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From Muravyov to Millionka-3

Where to look for the "navel" of the Russian part of the Asia-Pacific Region? Thoughts of Primorye people without ties

Vladivostok and Khabarovsk. No vs, head-to-head confrontations and daring competitions. Recall that EastRussia asked people of different professions honestly, as in a polygraph test, to answer 16 identical questions about the seaside and Khabarovsk realities. Key condition: people should know well both of these undoubtedly "Best Cities on Earth".
Khabarovsk residents spoke here: 
"От Muravyova to Millionka-1"
"От Muravyova to Millionka-2"

Hold on: it's time for a seaside revenge!

From Muravyov to Millionka-3
Photo: collage East Russia
Our heroes today are a wedding and family photographer Rita Maltseva, the city of Vladivostok:

Rita Maltseva.jpg

writer, traveler, photographer, director, head of the Far Eastern expedition center "White Dragon" Sergey Sablin, the city of Vladivostok:


и Maxim Rodexpa - instructor of the service-search and special dogs of the FSB FS of the Russian Federation, military pensioner, founder of rave festivals on the island of Reineke in the Primorsky Territory:


1. In which city can you "shoot" more cool photomurals - in Vladivostok or in Khabarovsk?

Rita: Both cities are beautiful, you can safely put an equal sign. Everywhere there are phishing. Khabarovsk is greener, at least, the center. The arboretum is right in the city, many parks are large. In Vladivostok, two or three parks in the center and alleys are few, all green areas are in the suburbs, where there are sanatoriums. In Vladivostok in the center is clean, everything is licked, you can go to any shopping center, and there will be a free toilet, security will always show, or on the street you will find blue booths. In Khabarovsk, the problem with toilets.

Sergei: Vladivostok wins at the expense of new buildings, bridges, but if you take the historic part of the city, Khabarovsk will be more abrupt! Quay of the Amur, monuments that are more profitable from the visual point of view, through the eyes of a tourist, it's a wow! The cliff on the hill in the open area is equivalent to the view on the Golden Horn in Vladivostok. My favorite places in Vladivostok are the coast, thanks to the bridge to the Russian island it is now also the bay of the Russian island. In Khabarovsk it is, unequivocally, Muravyov-Amursky street and your boulevards. He went down and went down the ponds to walk, the best zyring and relaxation. 

Vladivostok, however, is more green, with the former mayor Igor Pushkarev the gardens were landscaped, new opened, planted a bunch of trees. In Khabarovsk, there are fewer greenery, and it is old, a legacy of Soviet times. Even the boulevards are not particularly green. In terms of ecology, Vladivostok wins. But Khabarovsk is much more comfortable, cleaner, tidier! Urns you will meet more often, in the city center toilets are more often found, in cafes, restaurants, shopping centers. And we try in Vladivostok from the street to go, expelled! And our city is more slovenly.

Maxim: Both cities are normally landscaped according to their relief, it is very difficult to compare, because they are different, located at different dominants - river and sea. In June I was in Khabarovsk, and I thought: when two-storeyed barracks are removed from the central and not only streets, then it will be possible to talk about cardinal changes in appearance. And so parks, fountains, areas for walking, entertaining there is everywhere.

2. What about roads, transport and auto-cars in Khabarovsk and Vladivostok? 

Primorsky glacier
Photo: ice in Vladivostok. Social network

Photo: snow-covered tram at the railway station of Khabarovsk. Irina Fastovets

Rita: At us in Vladik, how many here I live, always snow suddenly falls out, and stoppers stand day! The second snow also falls unexpectedly, and in March, and we have hills, rises ... In Khabarovsk, the road from point "A" to point "B" is straight, and in Vladivostok you need to make a couple of loops to get to the nearby stall. The roads themselves are of a quality "not ice" and, definitely, there are not enough parking lots. In the center, they appeared, but it's impossible to hit them, even for money, because they are all packed. Hams behind the wheel are everywhere, although recently they are getting smaller.

There are no conductors in Vladivostok, the prices for travel around the city are the same. Previously, to get to the center from remote areas, it was necessary to freeze for a long time at the bus stop, now buses go every 5 minutes, there is no traffic, such that the driver was smoking at the wheel, rummaged in the phone and drove through stops. Buses, minibuses and trolleybuses are clean and beautiful, they want to drive! Tram, though, so-so, we have to the whole city one route from Balyayev to Borisenko. In Khabarovsk, I drove a couple of times on the bus, also not bad! Prices in Khabarovsk are different, this is due to the distance. At us, to reach, for example, from Quiet to Snowy Padi, it is necessary to make 2 transplantation because there is no direct bus! You have to pay twice, in the end, you will give 46 rubles.

