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Revitalizing coal

As the resident of the TOR "Beringovsky" brought people to the desert region of Chukotka

The model of territories for advanced development is aimed at the fact that the products produced in them will be competitive not only in the domestic Russian market, but also in the markets of the countries of the Asia-Pacific region. An example of the successful accomplishment of this task is already shown by Chukotka: the Fanduskin field, developed by the Australian company Tigers Realm Coal, began to produce coal for China. Due to obtaining the status of a resident, the TOR "Beringovsky" company was able to quickly obtain various approvals for the project, including, most importantly, the opening of shipment of products for export through the Beringovsky port.

Revitalizing coal
Photo: Photo provided by the Press Service of the Administration of the PrJSC
Special project Coal of the East of Russia
According to the Department of Industrial and Agricultural Policy of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, in the first seven months of the year 2017 in Chukotka 257,6 thousand tons of coal were mined. A year earlier for the same period - 166,1 thousand tons of coal. Growth in coal output at 55% provided one of the two coal-producing enterprises - OOO "Beringpromugol". This "daughter" of the Australian Tigers Realm Coal Limited is a resident of the TOR "Beringovsky". The company from 2012 year owns a license for the reserves of the field Fandyushkinsky field, active development of which began in the summer of 2016. The company believes that annually the deposit can yield up to 2 million tons of coal, and already in 2018 will give no less than 600 thousand tons.

Prior to 2015, the coal mining industry of Chukotka was represented by two enterprises - OJSC Mine Coal and OJSC Nagornaya Mine - with an annual production level of 300-435 thousand tons. "Mine Coal" is developing the reserves of the brown coal deposit "Anadyrskoe", its production capacity is 450 thousand tons, but the actual production is no more than 250 thousand tons. "Mine Nagornaya" worked out the reserves of the coal field "Coal Bay", but from January of the year 2015 ceased operations because of losses. Thus, the prospects for increasing coal production in Chukotka are so far only related to OOO "Beringpromugol", and hence, with the development of TOP, although other companies have promising projects. And if the Tigers Realm Coal project has everything going according to plan, it's not just about doubling the Chukotka coal production indicators - it's a matter of significant growth.

At the moment on the field Fandyushkinskoe field reserves of coal are classified according to category B - 750 thousand tons of coal grade G, category С1 - 5559 thousand tons, category С2 - 4081 thousand tons. The total resources of the entire Bering coal-bearing basin in Chukotka are 4 billion tons of coal. Coal deposits in the basin are mainly high-quality energy: G (gas), F (fat) and D (long-flame). The project to develop the Bering coal deposit is aimed at creating a mining complex with a capacity of at least 10 million tons of coal per year, focused on the export of hard coal, including coking coal, to the countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

As of Fandyushkinsky field, eight coal-loaded cars are shipped daily, which go to the port of Beringovsky along the 40-kilometer highway built by the resident company in May-July of this year. The fuel is then reloaded to ships carrying it both to the Chukchi settlements and beyond the region: the first bulk carrier Achilles with 38,5 thousand tons of hard coal for China departed in July. Until the end of navigation-2017 in China should go no less than 200 thousand tons of coal.

It should be noted that in order for Achilles to leave for the voyage, it took a lot of work, and the road built to the new port is an important, but not the only part of it. The Federal Customs Service and the resident company have spent a lot of time agreeing in supervisory instances all the nuances of the port's work for export - after all, the maritime checkpoint in the temporary scheme was actually created from scratch. The resident was advised by the Far Eastern Customs Administration and Magadan Customs. A permanent checkpoint in Beringovsky is not needed: it is focused on shipping 10-15 ships per year for five months of navigation. But even for work on the temporary scheme, the resident required a whole series of approvals from customs, border and sanitary authorities.

"The creation of the TOP Beringovsky significantly facilitated all business processes in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug. Due to this, we quickly obtain all the necessary permits with the full cooperation of the Ministry of Economic Development, the highest executive bodies of state power, as well as the executive and administrative bodies of municipal entities in the territory of the Chukotka Autonomous District. To finance construction, as well as for geological exploration, the company uses the means of shareholders. However, the provision of all necessary documentation we consider to be a great help in the development of our project, "says Peter Balka, Chief Executive Officer of Tigers Realm Coal.

Of course, the company's project in Russia was successful not only due to government support, but also due to correct business planning. “In the current situation, competitiveness depends on the quality of the extracted raw materials and logistics factors - primarily on the transport accessibility of the deposits. In this regard, the development of deposits in Chukotka that are not tied to the railway or foreign ports is of particular interest to us, ”emphasizes Denis Kurochkin, General Director of Tigers Realm Coal. The company is ready to invest not only in the mining infrastructure, but also in transport, as well as its own power generation. The total volume of private investment in the project is estimated at $ 2,25 million.

At the same time, the area in which the company began to operate was previously completely uninhabited. The nearest settlement, settlement Beringovsky - in 40 km from the deposit. In addition to the shift camp and facilities at the Fanduski Field itself, the resident will build not only an automobile road, but also a railway to the port. Tigers Realm Coal already provided 120 employees in Russia, including 30 residents of Chukotka, involved directly in the development of the field. While the industrial facility has small turns, it is enough for him to have hundreds of personnel. By 2019-2020, with increasing production volumes, the company will create about 500 jobs at the field and in the port. And if it turns out to revive previously deserted territories - is this not the success of the TOR "Beringovsky"?
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