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Rest as a feat!

Vacation. This magic word for most of the Russians before was something like a blue dream, and after the fall events it was almost a fantasy

In a country where the tourist infrastructure is developed only at minimum interest rates, and even then not everywhere, and round-trip flights cost hardly one and a half ordinary wages, the system of "package rest" (when you sit on a charter-fly, rest, return, and all for A single sum) has become something of a panacea. But, as it turned out, not quite: first because of the known events, Egypt, then Turkey, now Indonesia, and for those who are not ready or can not travel by "savages" there are options left: Thailand, Vietnam, Bali and Philippines. How to relax a "bag" and at the same time save money at the current dollar rate, on personal experience the Amur correspondent of "East Russia" Igor Ageenko learned.

Rest as a feat!
Through the thorns on vacation

That this year I will go to Thailand, I already knew in the summer: first, there I already knew the area twice and quite well, secondly (and not least), the local currency remained from the last trip, and third, I just wanted to relax on the sand without any excursions. So the choice of Pattaya as a place of rest in 3-s since I didn’t cause any particular problems (I’ll say at once that it’s impossible to plan a vacation in advance because of my nature of work, so “packages” for people like me are the most ideal option).

A call to the travel agency to a familiar manager indicated the cost of a trip for two to 72 thousand rubles for two - at the time of reservation it was 1136 dollars, which for us at any rate could not have risen - their reservation was "frozen". Then began the search for rubles, which were to be exchanged for dollars, searching for a bank with the best rate and other pleasant (leave is already close!) Troubles.

The first shock we experienced when our plane was blown up over the Sinai - it immediately became clear that apart from the blown lives this tragedy would indirectly affect the cost of the tour (the above mentioned armor played here):

- When you booked your tour, it cost 72 thousand, now the price has increased by 10, - says the employee of the travel agency Victoria, - but it's not so scary: from Khabarovsk, tours to Thailand went up from 50-100 (!!!) thousand for two.

- Indeed, it's more expensive to fly from Khabarovsk than from the Amur Region - it is connected with a larger number of residents than in the Amur Region. There is more demand there, the planes are getting better filled, respectively, the prices that Moscow sets for each region vary significantly, "confirms another tour manager." But now, it seems, they will equalize: our carriers cancel the tragedy to Bangkok from the Amur region - the occupancy of the aircraft, according to their Insufficient.

With a more intimate conversation with the management of the travel agency, it turned out that the aircraft still filled up. The question is, at what price: 10 people can buy permits for 70-100 thousand, the firm will sell the rest of the places on the ship 25-30. Who will be as lucky. And here it is more profitable to transfer them to where they can pay more.

"Regarding the Far East, the situation with Turkey and Egypt is reflected in this way: we are seeing only a decline in the price and tourism categories," says Irina Usoltseva, tourism manager at Pegas Touristik. "Thailand costs 15 thousand, Vietnam - 12 thousand per person." It's minimum. In your case a week before the departure the tour was no longer worth 72, and 49 thousand for two.

This surprises did not end there. With a more detailed search on the expanses of the network, it turned out that the "Anex Tour" and "Pegasus" (the only companies that carry tourists with charters from Priamurye to Thailand and Vietnam) are owned by the Turks. The money for vacation in the Southeast Asian countries goes, oddly enough, to a country with which we have very difficult relations and a period of mutual sanctions.

"To date, we do not have any information about the seizure of Turkish capital in Russia," the managers emphasize, "we did not receive any official information on this matter. In Thailand, there are at least 3 hotels that belong to the Turks - the company Pegasus. We at the expense of this can keep a fairly reasonable price. No one else has the opportunity to carry their customers on their planes to their hotels, so the company will continue to haul its customers.

But when the recorder is turned off everything looks like one, looking with caution towards the leadership's office, they say only one word in a low voice: "we are afraid" - if the Turkish capital in Ukraine starts to "cover up", a new redistribution of the tourist market is coming, and then not only thousands of managers will remain Without a job, but also significantly jump up already quite large prices for overseas rest.

"Country of smiles" with and without benefit

The problems started, where I didn’t wait for them: my acquaintances from Sberbank advised them to prepare their cards for the holiday - tell the hotline by phone where you were going, mark the necessary card numbers and use them in the country I needed - did it seem difficult? I called the hotline, agreed with the girl from the call center, that 2-x specific cards with such and such are possible purchases in another country, and the next day I thought that we should have more cash.

