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Selective investments

What projects do they plan to interest in the III WEF?

The Ministry for the Development of the Far East has selected 33 investment projects, which will be presented at the third East Economic Forum 6-7 September in Vladivostok. The competition was severe - just 150 projects were eligible for presentation. EastRussia took a closer look at the original list, in which the projects were five times more, and found it exhaustive: it has everything from gas production to craft beer. And yet there is a feeling that the majority of the announced projects will go down from all sorts of lists "on the ground" with some problems.

Selective investments
The selection was carried out from 1 June to 1 July "in order to present investment projects at the III Eastern Economic Forum, which will be held 6-7 September 2017, in Vladivostok". “The presentation of the projects will be held continuously for two days of the Forum’s work in a specially prepared presentation zone,” the WEF website says. They promise to publish information about the projects that have been selected in the federal media, and “to one representative of the organization representing the selected project”, to provide free accreditation to the WEF under the Standard package (its cost is 200 thousand rubles, VAT included). in plenary session!).

Alexander Pavlov, director of the project management department of the Agency of the Far East for attracting investments and supporting exports (IPA), is responsible for the selection on the website of the WEF. The criteria include the following: high degree of study (the business plan, financial model, etc.), the amount of investments already invested in relation to the entire cost, the significance of the project, the volume of private investments, letters of recommendation, support for federal, regional and municipal Authorities, etc.

As explained in the IPA, anyone could apply for a presentation of their project within the framework of the business program of the WEF. The final list got exactly 150 projects... On the WEF website, they can be viewed both regionally and by industry and stage of implementation. The lion's share, as in the selection of last year, was announced from Primorye (31), followed by Sakhalin (30), Khabarovsk Territory (28) and Yakutia (25). Chukotka (5), Jewish Autonomy (6) and Kolyma (7) have the least projects. The low activity of the Amur Region also looks surprising - only six projects, half as much as in Kamchatka (12).

The total amount of declared investments is 2,4 trillion rubles. A year earlier, in the framework of the selection procedure for participation in the Second Eastern Economic Forum, 111 investment projects with a total volume of private investments of 2,2 trillion rubles were received. So on paper growth is visible. The top three most expensive projects are the Gazprom Amur Gas Processing Plant (670 billion rubles, of which, according to the information on the WEF portal, no rubles have been invested so far), where Russian President Vladimir Putin recently visited; Nakhodka Fertilizer Plant (402 billion rubles, already invested 1 billion), and the development of the Western Anabar license area in Yakutia by Tuymaada-Neft (364,7 billion rubles, they are still looking for an investor).

It is interesting that there are projects worth "0 rubles" in the list. Three of them were declared by the Sakhalin Ministry of Sport within the framework of the tourist TOP "Mountain air" (they did not have time to calculate?), And in the descriptions of the projects for the construction of the restaurant, hotel and guest base "Dynamo" it is written: "Problematic issues - investor search". A potential investor is invited to become a resident of the TOP, after which "to realize in reality the conceptual decisions and pre-project studies on a specific formed land plot are ready." It's tempting, is not it? But if you still break away from scratch and look for the cheapest project, you can find a camping base on Lake Mainits in ChAO (5 million rubles), as well as a certain marketplace of personal trainers and a mobile service for joint training Gensport (start-up costs 9 million rubles). Here is a break with Gazprom!

The initiator of the Gensport project is Amurayti LLC (Amur Region), the service itself will allow customers to "find a company for fitness and not be afraid to go to the sport club for the first time." "Gensport also includes the accounting of sporting progress and motivates the clients to train constantly, for the trainers delivers novice lidas, allows to accept payment for trainings and protects it from non-attendance of the ward. Gensport allows you to earn a coach for 50% more from each personalki, "- says the description of the project. Investor companies need 8 million rubles to complete the functionality and release the service to the market. Among the things that need to be done, for example, "tinderization" is prescribed: "before each stage we conduct a preparatory test, as well as an analysis of the timeliness of innovations for organic growth." Users of the service can become "potential clients of fitness clubs, beginners, age 20-40 years, mostly women. Pattern of behavior: young mothers in a decree; Girls, "preparing for the summer"; Youth - outdoor training clients; Wealthy middle-aged people ordering the coach "at home." But in the B2B segment Gensport can be useful to trainers of IP, out-of-doors trainers, beauty and fitness-taxers, etc.