Sergei: Khabarovsk drivers are more literate, polite and organized, and the style of seaside driving - who is first, is right. Akin to the Thai style, wherever I want, I go there and eat. And roads in Khabarovsk are better, apparently, they are being repaired more often. I happen to be in interquartals, they look 70-80% better than in Vladivostok, where a bit to the side turned off the guest route, and horror! Pit on the pit and no one has been dealing with them for the last 20 years. Khabarovsk citizens do not know how to go to Primorye, they are very lost there, and create problems on the roads. And it's easier for Vladivostok to go everywhere. 

We have lower prices for travel, and it is unclear what conductors in Khabarovsk are for? Control over the issue of putting money into the treasury, they can not, extra wages put a burden on the carrier and affects the cost of travel. Public movement in Khabarovsk is planned illogically, sometimes to get in a short stretch, it is necessary to change 2-3 times. This is a defect in the transport department. In Vladivostok it is easier: the routes from one end of the city to the other have been worked out, with arrivals in a couple of more ends. I am an ardent opponent of private bus routes that we have, that all the auto-farms have collapsed, passenger transportations have been handed over to private traders, and they dictate their terms every year, raise prices, and the quality does not grow. Car fleets are broken up, chasing on "firewood". A big plus of Khabarovsk - preserved trams. We still have one route left. Trolleybuses we removed before the APEC summit 2012 year, promised to run back, but the word did not hold back.

Maxim: As a motorist I will say that people in Vladivostok are a bit more pragmatic than in Khabarovsk. And the roads are the same. Public transport in our country, perhaps more recently, has undergone renewal of the fleet in order not to disgrace foreigners. 

3. In which of the cities is life more expensive?  

Sergey Sablin14.jpg
Photo: the bridge to the Russky Island. Sergey Sapancake

Rita: Life in Vladivostok is somewhat more expensive than in Khabarovsk, although it is difficult to compare. Coming as a tourist, you go to the "fodder", this is a cafe and food at a party, you are removed from the usual home allowance, when the products are purchased in bulk and you cook for the whole family. About the communal and rental housing in Khabarovsk, I will not say, but met and you have, and we have quite budget hostels.     

Sergei: Vladivostok is much more expensive both for rental housing, and for a food basket. The only thing, clothes cost less due to the huge Chinese markets, for example, at the Sports.

Maxim: Two close cities, how can you compare? In some ways we are better, in some ways worse than Khabarovsk. Janitors, cleaners and laborers, middle-level managers receive approximately the same, as well as drivers, salespeople at the checkout. It all depends on the point at which you work. A moment of temptation, you see, we also have the sea, and so on, I want to buy a lot, to feast on. But you have a lot of places to start on wheelbarrows in different directions across Russia. When a Khabarovsk resident says “I'm out of town”, you still need to find out which side he is, but here you go out of the city only in one direction - towards Khabarovsk.

4. What is unique in Vladivostok, which is not in Khabarovsk, and vice versa?

Sea Eugene Tabalykin.jpg
Photo: Sea of ​​Japan in November. Evgeny Tabalykin

Rita: I've been to many cities, and for me, the awesome plus of Vladivostok is the hills. You can climb on them and meet the dawn, and on the same day go to another hill, waved the sun at sunset. It's a fat plus, even steeper than the sea! In Khabarovsk, water is also there, albeit not salty. Cupid is very beautiful.

Sergei: I always, when I begin to argue with the Khabarovskans, they to me: what do you have that we do not have? Sea. That's all, and that's it. If you remove the sea from Vladivostok ... a bad offer! And if you transfer Khabarovsk for Anadyr? There is no such thing as "if". We also have hills. In Vladivostok, in the center of the city, you can go to the forest. In any direction. He is in the middle of any sleeping area. And the sea from all sides, it is invaluable. You do not have that! 

