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First Person

The president again answers the questions of the Far East, and EastRussia again talks about this

First Person

On April 28, St. Petersburg hosted the II Media Forum of independent regional and local mass media "Truth and Justice", which was organized by the All-Russian Popular Front. Vladimir Putin himself took part in the event - he answered questions from journalists. A third of the entire meeting was devoted to the Far East. Journalists from the Primorsky and Khabarovsk Territories, Yakutia, as well as Buryatia, the Irkutsk Region and the Trans-Baikal Territory managed to ask the President their questions.

Whom is that supposed to

Nikolai Buduyev, a journalist for Moskovsky Komsomolets in Buryatia, complained to the president about "the appetites of local officials to improve their lives at the expense of the budget." “They order charters for themselves there, build houses for 100 million rubles and so on. The flight of imagination is limitless, ”he said, noting that the problem concerns not only Buryatia, but also other regions of the country.

Buduev said that he asked the mayor of Ulan-Ude, Golkov, why his "salary has doubled over the past two years, that is, now it is 420 thousand rubles." According to the journalist, he "immediately began to have certain problems, including attempts to recall me from the city council."

“Vladimir Vladimirovich, two years ago a law on the contract system was adopted, which, ideally, should have specified the specific content of each official, what he can count on. So far we can see only by cars and communication, and somehow it has been delayed in other parameters. Maybe we can somehow speed up this process so that we know clearly what every official can count on? ”The journalist asked.

Vladimir Putin agreed that «the flight of imagination can be limitless, and this must be closely watched. " “Of course, we need more thorough and more precise regulation of who is entitled to what. You just mentioned about cars - in Soviet times, we remember, the big bosses were scolded that they were chic and fattening. In fact, there was more order: someone got the Moskvich, someone the 21st Volga, someone there, the ministers, the Chaika, but everything was scheduled. Unfortunately, we do not have such precise, precise regulation yet, but we certainly need to think about it, ”the President noted.

According to him, the Ministry of Finance has already been instructed to pay attention to these things when deciding on the optimization of regional expenses. “It is impossible to imagine that we are not indexing some payments in the social sphere, while the salaries of officials are sharply increasing - this, of course, should not be,” the head of state emphasized. According to the president, “the salary of the governor or his deputy cannot differ many times from the average salary in the region, it should be higher, but it should not differ significantly,” however, “the level of salary should be appropriate to the labor market - and in order to attract I repeat that they are talented and capable people for this work. "

“The income of officials does not consist only of wages, they consist, perhaps, of some investments in banks, someone could have worked in business at some time, from the sale of property, and so on,” he noted and admitted that “ all this must be absolutely transparent. "

ZabTV journalist Maria Mashanova (Trans-Baikal Territory). asked to support the victims of the fire, many of whom did not have documents confirming the ownership of the houses destroyed by the fire. According to her, local officials send fire victims to the courts.

“We all know, yes, that you gave an order to provide all fire victims with housing until September 1. What happens in practice? Out of 204 burned down houses, only about 40 families are now entitled to compensation and a certificate for building a new house. The rest are people who, for whatever reason, did not register their houses as property, these were mainly new houses built, that is, people built them, but the registration procedure had not yet gone through, including my colleagues - the Belokopytov family, journalists from holding "Zabaikalskaya media group". They drove into this house a few months ago, invested everything in it, sold the apartment, got a mortgage, and this house burned down. They did not have time to register the ownership, they planned to do this in the summer, when they go on vacation, after all, the procedure is quite lengthy. Now they hear such remarks when they are trying to achieve something that, since you do not have documents, your house has not been burned, but firewood has burned, ”she outlined the situation.

The President noted that supporting documents are still needed, “but they may be different: the house might not have been fully decorated, but there might be some other supporting documents, witness testimony. We must go through this judicial procedure as quickly as possible. "

“I will ask colleagues from the judiciary to organize this quickly, without appropriate delays, so that these formalities are passed as quickly as possible,” Putin promised.

"That's why the pike is in the river, so that the crucian does not doze"

The Far Easterners were especially interested in issues of the development of the press and freedom of the press. A journalist from the Irkutsk region told about the situation in which the print media were today. In particular, it was a question of the price of paper, which, compared to November, 2014, increased by 1% on 63 March, while 70% of the total volume of paper produced goes abroad without a fee.

“This will lead to disaster. If still, perhaps, some large publications, for which some capital stands: either parties or states, will survive, then we, "kids" (independent media, socio-political media that fulfill a social order, which are fighting for rights of ordinary people), we will simply have to close down - not even reduce, but simply close, ”she explained. According to the woman, it is also noteworthy that coated paper comes to Russia from abroad. “Mellochka, on which magazines and other glossy products are printed, comes to us from abroad, and it is already subject to a duty,” the journalist noted.