The IPA explained that since anyone could submit an application (is this not freedom?), It was important for some people to simply declare their “Wish list”. Especially because of the 150 projects that came to the selection, the right to present at the site was actually only slightly more than 30. “If you look at the amount of funding that needs to be attracted, then there are projects for which the initiator has enough own funds and / or already attracted investments. In this case, the presentation at the WEF for the applicants is to tell the forum participants and the federal media about their project, ”the agency’s press service told EastRussia. 

By the degree of elaboration, about a third of all projects are declared at the level of the business plan (that is, in fact, though calculated, but still ideas), another third are design and survey work. At 21 site there are construction and installation works, at 9 projects the stage is described as "equipment acquisition". "Many initiators share these types of work, especially in the case of the purchase of expensive equipment. The purchase of equipment is the next step after the SMR step, "the IPA explained.

Only 18 projects - are introduced (or commissioned), of which 11 is in Primorye. However, among these "lucky" really serious projects are few. So, the gaming zone is included in the list, where only one "Tigre de Cristal" entertainment complex with a casino is "successfully functioning" (as it is written in the presentation!); The construction of the southern part of Ussuriysk, where the company "YugStroy" wants Erect 400 thousand square meters. Meters of housing for 15 thousand inhabitants (1 billion rubles have already been invested in 25 thousand square meters). And continuing Modernization of Pavlik GOK On Kolyma, the goal of which is a twofold increase in extraction, ore processing and gold production. 

Among the "ready" projects are also a couple of industrial parks, tourist complexes, the Khakazhinskoye gold and silver deposit in the Khabarovsk Krai and the production of components for industrial fishing gear in Nakhodka. In the same list - and the above-mentioned Gensport, and Multifunction headset for a smartphone (for which no investments have been declared at all - in all columns there is "0 rubles"), and the system "Installments 24"designed for retail and online stores. And yet the feeling does not disappear that most of the announced projects can be seen only in this list. In reality, “on earth,” they do not exist. And it's not a fact that they will ever come down to this land.

From viewing the list in the sectoral context, there are twofold sensations. First of all, the set of industries, including as many as 36 positions, is incomprehensible. It is similar to the creatively recycled OKONH and OKVED combined. You will not find a single project in the automotive and component parts (and where is SUMOTORI GC with its electric cars?), Mechanical engineering (too technologically?), As well as publishing and printing (there is no one to read in the Far East). One project was announced in the aircraft industry, aquaculture, housing and communal services, forestry, wholesale, retail trade, finance, chemical industry, textile and clothing production, pulp and paper industry and, finally, petrochemistry The notorious Amur refinery).

They can not boast of a number of people wishing to invest in such industries as water supply and waste processing, metallurgy, services, food and electronics. Two or three projects were announced in them. But in the processing of wood and real estate, five investors knocked, and in medicine six. By the way, in real estate you can find expensive applications. For example, the MFC for 7,4 billion rubles in the 203 microdistrict of Yakutsk (the city hall together with the bank Almazergenbank calculated this value), which will include a shopping and entertainment center, a water park, a fitness center and a business center. Or even a fantasy - a skyscraper at the intersection of Lenin and Kalinin streets in the center of Khabarovsk "Brilliant of pure water" Height of 210 meters, with congress hall, tunnel, underground pedestrian crossings and parking. 55 floors will cost the investor - LLC "Office-Center" - in more than 10 billion rubles, of which 7,5 billion the company hopes to attract. 