But due to this accessibility Vladivostokers are swimming in the sea much less often than Khabarovsk, we need to learn from you. You leave on Shamora in the rain, you see, people are sitting in the sea, you can not ask where they come from. And we are, oh, something today is cloudy, and then in October: my mother's a woman! I have not been to the sea this summer! And you have Cupid - but you do not bathe in it yourself. We also have ponds in the Minn city. In Khabarovsk, there is nothing that does not exist in Vladivostok. It's my opinion.     

Maxim: I will not be the original: the sea. In addition to fresh air, it gives you so much biotames, you bathe in it, breathe the sea air, and it is very saturated with all sorts of minerals, riches, useful things. The Sea of ​​Japan is one of the richest in terms of flora and fauna. In Kaliningrad, for example, the sea is fresh and boring, there are two fish they have, there is no shell, nothing. You come, and like a big river, unsalted, does not even smell of seaweed. The sea it is not always the sea, it turns out.

5. Where do you think the capital of the Far East should be?   

Rita: I would bet on Magadan. Magadan needs to develop! But seriously, I would leave Khabarovsk as the capital, it was originally the capital, and Vladivostok is a port city, there are many tourists, more people. Khabarovsk, after all, can be considered the capital also because it is equidistant from all key cities in the Far East, it is a conditional center. For example, a person from Blagoveshchensk can get to Khabarovsk faster than to Vladivostok. For example, I flew to Kamchatka last year through Khabarovsk. There are more flights to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk via Khabarovsk than via Vladivostok.    
Sergei: I would put on Vladivostok. Khabarovsk was the capital of the DFO only for the governor, so as not to evict his figure, but in fact Khabarovsk is not even geopolitically center! And the APEC forum was held not in Khabarovsk, although it would seem more logical to hold in the capital. And VEF for some reason is not in Khabarovsk. Vladivostok in its position, the presence of the sea and sea routes is more suitable as a geopolitical capital. What, the enemies will attack, until they reach you, hesitate? Modern wars are conducted in other ways. Even now to see our potential adversaries, the first blows are aimed not at Khabarovsk. It's generally our nonsense to designate someone as someone over someone. Does Khabarovsk have any "buns", that it is the capital? Only a couple of extra administrative buildings and an additional army of officials.

Maxim: If to look within the limits of our country, it is territorially more logical that the capital was in Khabarovsk. From here, direct planes fly to Japan, to Korea, and so on.

6. In which of the cities denser is the poster of cultural, sports, other events?

Photo: Festival "Wings of the East" in Vladivostok. Vyacheslav Belyakov
Rita: In Khabarovsk there is more sport. There is something that is held only by us or only you, although we could do cultural and sporting events together! I think our artists, sportsmen and theater-goers would be happy to go to Khabarovsk, if there were festivals and invitations to local projects. That in Vlad, that in Khabarovsk the main thing to find a good platform, and to bring people - not a problem. If there are good arenas in Khabarovsk and there is a free place, invite people to come! And do not even have to be limited to two cities, the Far East is huge, the same Blagoveshchensk is nearby.

Sergei: You have a "Platinum Arena", we have "FESCO-Hall". According to the street art, Pasha Shugurov painted Vladivostok with his art community. And international jazz, and film festivals, and everything else - in Vladivostok. By the way, in Khabarovsk I really like theaters! You have more, and they are richer in repertoire. We have Gorky's theater and everything, the rest "but do not threaten us with William's Shakespeare?" It seems that theaters in Vladivostok were created on the principle of uniting amateur motorists with militiamen. Khabarovsk, apparently due to its openness in the old days had the opportunity to invite actors and directors from all over the country, and formed a completely different tradition. Modern cultural life in Vladivostok is richer, but the classical one is stronger in Khabarovsk. And your strongest theater is the Theater for Young Spectators, although the title, seemingly frivolous, is the theater of the young spectator. And in many cities for some reason it is the Young Spectacles that are strong.

Maxim: About Khabarovsk does not specifically say, but in Vladivostok you could have been more active. The institute has built a federal, a large influx is coming, because the young people here and the foreigners, and that's it. Mostov ponadelali. Beauty was brought, so to speak, from above, and inside the city there is a mess terrible, Potemkin village. In Khabarovsk, I have never been to the same museums. According to music, a lot of people from Khabarovsk are dragging DJs from Vladivostok, and musical groups and dance go there, but nobody from Khabarovsk is attracting anyone here, even friends of friends are not pulling. I do not know why. Perhaps, because of the lack of advantages, musical and other collectives do not develop. In sports you have "Platinum" and "Erofei", we have "Fetisov arena" and "FESCO-Hall".
7. With the notes 5000 and 2000 rubles everything is clear, but what is the value of the bridges depicted on them?

