost region of Russia. For example, most Asian countries know the Children of Asia International Sports Games, which we will be holding for the sixth time in 2016. We have already started preparing for them. In the summer we will hold a presentation of these international sports games with the participation of the secretaries general of the national Olympic committees. We will also try to draw attention to the event in the foreign press. The main participants in the games are Yakutia and Asian countries. The Olympic Council of Asian countries has 44 states. Last time 30 of them participated in Children of Asia. We hope that next year the number of participating countries will increase.

- Tell me, please, do national sports become more popular today in Yakutia or have they always been popular?

- You asked the question very correctly. National sports have never been ignored, but are now becoming more and more popular. Recently, we passed a commission to include mas-wrestling in the register of all-Russian sports. This inclusion gives the right to assign the standard of the master of sports of the Russian Federation. In the future, we will qualify for the award of a world-class master of sports to world championship winners, etc. Last year, as I said, we held the first world mas-wrestling championship. Therefore, it is very great that this national sport goes beyond the borders of the republic and is gaining momentum.

Recently, Yakut athletes competed in international jumping competitions in memory of Antipov in Baku. Last year, we presented national sports at the festival in Japan. Everyone really liked the presentation of mas-wrestling, hapsagaya, jumps.

Northern all-around, which is also included in the register of sports of the Russian Federation, is also held in high esteem. This year we will try to hold all-Russian competitions for children in this sport. We are organizing the Games of the North, the Spartakiad at the level of districts and uluses. There is also Evenk football, where the rules are completely different - a leather ball, you can play in the snow in winter and in the swampy tundra in summer (we cannot find large football fields in the Arctic uluses). Very interesting competitions - the Olonkho Cup, we organize them during Ysyakh - the Yakut holiday of the summer meeting: the strongest, most agile, most enduring all-rounders compete in weight lifting, running, jumping, archery.

- In two years you will have the Republican Spartakiad on national sports. Has the preparation begun for this event?

- In 2017 the Spartakiad on national sports will be held in Verkhnevilyuisk. The head of the republic Yegor Afanasyevich Borisov held an organizational meeting to determine which social facilities will be built and in what time frame. It is known that at the end of this year the construction of a stadium and a sports complex will begin. I want to emphasize especially that we try to hold major sports events not only for the sake of the events themselves, but also for the development of the material and technical basis of physical culture and sports, as well as social infrastructure.

- You were the rector of the Churapchinsky Institute of Physical Culture and Sports. What famous athletes have you trained?

- I was rector for four years (from 1999 to 2003 -, then we were just creating the material and technical base of the institute, solving organizational issues. In the first year, only 25 students were admitted, the initial traditions of two-time training etc. were established. And now the students of the institute are demonstrating world-class results. So, last year Vasily Egorov and Darman Kutubekov brought Yakutia two gold medals at the World Student Boxing Championship in Yakutsk. At the world championship among students in freestyle wrestling last year, Nyurgun Scriabin won the bronze. There are world drafts champions, etc. You can list for a long time….

- What sports do you follow?

- I am responsible for the development of physical culture and sports in the republic, so I try to keep abreast of all sports events and problems. One of the challenges that we face is that technical sports are poorly represented in Yakutia. No matter how cold it is in winter, no matter how short the summer is, motorsport must be developed and learned to ride a motorcycle. Sport is extreme too.

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