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From Muravyov to Millionka - 2

Khabarovsk and Vladivostok are two rooms in one house. The wall of which is sometimes knocked with a hammer

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The capitals of the Primorsky and Khabarovsk Territories are the same antagonists as Moscow and St. Petersburg (by the way, they also got it in the article!), Only in the Far Eastern corner of the country. It has its own battle of shaverms and curbs, its own Sobyanins, and its comers in large numbers. We are separated by 760 km, a century and a half of rivalry and ... love, sometimes full of neighboring complexes. EastRussia held a virtual challenge, where people from different spheres answered 16 identical questions about Vladivostok and Khabarovsk. No representative sampling and attempts at objectivity - we confidently shift all the responsibility to our interlocutors Dinu Voronkova (journalist), Dmitry Bogdanchikova (entrepreneur) and Anton Povreznyuk (photographer, manager of a climate company).    


From Muravyov to Millionka - 2
Photo: collage East Russia (voknedop, kramst_step)
10. Where do you think there are more charismatic men and pretty women - in Vladivostok or in Khabarovsk?

Dinah: In Khabarovsk, you go out on Friday evening at Karl Marx, and you go crazy: what girls, beauties, how dressed! And so we are all the same, we are the Far East! You can recognize us anywhere in the country. My father was once in Anapa, where at first glance he figured out fellow countrymen - by some special look. And we’re still cracking up.  

Dmitriy: In Khabarovsk very beautiful girls. There must be some advantages!

Anton: Let my fellow countrymen shower me with slippers, but in the Khabarovsk Territory women are prettier! In general, at one time I came to the Khabarovsk Territory and married a girl from Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

11. Remember the jokes, trolling about the rivalry between Vladivostok and Khabarovsk, and what frighten the "come in large numbers".

Photo: city day in Khabarovsk. Lena Vertyankina.

Dinah: In Vladivostok, Khabarovsk is called Estonian. They believe that we are slow, slow-moving Khabarovsk residents. Even in the city, everything is calm, measured, and there is vanity, running around. I have a girlfriend in Khabarovsk at one time started selling children's things. She sent me goods, I sold them in Vladivostok. I was very surprised when she told me that she was traveling with trunks on buses somewhere, I don't know, from the CAF base to Yuzhny. I'll come, kiss the door, call, and they say to me: oh, I forgot, it won't work today! People in Khabarovsk do not value each other's time and efforts. In Vladivostok, if you agree with a person, then you will meet, a business approach. We have a trick that bears walk around the shopping center, I even had a picture with a bear in a supermarket for one Moscow presentation about Khabarovsk. And what about Vladivostok? There is nothing to brag about.

Dmitriy: We do not need to compete; on the contrary, we need to unite and bend some common line, because we are two big cities in the Far East, at one end of Russia, and the nearest major cities are only Novosibirsk and Chita, they are very far away. We need to consolidate our efforts and develop together.

Anton: The first is the chipmunk, the little tiger. My father built the BAM during the Soviet Union, and he had visiting friends. On the spot, they are told: "You don't go there, the chipmunk walks there! - And who is this?" - Oh, he is as tall as a bear, a tiger's face, he loves human flesh very much, we are afraid of him, kapets! Those walked, looked around, okay. At the very end, a girl arrives and says: "Oh, look, chipmunk!" Those ticked at once, only they were seen. Now our memes are tigers on the streets of cities, and that the Chinese will take over us. My electronics friends ride all over Russia, a guy came with them. They say to him: "Be careful, this is the Amur, the great Russian river, now the tigers will swim up!" He really thought that we have tigers, and even sit on a leash. But we really have tigers. Maybe there is nothing to eat in the taiga, who knows? Or you show photos of Dima Kim's friend on the networks, you say, here you are, the invaders! For Muscovites, they all look the same. Our mosquitoes also take people to their nests and eat them there, and they believe in these spreading cranberries. Visitors are surprised that there is civilization here, people live, they are surprised at our endemics, lemongrass, Eleutherococcus. Recently I met an Instagram blogger, a Brazilian, and gave him our lemongrass. He asks what it is, I tell him, this is Russian guarana, if you eat a berry, it stares at you, if you eat a root, it flattens.

12. Where is the climate more favorable for businessmen, start-ups, and easier to find a free niche?

Vasilina Samoilenko4 ДВФУ.jpg
Photo: FEFU (Vladivostok). Vasilina Samoylenko

Dinah: I did not start a business in Khabarovsk, but, again, according to the sensations, we are more conservative in Khabarovsk, more cautious, no matter how it happened. And the clients on whom everything is calculated, too, hesitate, do not even try to understand that in some kind of undertaking a new, cool. They say: "A chicken-feed!" - and everything collapses.  

Dmitriy: In Vladivostok, a more economically active population, business is developing more dynamically. There, in this regard, moving in the city, and more. Economically, Vladivostok is much stronger, because it receives certain infusions, FEFU have built, develop the techno park "Russian". From the startup point of view, a powerful point of attraction is formed there. The closest such place is only in Moscow - it's Skolkovo, and Innopolis in Kazan, in the middle of Russia. To Primorye in the Far East this was not. 