Timofey Chichikov.jpg
Photo: the bridge over the Amur River. Timothy Chichikov

Rita: I do not like such competitions, who is cooler, who is better ... A resident of Vladivostok will say that Vladivostok is better, a resident of Khabarovsk - that Khabarovsk. In fact, someone where it is more convenient to live. In occasion of denominations, well there will suddenly appear 10-one thousandth note, and on it any village of Krasnoyarsk region, too abruptly. Fair? At five thousandths there was no opportunity to ride. In our - cool, if you go back to 5 years ago and tell a quiet person that in 5 minutes he will be able to get to the gas station on the Russian island and go back home, he would turn his finger at his temple. Of course, they decorate the city, different events are held on them, here are the "Wings of the East" for graduates with light shows. But your bridge is on the "five". In Vlad, maybe not as long bridges as in Khabarovsk, but at night my favorite Russian bridge, especially when a big club creeps through the fog from the Russian island, comes out mysteriously, as if you are driving into Silent Hill.       

Sergei: Khabarovsk Bridge is utilitarian. He, without any fanfare, annexed the Far East to the rest of Russia. How old is he there? 80? 100? And in Vladivostok, bridges were made into a fetish, an object of worship, this is a feature in Gazprom's advertising. The Power of Siberia does not show the Khabarovsk bridge. They were built with the expectation to amaze the whole world that we are ahead of the entire planet. Bridge to Russian Island entered the Guinness Book of Records along the length of the main span, and a bridge across the Amur was built to serve people. One of the bridges of Vladivostok is now on a two thousandth note, at last the Vladivostok residents were punished, even though they painted a bridge on some money! Although the bridge to the Russian island, who needs it, by and large? Local residents have already cursed him, because at the expense of this bridge on the island every year there are several hundred tons of garbage from Khabarovsk. I wanted to invite the local Internet community to arrange a rally: take pictures of Khabarovsk cars, piles of rubbish, fit a few trucks, bring them to Khabarovsk and throw them out on Glory Square with banners "you've forgotten here". Our local shit in the same way, but, given that we have more visitors in the summer, garbage we get more "export".

Maxim: The new plastic bill was made without the use of paper. This, I believe, is a normal progression, although at least a little progress has been made, although the money has long since outlived itself, there is no clearing anywhere in the world, many with cash are no longer in contact. At the seaside bridge more PR was, everything is simple. "Mumiy Troll" walked, the video was taken off. Especially since we do not have the most important bridge across the Golden Horn, which is now on 2000, I'm reading. The main thing is that on the Russian island, because these lands are more accessible to people, people are being built, populated. It is a pity that people throw garbage, they do not know how to rest.

8. Where is more often heard foreign speech - in Khabarovsk or in Vladivostok?

Photo: Chinese tourists in the center of Vladivostok are playing a game. Lena Vertyankina

Rita: They are everywhere, but foreigners are different from foreigners. There are tourists who bring money, but there are migrant workers who take money and take work. Although it is more correct to say that they do not take away, but dumping, labor is cheaper.

Sergei: And we, and you have a lot of Chinese, Central Asian. Here, no city takes the lead.

Maxim: There are more visitors in Vladivostok. It is more central due to the movement of steamers, a lot of seas. At us the liners last 10 years on a permanent job, and this year expect new airliners that have never visited, they are even more! Under them, even a broken strait, deepened the bottom.

9. Taste the theme of catering and cuisine?

Rita: In Khabarovsk, I always stay with friends, and eat the most favorite and cozy kitchen - home. So far no one has disappointed!

Sergei: I'm gourmet, I like to eat deliciously, I know practically all the establishments in Vladivostok, and I knowоthe largest part in Khabarovsk. If you take public institutions in the center, then in Vladivostok is very expensive! In Khabar is cheaper. I have a couple of favorite places in Khabarovsk, which I visit every visit, where you can sit for ridiculous money in the evening. Here Khabarovsk is ahead, unequivocally, and on the quality of cooking, both in price and in heart.

