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Discovering the Far East

A range of tourist guides to the Far Eastern regions is in demand among Russians - Izvestiya

Discovering the Far East
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Store shelves are full of covers of fashionable tourist guides for every taste: there are gastronomic, and automobile, and architectural. However, among the directions - template Italy, France, Spain, Greece .... The Russian regiment looks much poorer: somehow the Golden Ring is represented, and everything that is beyond the Urals is described except in the TSB, and even then it is fragmentary. Stand alone are the guides of the Moscow publishing house PressPass, which offered a single audience in the country a guide line for remote Russian regions.

The first book of The Face to the Sun series was published in 2014. The first complete guide to Yakutia in history was published immediately in Russian and English and was presented at the Olympics in Sochi. Special interest in the book was shown by foreigners who had not heard anything about the mammoth homeland and the pole of the cold before. Interested in the book and the Russians - few people can boast of tourist trips to the permafrost.

"If the theater starts with a hanger, then tourism - with a beautiful photo," says Alexey Litvinov, director of the PressPass publishing house. - We have tried to present the Russian regions as beautifully as the popular European countries. Present it so that the reader wants to go and see with his own eyes those miracles that we are talking about. And look, believe me, there is something. "

The publishing house positions its books as a “Modern Guide”. In addition to the most current and complete information about tourist attractions, the guidebooks of the series combine fascinating travel notes from travelers, an informative background, as well as an overview of promising industries and projects. Accompanied by all this amazingly beautiful photos. This combination allows you to create a complete portrait of the region, to tell about its past, present and future.

Other regions are interested in the experience of Yakutia. A year later, "Kamchatka" appeared, then - "Kolyma" and "Primorye". Like “Yakutia”, the books were duplicated in English, and “Primorye” was also in Chinese. At the Eastern Economic Forum-2017 line of publications again replenished. With the support of regional authorities published guides to the Sakhalin region and the Chukotka Autonomous Region. Also published is the book Far East. Modern guidebook ”is a single publication covering all regions of the Far Eastern Federal District. Already in mid-September, all these books will take place on the shelves of stores and will be available to a wide circle of readers.

"There is not a single picture that would symbolize the entire Far East in its entirety," the introduction to the book on the Far East says. - There is no such address, visiting which, it would be possible to say that I fully knew this region. You can not even try to compare Yakutia and Sakhalin, Kamchatka and Primorye, Chukotka and Amur Region. Here each direction is a pearl, each region has its own specificity, its accents. The study of the Far East will drag on for many months, more likely even years - and each time you will discover for yourself all the new details and details, emotions and impressions, tastes and smells. "

The guides tell in detail about the regions of the Far East, even the most remote regions. About some villages to collect information is quite difficult, they say in the publishing house. Social networks are coming to help: thanks to the Internet, you can find residents of even the most lost corners and ask them in detail, get a live picture.

"For the author's team of our publishing house work on guidebooks is business, creativity and hobbies," says Arthur Agafonov, chief editor of books on the Magadan region and about Sakhalin. "This is an excellent opportunity to learn the country better, and share our impressions with our readers."

And they read publications all over the country, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. English-language books are available on Amazon, orders come from Europe and from America.

"We are very grateful to our partners in regional administrations for their help and support," says Alexei Litvinov. "Attention to the Far East is growing significantly, we feel it from the feedback that comes to the publishing house."

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