Do not surprise the two applications in shipbuilding (the industry is not for skinny sushi), but discourages the same number of projects - in the traditional fisheries for the Far East. As for shipbuilding, the first project - JSC "Lensky United River Shipping Company" wants to modernize Zhataisk Ship Repair and Shipbuilding Plant And to create on its base a high-tech shipyard, on which it will be possible to build river vessels of various types. The current need for this type of transport of shipping companies only Lena basin is 160 ships. The project costs almost 6 billion rubles, it has already invested half a billion - to complete the design and survey work. 

But the project of construction of catamarans from composite materials in Primorye (its investor - Composite Shipbuilding LLC) - one of 18 that are being commissioned. Work is nearing completion on two catamaran-type vessels and one pleasure boat. Deliveries to South Korea are scheduled to begin at the end of 2017. True, only a tenth of the total investment of 10 billion rubles has been invested so far, but from the initiator's own funds. By 2021, the company plans to build 126 vessels of various types, including high-speed passenger trimarans, vessels for transporting chilled fish, water tourist complexes, water area monitoring complexes and pleasure catamarans.

In the energy sector there are no well-known objects of RusHydro, and this is logical - how much you can present them, it's time to pass already, but the dates are constantly shifting. But a subsidiary of the state holding PJSC Magadanenergo announced the creation of an electric grid infrastructure for the integrated development of fields and power supply of settlements in the Khasynsky city district of the Magadan region. Its cost is more than 1,6 billion rubles, until a penny is invested. The same company can win if the South Yakutia Development Corporation together with Taryn Gold Company JSC and Boguslavets LLC continue to develop the gold deposit of the Taryn ore field. Within Of this project, the total cost of which exceeds almost 3,3 billion rubles (300 million rubles has already been invested), it is planned, among other things, to replace the diesel generation of villages in the south of the Oymyakonsky district of Yakutia (installed capacity of 4,3 MW) by connecting to the Magadanenergo networks. 

But the most ambitious project in the energy sector is the integrated power supply project for the Vilyui group of uluses and the Nakynsky deposit of AK ALROSA. Its cost is over 11 billion, it is planned to attract more than 8 billion rubles. The partner is JSC "DVEUK", which has already invested about 100 million rubles in the development of the business plan and financial model of the project. In stock - design estimates for the construction of the HV-220 kV Mirny - Suntar - Nyurba with substations 220 kV "Suntar" and "Nyurba". In addition to the fact that this two-circuit line provides uninterrupted power supply for more than 100 thousand people, it will also increase the efficiency of using the excess capacity of the Vilyuisky HPP cascade and provide supplies to the Nyurba GOK (thereby reducing ALROSA's energy costs).

With the classification of a number of projects during the initial selection phase, they decided not to bother at all. For example, if you select the "industry" block, you will see a list of 16 projects (including Amursky GPP, and a number of industrial parks), and in "other industries" - three lines. Among them - Glass factory for the food industry, Claimed by some Igor Sergeyevich Konoplev from Primorye (according to the business plan, he needs 1 billion rubles). 

More or less understandable with the extraction - as a whole in these commodity spheres declared 17 projects. The same number of investors announced their ideas in tourism, transport and logistics. Also clearly in the trend in the Far East - agriculture, there are already as many 16 projects. The most expensive of them is the livestock complex of LLC "Green Agro-Sakhalin" for 3,8 thousand heads of milking flocks and milk processing capacity up to 33 thousand tons per year. Of the necessary 11 billion already invested 3 billion rubles, there are construction and installation works on the site near Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

The most "unusual" projects from the Eastrussia list:

number Name Investor Description
1 Two wholesale Samimart clubs in Primorye OOO Primorskiy mazut 1,7 billion rubles, a warehouse of low prices will be available for visiting registered customers who paid an annual fee
2 Brewery for the production of kraft beer in the EAO Russky Product LLC 7,2 million liters of kraft beer per year, 80% of which will go to China
3 Ice cream output according to the State Standard in the Khabarovsk Territory LLC "Agricultural Enterprise" Vostok " 12 thousand tons of ice cream, mainly for Chinese
4 Hotel with a cafe and a bath Onsen on the Kuriles LIGO-Design LLC 200 million rubles for a hotel from 26 rooms, a cafe for 30 seats and Onsen bathhouse with three outdoor swimming pools with hot water from a thermal healing spring
5 "Park of the peoples of the world" in Primorye OOO "Strategist" 1,5 billion rubles in the pavilions, agro-park and village from the houses of 24-x popular interior styles, restaurants with different kitchens, weddings and holidays

As they told in IPA, from 150 applications for the final list were selected projects, and not branches: "The list did not include projects presented last year, at the stage of investment idea and without the availability of funds (or already invested), except for especially important Projects for the region ".