“The fact that prices for pulp have been raised, as you said, of course should be checked for sure. I will give the [Federal] Antimonopoly Service such an order so that they literally in the very near future see what is happening and where this leap comes from, what it is connected with, ”Putin said. He stressed that he knows "the position of the relevant departments in the government, which say that in today's difficult conditions it would be necessary to support our producers of paper products and not limit them with export customs duties or any other instruments, give them the opportunity to simply earn money." “But if what you have just told me leads to the fact that newspapers will be closed, then this is no less tragic than some kind of load on the corresponding industry. So we'll think, okay. I will definitely talk to my colleagues about this, ”he summed up.

Alexey Migunov, a representative of the Primamedia holding from the Primorsky Territory, raised the issue of the freedom of speech of a journalist, in particular, that the genre of investigative journalism is disappearing in the profession: “It is really becoming increasingly difficult to investigate in the regions and it is often simply unsafe. Only last year we heard loud scandals about the persecution of journalists in Birobidzhan, the Na Dom newspaper, in Rostov-on-Don, the Novoye Vremya newspaper, we remember the rather terrible story of the beating of the editor-in-chief of the Arshan newspaper in Buryatia. "

“Now in the Primorsky Territory we are investigating corruption schemes in the Primorsky FMS. The outcome of the investigations is the same: threats, harassment, pressure. Perhaps, thank God, we feel the protection and support of the Popular Front, which indeed, as it seems to me, has recently been replacing even law enforcement agencies. Vladimir Vladimirovich, it seems to me that a journalist should have not only freedom of speech, but also freedom after the spoken word, ”said Migunov.

Putin called the issue of freedom of the press one of the key ones. According to him, "for this it is necessary that the media themselves are truly independent and that no one has doubts about it." “It is imperative to ensure that no one even tries to use the media to achieve their business interests, any other interests that are not related to the interests of society or the region where this or that media operates,” the President said. position. And for this, in his opinion, it is necessary “firstly, to affirm the appropriate principles of morality and ethics in society. It is necessary to strengthen the legislative basis for the work of independent media. It is, of course, necessary to create such informal instruments as the All-Russian Popular Front. It is no coincidence that I asked my colleagues - I heard they did it - to create a legal aid center so that it would prompt, help and lead, to organize such forums and meetings on a regular basis. "

Denis Adamov from the Internet edition "Yakutia.Info" touched upon the information support of the media. “A year and a half ago you said that the regional authorities should reduce budgets for the so-called information support. In fact, the word "PR" is hidden behind this wording. Using the example of Yakutia, I will say that last year we spent a billion on state media, this year the amount, if I’m not mistaken, in my opinion, it even increased, that is, the amount from year to year ... ”, - he began.

“Here is where money is delivered, for the delivery of printed publications,” the president joked.

Adamov noted that the media that receive money are "loyal, which do not defend the interests of society, do not raise problematic materials, do not indicate sore spots in society": "they serve not society, but a narrow segment of society - the authorities, officials, governors" ... In his opinion, this "system is vicious, and it discredits not only the governors themselves, but as a whole generates in the population of the country distrust of the authorities in general, namely of the Russian authorities." Adamov suggested “to change this vicious system”.

According to the head of state, last year, “in general, about 36 billion was allocated to support the media throughout the country, the money was rather big, it should be under the control of society”. “We need to understand what they are doing,” he shared, stressing that “this information should be as transparent as possible, and then it will not be possible to simply feed our pocket media”.

“You said that you are opening, exposing, and this is very good. The media should be the same as in the well-known proverb: there is a pike in the river so that the crucian carp does not sleep, "Putin said, urging the journalist to pay" attention not to big bosses, but to ordinary people who are seeking specific, interesting, meaningful region or country of results ”.

“This, probably, can be additionally adjusted by the corresponding instructions of the same Ministry of Finance, which works with its colleagues in the regions. This is not classified information, not information from the Ministry of Defense or the Federal Security Service, or foreign intelligence. Therefore, we will strive to ensure that the alignment is complete, where the money goes, ”he added.

The editor of the newspaper "Moe Coast" from the Khabarovsk Territory complained that her materials on the grandiose construction of the Kuznetsovsky tunnel in the Vaninsky District were not published in the "Rossiyskaya Gazeta". She also said that over the years of her journalistic career, more than 10 crimes have been committed against her. “None of them have been disclosed and as a result of one of them I am now on the 2nd group of disability,” the woman explained.

Vladimir Putin promised to deal with the situation. He expressed bewilderment that “if you, as a witness to a grandiose project that is taking place in the Far East, wanted to give the broad readership of Rossiyskaya Gazeta the opportunity to look at it, why they didn’t take it, I don’t understand. There is nothing but competition here. " “I'm sorry about that, I apologize for them, but we'll try to fix it. Okay? ”- summed up the president.

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