The ATM took the card, but refused to give the money, citing an unknown error. “Okay, I think, I will go to another one,” but the situation repeated there. I couldn’t help me in the bank branch, saying that the problem should be solved only by phone. Having presented the whole comic and tragic situation, I called again Sber's call-center from the Sberov same office: it turned out that the night before for some reason I had been set the wrong date for using the card (one day earlier) and did not explain one other peculiarity besides the immediate places of visit - Thailand - it is better to specify the United States, because all banking operations in this country go through the states ...

In general, with such a mood, we flew to Thailand - 7 hours fly to Bangkok and 2 to Pattaya by bus. The first 2 trips I had with Biblioglobus, this one because of the lack of options went to Anex-Tour. I caught the first catch when, after an hour of driving, we stopped for a snack (I’ll explain right away that there are occasional areas along the route where you can eat, go to the toilet, etc.): instead of the usual stop with the already familiar Starbucks, the bus turned then for the fence.

- If you want to exchange rubles for baht, you can do it for me - only local currency is accepted in the store! - Kirk shouted with an accent to the Russians a guide of Kyrgyz origin, attached to the group - we guarantee a good course for you.

The rate was about 0,4 ruble for 1 baht. Having entered a store specially built for the Russian people, it became clear that we did not foresightly take sandwiches from Russia: mangoes for 100 baht for a shake (at a market price of mango 50 baht / kg) or coffee on 150 - mentally multiply by 2 (hello, new course) - no, better to wait for an hour. But our compatriots have gone. Business, what else ...

The meeting with the hotel guide planned for the next morning could not have been going on - knowing that we would not take anything from the excursions, Olga lost all interest to us.

By the way, about the tour: the prices for them soared almost to heaven. Judge for yourselves: Cambodia’s hotel guides have 6500 baht per person (there used to be about 3-4) - If you two, it's cheaper to go there yourself. This high cost is explained simply: the number of people in the past year has decreased, and you have to earn. Now, however, things have begun to improve.

- Over the last month, tourist flow to Thailand has increased by 20-30% - these are customers who have re-booked tours from Egypt and then Turkey - during the conversation it turns out that our hotel guide Olga comes from Donbass - at first I worked in Turkey, but when the season ended, I decided to go here. The prerequisites that there would be problems with Turkey and Egypt began when Transaero began to bankrupt - those who knew immediately decided to change their place of deployment.

Taking this opportunity, I ask about the most frequent methods of “divorcing” tourists here.

“Actually, I’m here for the entire 3 of the month, but during this time I was able to understand this,” says Olga, “no one will stick to an ordinary person, there are always prerequisites for a“ divorce ”- Russians often go for it in the evening - these are the main customers . I would highlight the following:

- pervasive falsification of cosmetics, jewelery and medicines;
- street agencies - Pattaya constantly migrates booths of excursions, which people give an advance payment, and then they do not come after them. When they come to the place where there was such an agency - there is a food stall there;
- ferries to Ko-Lan cost just 30 baht per person, but they often go crowded and sink;
- a drunken man walks along the famous Walking Street, he is given a bundle, he says, "a gift", he takes, and after a couple of minutes he is surrounded by frontmen who allegedly saw that the drugs were convoluted. In a state of affect, the Russo-tourist is given out to the thread;
- any rubbish can slip into your pockets, if you, again, are drunk or too provocatively behave;
- or another example: a Russian tourist took a prostitute (sex tourism in Tae is 500% developed) - she gave him a drink and, together with her colleagues, cleaned up the number.

By the way, about the hotel - be prepared for anything. for example, the claimed wi-fi at the Sea Breeze hotel really was, but for the money (50 baht per hour!), or by the pool (to get it, you need to buy a cocktail / meal), and there was no safe not only in the room - even in the case - you had to go to hand over your valuables to the main one. In addition, when checking in we were required to deposit in 1000 baht - they did not accept it in dollars, so we had to change 20 dollars directly at the hotel with a not very favorable rate.

Personal advice

What to take with you?

In all the forums that I read before the first trip, do not recommend taking anything at all except for the "Mezima" stomachs (it can be replaced with simple pineapple, which is in abundance in Tae), activated charcoal and antihistamine (antiallergenic) drugs. I decided to supplement the list with hydrogen peroxide, bandage (which, after the photo session and the subsequent fall on the sharp stones were very helpful), antibacterial foam for hands, plasters from corns and a pair of T-shirts with shorts. Everything else is easier to buy right on the spot - from slippers to a suitcase on the way back. With one caveat: the price in baht mentally convert into rubles - if 2 years ago the rate was about 1: 1, now it is 2 ruble = 1 baht.