As a result, 33 projects were selected, mainly - they are large and investment-intensive applications. Of those that we described above, the list included the project of Composite Shipbuilding LLC in Primorye, as well as the plant producing kraft beer in the EAO - in terms of investments, it was in last place. At the first place in this indicator is the Amur Gas Processing Plant. The IPA clearly sought to keep both regional and industry parity, although with the traditional activity of Primorye most projects (6) were still taken from there. Five projects were selected for their Khabarovsk Territory and Yakutia, four for each of the Sakhalin Oblast and the Kamchatka Territory, two for each from the Amur and Magadan Regions, as well as the ChAO. With three projects in the list - EAO.

13 selected projects are still at the stage of design and survey work. Construction and installation works are performed on 10 objects included in the final list. Only three - entered (or commissioned). In addition to the deposits of Khakanja and Composite Materials mentioned above, the list included an industrial park Khabarovsk plant of building ceramics. The site has a total area of ​​more than 60 ha, located near Fedorov highway and 13 km from the airport, has already invested 1,5 billion rubles, and there are now waiting for residents. The total area of ​​production and storage facilities - 28 thousand square meters. Meters, they are provided with energy, water, heat and gas. While all this happiness is enjoyed by only three companies. 

Two more projects - from Primorye - purchase equipment: Ussuri Cardboard Mill and "Kombbiosintez". But if in the case of the only project announced in the pulp and paper industry, it is about Completion of the first stage of modernization (high-tech equipment has been delivered to the site, construction and installation work is underway to prepare foundations and load-bearing floors for its placement - 600 million rubles have already been invested in this), then in the case of the production of feed additives, it is, in fact, the completion of the R&D stage. Of the total 4,4 billion rubles, only 300 million have been invested so far, for which pre-investment studies have been carried out (a business plan and financial plan have been developed, scientific equipment is purchased, pre-design and engineering survey work has been completed, etc.). In general, the project is planned to be completed by 2020.

Finally, five projects at the business plan stage are included in the final list. Two of them are in mining, two are in transport (among them is Magadan Airport), and one is in agriculture. In general, it is clear that the IPA tried to do the impossible and select projects from a variety of industries for presentations. And this is correct, since the ultimate goal is to show the investors' interest in the Far East. And the more diverse it is, the better for the macro-region.

The full list of projects to be presented to investors at the Third Eastern Economic Forum:

name of the project Branch Implementation stage Region Volume of investments in billion rubles
Amur Gas Processing Plant, initiator of the project: OOO Gazprom pererabotka Blagoveshchensk Industry Construction and installation works Amur Region 670
CJSC "Nakhodka Fertilizer Plant" Chemical production Design and survey work Primorsky Krai 402
"Road" "The Bypass of Khabarovsk km 13 - km 42", initiator: Ministry of Transport of the Khabarovsk Territory (for concession terms) transport and logistic Design and survey work Khabarovsk Krai 43,7
Production of coking coal, LLC "UK" Colmar " Mining industry Construction and installation works The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) 32,4
The third stage of the specialized coal complex of JSC "Vostochny Port" transport and logistic Construction and installation works Primorsky Krai 30,645
GOK at the gold ore deposit "Kumroch", initiator: JSC "Bystrinskaya Mining Company" (GC "Gold of Kamchatka") Mining industry Design and survey work Kamchatka 22,3
Development of the "Pirkakayskie Stockwork" deposit Extraction of minerals, except for fuel and energy Preparation of a business plan Chukotka Autonomous Okrug 17
LLC "Composite Shipbuilding" Shipbuilding Put into operation Primorsky Krai 10
Construction of a transport and logistics complex with an international road crossing point transport and logistic Preparation of a business plan Amur Region 7,823
The vertically integrated poultry complex of turkey meat. Initiator: JSC "Khabarovsk Grain Processing Plant" Agriculture Design and survey work Khabarovsk Krai 5,3
Reconstruction of the facilities of JSC "Vodokanal" in Yakutsk Water supply; Waste management, organization of waste collection and disposal Construction and installation works The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) 5,12
 "KORMBIOSINTEZ", initiator: resident of TOR "Nadezhdinskaya" LLC "ARNICA" Agriculture Purchase of equipment Primorsky Krai 4,4
The terminal of the international airport Magadan (Sokol) with the capacity of 600 passengers per hour, the initiator: JSC "Airport Magadan transport and logistic Preparation of a business plan Magadan region 2,903
Modernization of Ussuri Cardboard Mill, initiator: LLC "Industrial Park Ussuriysk" Pulp and paper industry Purchase of equipment Primorsky Krai 2,7
Pig breeding complex in with. Tarnay, nominator: Mersi Agro Sakhalin JSC Agriculture Construction and installation works Sakhalin Region 2,3
Factory of facing ceramic bricks and thermoblocks, initiator: Smidovichi Brick Plant LLC Industry Design and survey work The Jewish Autonomous Region 1,818
Industrial park "KHZSK", initiator: LLC "Khabarovsk plant of building ceramics" Manufacture Put into operation Khabarovsk Krai 1,8
Year-round greenhouse complex in Magadan, insurer: LLC "Greenhouse Complex" Agro Invest " Agriculture Design and survey work Magadan region 1,77
Exploration and experimental development of the deposit of indigenous platinum "Rudny Kondyor", nominator: JSC "Artel of prospectors" Amur " Mining industry Design and survey work Khabarovsk Krai 1,403
Fish processing complex, initiator: Kamchatralflot LLC Fishing industry Design and survey work Kamchatka 1,4
Project for the cultivation and production of ginseng, initiator: LLC "Formula of growth" Other production Design and survey work The Jewish Autonomous Region 1,384
Agro-industrial park "Pokrovsky", initiator: JSC "Corporation for Development of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)" Agriculture Preparation of a business plan The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) 1,236
Tourist and recreational cluster "Northern Mosaic" Tourism Construction and installation works The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) 1,151
Gold-silver deposit Khakandzhinskoye, initiator: LLC "Khakanja" Extraction of minerals, except for fuel and energy Put into operation Khabarovsk Krai 1,15
Fish processing plant, initiator: OOO RPZ "Maksimovsky" Fishing industry Design and survey work Kamchatka 1,088
Korsakov fish processing and processing center (fish exchange), initiator: LLC "Southern Terminal" transport and logistic Design and survey work Sakhalin Region 0,998
Marine refrigeration terminal, initiator: LLC "Terminal" Seroglazka "" transport and logistic Construction and installation works Kamchatka 0,876
Mini-LNG plant in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, initiator: OOO PSK Sakhalin Production, power engineering Construction and installation works Sakhalin Region 0,824
Jewelery-granular cluster in TOSER "Industrial park" Kangalassy "in Yakutia, initiator: OOO" SAYBIEM " Industry Design and survey work The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) 0,666
Balneological complex LLC "Honok Sakhalin" Medicine, Health Care Construction and installation works Sakhalin Region 0,502
Creation of a plant for the production of OSB plates, initiator: LLC "DNS GROUP" Wood processing and production of wood products Construction and installation works Primorsky Krai 0,414
Development of the Telekajskoye deposit, initiator: Chukotneft LLC Extraction of fuel and energy minerals Preparation of a business plan Chukotka Autonomous Okrug 0,4
Factory for the production of kraft beer, the initiator: LLC "Russian Product" (Rusprod) Manufacture of food products, including drinks and tobacco Design and survey work The Jewish Autonomous Region 0,19

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