Maxim: In Khabarovsk, I heard that a couple of public catering facilities closed a couple of years ago. My friends were connected with this business. In Vladivostok, they also open and close to and fro. And all are the same. There are little bunches cozy enough to sit with friends, but they are not enough. They were like a year or two in them, they had already become ordinary, had become boring, they had no repair. Owners forget that it is necessary to develop, to do something for people. And they reason: they say, works and works, money brings, why change? Streaming thing.   
10. Where are more courageous men and pretty women?

Rita: People are beautiful in the Far East and in general in Russia. When I returned from Germany, I walked around the airport and looked at the girls. In Moscow, I did not have the opportunity, we quickly ran, and in Vlad we went out ... the girls are all made up, well-groomed, as in the picture. Abroad with this sadness. They are not that they do not follow themselves, but they do it in a strange way. Strongly emancipated women, not exactly women, in short, butterflies.

Sergei: I'm not interested in men. The girls are more attractive in Vladivostok. This may be due to the fact that I live there and I have more time to look around. In Khabarovsk, I usually go to work and time a little. In general, we have not only the prettiest girls in the Far East, but also more people who dress brightly and fashionably. Let these belongings from the Chinese market, but, again, in Moscow, too, not in Milan they are dressed, but they walk gray. Wretchedness!   

Maxim: The question is complex, because what is now called beauty, I think for a disease that has spread to everything around. Therefore 50 / 50, of course, is beautiful and we have it with you.

11. In your piggy bank there are examples of neighbor banter, as well as horror stories for visitors?

Photo: comic sign "cautiously, mosquitoes!" Dmitry Bogdanchikov 

Rita: It's not braking people in Khabarovsk, it's too fast in Vladivostok. Probably, these are the features of the Far East in general. For example, Muscovites, they do not catch up, while they say "a", people with DV already understood the idea. Of the fjords in Vladivostok, only the fir trees fall, it was three years in a row. Tigers on Vyselkova ran last winter. Well, you can soar the prices of apartments, although Muscovites do not scare 70-90 thousand rubles. per square.

Sergei: I'm 43 years old, and this clear, open rivalry between Vladivostok and Khabarovsk is no more than 10 years. In my youth, there were no such jokes. We were very fond of going to Khabarovsk, there were excursions on the weekends, a tourist train, for me it was the first travel, uh! The first touch to another Russia. Because you live on the edge of the map. Khabarovsk and Vladivostok are both villages compared to the center of the country. Vladivostok scares tigers, typhoons, terrible cataclysms, how cool it is to swim in the storm at sea.

Maxim: I had a friend 16 years ago, he came from Barnaul to Primorye to serve, I thought there really is no light, we are all burning coal, there is no asphalt, thought the village. And I came, I saw that the city here, he really went crazy! We have sharks, tigers go, what else to scare? The shark is really worth being afraid, they are there! Although it is more correct not to be afraid, but to remember safety in places where you bathe. We have beaches fenced with sound protection, on the recreation bases the sharks are deterred. And they were always, just now there are more people, more divers, more and more diving, and not always sober.

12. Where is it easier to start a business? 

Rita: I think there is no difference. It is worse only in small cities, in remote reservations, where a family dynasty has already formed, where it is difficult to break through. Khabarovsk and Vladivostok are big cities, you can wedge in everywhere, and nobody will stop you.

Sergei: More favorable climate for entrepreneurs in Khabarovsk. There I have partners, and I can say that the city government is more inclined to develop business than to strangle it. In Vladivostok, on the contrary, everything goes to the eradication of small business, everyone is driven to large companies.

Maxim: Vladivostok and Khabarovsk have different logistics. In the capital of Primorye, there are transport advantages, it is the delivery of cargo by sea, and Khabarovsk is closer to Moscow, and railroad delivery is cheaper. And so everywhere there are their moves, on Sakhalin, for example.   

13. What is your climate? 

Photo: winter Khabarovsk. Peter Solodovnik

Rita: Vladivostok is damp, windy, the sun is not in the city, it's outside the city to tan, you need to go somewhere far. In the winter there is no snow, if it is, it lies everywhere and in a couple of days it becomes very dirty. And in Khabarovsk it's just very cold in winter, minus 20, in this respect in Vladivostok more or less mild climate. At you for me it was very cold. In the summer in Khabarovsk mosquitoes, stuffy. And we have a wind.

Sergei: In Khabarovsk as expected: in winter it is cold, in summer it is hot. And for me it's hard. In Vladivostok, it is rainy in summer and sunny in winter. Summer smog Khabarovsk incomprehensible, mosquitoes, and in Vladivostok rains half a summer, slushy autumn, terrible spring. The climate in Khabarovsk is slightly better due to its continentality.