The best way to go to Thailand is to drive 100-dollar (Course on them the most profitable), and when you arrive at Bangkok airport, do not rush to change everything in the exchanges there - it is better to change 20 dollars for a small amount, enough to eat / drink, and the rest is already in Pattaya. Rubles per baht is clearly not worth changing.

Another problem that I encountered on my first trip to Thailand - the inability to withdraw money through the Maestro system (local ATMs simply refused to read it) - Visa and Mastercard work without problems. For each transaction, ATMs take on the order of 150 baht. By the way: all the money ATMs are issued already in baht.


"No spicy" and "No sweety" - these phrases you need to learn by heart if you plan to live in peace with your own stomach at least until departure. The fact is that traditional Thai cuisine for Russian taste is either too hot or too sweet, or both at the same time. In addition, as it turned out, some chefs like to play a trick on tourists, causing a storm of emotions, not only on their face and in their stomachs, but also among the waiters - they can "accidentally" pour you peppers if you rashly decided to try the dishes, saying: "Well , I in China ate it ". However, frightened and worried not worth it - the Thais respect the choice of guests, so if you asked, they will make you without pods. In addition, there are usually spices on the tables that can be used to adjust the saturation and flavor of the taste.

After a couple of days of exploring the cuisines of nearby cafes, I would strongly recommend all gourmands to go to the Thai seafood market (they are usually marked in all tourist maps, or their location can be checked with the guide) - this is truly enchanting spectacle! Everything creeps, runs, boils, moves tentacles and mustache, but when you look at the prices - you want to cry. The freshest squids - 150 baht, shrimps 200-250, Barracuda - 280, shark - 300 baht per kilo, and so many other kinds of mussels, scallops and other sea goods ... Everything bought on the market can be cooked in the same place - on counters located along the perimeter, knowing people will cut it off skillfully, Fry, steamed and boil.

You can also eat well and eat very tasty in the same place where Thais eat - in small street cafes near supermarkets - there is an excellent broth and delicious noodles with meat.

A small lifhak for those who want to buy inexpensive spices and products: on the street. Sukhumvit has a hypermarket "Macro" - prices there are times in the 2-3 below, than, on average, in the city - in the same place all local ones are packed up. If you go there too lazy - go to the "Best Supermarket" - it is located right at the monument "Dolphin" - delicious coffee beans, brie and camembert cheese, European wines and other food there at reasonable prices.


Something, and excursions in Pattaya are enough for every taste - you can fly over the jungle on a rope, at least extremely rafting along the river Kwai, go to an adult show, go to an aquapark or a local Disneyland, see how flowers and fruits grow Or just feed elephants and crocodiles, but along with these basic types of programs, be prepared for the rest, "bonus". The fact is that from any congestion of tourists local residents try to squeeze out a maximum of money, so do not be surprised when after crocodiles or elephants you suddenly get lucky to watch the ring for 300 thousand baht minimum or "the best and cheapest souvenirs" the price of 2 times higher than At the closest to the hotel collapse. Overall impressions of the tour, it, of course, spoils, but everyone earns, as he can.

I highly recommend that you go to the local aquarium - the ticket costs 500 baht per adult, and you can get to it on tuk-tuk (see the map, which in Pattaya is abundant).

But if you decide, without excursion, "savages", to go to the capital of Thailand - Bangkok, in no case do not take a taxi - pay 1500 / 2000 baht, and win at best half an hour. The fact is that the Thais themselves go from Pattaya to Bangkok on comfortable minibus-minibuses for just 120 baht per person (take them to Victoria Square). It is quite simple to find them - we understand from the arch with the inscription “Walking Street” to the intersection of South Pattaya Street and Second Road, we turn right and 20 dem at the crossroads: there are minivans with a yellow stripe below. Drivers quite tolerably speak English, so you can safely get to the capital. But the most important thing: be sure to buy a card (or hammer it into a tablet / smartphone), write down each other’s phones and remember the time of the last bus back - 8 hours of the evening, otherwise you will have to spend the night in Bangkok, which, in principle, is not so bad.

And, finally, once again: read the forums in advance!
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