Maxim: We have summer comes a little later, but we swim until the end of October. At us the snow can not drop out till December-January, and can drop out and there and then a plus temperature to stand. Well, you have your famous midges. By the way, a lot of midges and mosquitoes appeared in Khabarovsk after the Amur emerged from the coast, and all nests of dragonflies washed away. It should be reborn on an ecological level, so that the question with a nasty mind is decided - so I was told by the scientists with whom I talked about the problem of insects.

14. Where more pontov - in the seaside or in the Khabarovsk capital?

Amur mine2.jpgPhoto: street art on Lenin street in Khabarovsk. Lena Vertyankina

Photo: tourist plane "Costa Victoria" in Vladivostok. Source

Rita: Vladivostok residents love their city, and if, for example, Columbia Pictures hear the word "Vladivostok", jump above the pyramids or scribble on a stone: "I love Vlad!" In general, there are those who hit themselves with a heel in the chest and shout Vladivostok - LGZ, and there are people who see only dirt. I am an adherent that if you see something bad on the street and you can fix it, come and fix it! It's elementary if the garbage is lying around.

Sergei: Ponts more in Vladivostok, definitely. He considers himself to be the navel of the Earth, at least in the Asia-Pacific region, but this is usually not the Vladivostoks themselves. It's also like in Moscow: the most zealous Muscovites are in the bargain. And in Vladivostok, fingers bend visitors, they also need to prove that they are all urban. I when I see these showers, at once I ask: from what district, from what village the person has arrived, and in 99,9% I get. As there is no holier than the former prostitute, so here, there is no more indigenous resident than the come in person. Now I began to understand Muscovites. If Zadornov had been alive and had arrived, I would have thrown a tomato into him. When you come, they greet you warmly, and you call all the women of the city prostitutes, - for such a thing in the face they give, such a decent person does not allow himself.

Maxim: In Vladivostok, people are more ... made. He would say it, but he will not let censorship. Expose themselves more than they really mean and can. It's like walking with a T-shirt "I lift 200 kilograms" when in fact you can lift only 100. People buy expensive and beautiful cars to look in the city, and they live on two square meters in the basement, eat pre-shash and in peep-stops. It's more than ponts.

15. We measure risks. In which of the cities is not scary to walk at night?
Photo: city ponds ХAbarovsk

Rita: Not scary in Luxembourg. And in Russia you just never know what a happy corner gopnik is waiting for you, so I think there is danger everywhere.

Sergei: In Khabarovsk it is safer. I walked at night. And so - as lucky. To me three years ago the jaw have broken in native area. Now a new, sharper generation is growing up, it happens once in 10 years. I would say parity in cities, the police will tell you more exact figures. It is difficult to judge by the internal sense, because in your city you go all "what's going to happen to me? This is my city! ", And it seems to you safe, but in a strange city you behave more cautiously, do not go in the pinchers (remote unapproachable areas, which is problematic to reach - East Russia). That is, I never walked at night on the North or South in Khabarovsk, only in the center.

Maxim: I myself come from Sovi-vani, from Ilyich's Covenants. In Khabarovsk, there is more crime. As far as I know, internal service is more than in Vladivostok. Or take Chelyabinsk: there is a population of one and a half million, and police, departmental services are five times more than in Vladivostok. Because there is such a city! In Khabarovsk, too, such a feature, because there is the Amur region, prisons and all that sort of thing.

16. You would prefer to "drop anchor" and live with your family in ...

20170824_172126 (1) .jpg
Photo: Sea of ​​Japan, Reineke Island. Lena Vertyankina

Rita: In Vladivostok, since the sea is here! Nothing else matters. And if the sea is brought to Khabarovsk, it will already be Vladbarovsk. In general, I have friends in Khabarovsk, so I go there.

Sergei: I would choose Khabarovsk. Because life is cheaper and the city is quieter, without straining. Vladivostok is a city in which you need to live, Khabarovsk is a city in which you can get old.

Maxim: There's the sea, what Khabarovsk ?! And so in Russia it's customary for us to go to the Crimea in the old age. I know a lot of older acquaintances, who for 50, who went there, their houses there, pears, apple trees grow everywhere, there is no such thing as household tension, because all schemes are simplified.
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