Naturally, before opening anything, you need to study the market. Even with high competition, and Vladivostok is richer than Khabarovsk, there are more chances to develop your business where the purchasing power is higher, the more economically active and financially independent population. We must look at what kind of niche it is - some of them are more convenient to occupy in Khabarovsk. It happens that some guys open a start-up, begin to develop, and then they are faced with the fact that exactly the same project in Vladivostok has already been opened, has managed to bend because a very competitive environment and such a business simply does not work. Top restaurants and hotels are opening in Vladivostok, plus the tourism sector is much more developed there than here. It is difficult for me to single out any niche for Khabarovsk. The trade sphere, production can be developed both there and there.

Anton: Yes, the same everywhere. The guys and I were doing business, it was very simple: buy and sell Japanese cars. In Russia, in general, to open an individual entrepreneur in Russia, to open a business is like two fingers on the asphalt, and the ventilation and air conditioning company, which was once opened almost on its knees, is now legendary. Small, but, nevertheless, the city knows that we are doing well or not. You can start everywhere, even in the village of Gadyukino, there would be a desire and work. The eyes are afraid, the hands are doing - and everything works out.   

13. From the business climate - to the usual. Where are you more comfortable?

Photo: Gadfly attacked a car in the Khabarovsk taiga. Lena Vertyankina

Dinah: In Vladivostok, I for a long time could not get used to the fact that there is no midge, as in the Khabarovsk marshes. It was a shock. Difficult in Vladivostok, because the first part of the summer is fog and drizzle, it is unclear how to dress in the morning, so it was comfortable in the daytime and in the evening. But we had an apartment with a view of the sea, I could look out the window, and by the sight of the sea determine what the day would be. Cool, that there until October you can walk in T-shirts, when all around already freeze and tell how cold and disgusting they are. In Vladivostok I did not like that there was not enough snow, I came to Khabarovsk, drifts, the frost was creepy, but it was cool!  

Dmitriy: Vladivostok is much warmer, although there is a wind, because the sea climate. There are more suns in Khabarovsk, but in terms of temperature in winter it's too harsh!

Anton: I prefer the climate of the seaside, it's warmer, and still most of the life I spent there. In Vladivostok, there are temperature differences between day and night, in Khabarovsk there are almost none, equally "nice", and without air conditioning it is difficult. Khabarovsk winter after the Komsomol - nonsense. In Vladivostok, the wife said, there is no winter at all. What kind of winter, if I walk in an autumn coat? In Khabarovsk, mosquitoes are angrier. Primorskie intelligent, they will fly, can you bite, and all that, and our - bydyshch! And it's ready. Komsomol mosquitoes do so in general, flocks attack.   
14. Let's start the pontometer. Do the inhabitants of which of our two cities have higher conceit?

Valery Dichenko.jpg
Photo: on the roads of Vladivostok. Valery Dichenko

Dinah: I would say that Khabarovsk. But I did not face it seriously, it seems to me, this is a humorous one.

Dmitriy: To the question of conceit, I immediately remember the Japanese. They support each other, remember, "the second on this street." I also think in this direction that our cities and its inhabitants do not have to compete, pick up their noses, everywhere there are pluses and minuses, one must be friends! We could jointly develop tourism, make joint branding of the Khabarovsk and Primorye Territories, because less than a thousand km between cities. You can develop entrepreneurial activities, make points of attraction of the joint conditional silicon valley, so that investments are made. And it is important that people from the region do not run.  
Anton: Arriving in Khabarovsk, I was surprised by the amount of gold on people, and on men. Chains, rings, bracelets. But more expensive cars are still in Vladivostok - Japan is close. Vladivostok is the best city in the world, on ... (c). If somewhere there is a roll on Vladivostok, I immediately, but we have a steering wheel sticking out of the glove compartment! By the way, Sergey Sim, the author of this song, left for Canada for three years. The last time I was in Vladivostok was in December, passing through, but I just got out on the platform of the station, took a breath, tasteful! Vladivostok is far away, but this is a city of ours, as Vladimir Lenin said.
15. Compare the criminogenic situation of Khabarovsk and Vladivostok, where it is not terrible to walk at night?

Sergey Sablin15.jpg
Photo: night Vladivostok. Sergey Sablin

Dinah: Vladivostok was originally a closed city and did not have time to become very criminal. At night, I moved there and there, it's another matter that in Khabarovsk it was in a stormy youth, and I was lucky not to get into history. Once upon a time Gopnik were like a class, now they are not visible. Maybe they moved, or mimicked, bought the Lexus.

Dmitriy: Vladivostok is a more criminalized city, at least in terms of access to their market, a large business, and so on. How many times have I heard that there is more difficult with this case. This is unfair competition, their brands on the market, new obstacles are repaired if you have no contacts. There's an environment in which it's difficult to get into. I do not know the details, but I've heard repeatedly from various people connected with trade and public catering. With the rest I will not say, everyone is ready to cooperate. At night I would have strolled both here and there, DV is still not Somalia.

Anton: Now everything is relatively safe, but a year ago a girl friend lived in Vladivostok on Tikhaya, guys came to her, imagine, they get to know each other, they talk for toshi-boshi, they lived for, pivasik Zhigulevskoye and Zyaki-zyaki chips, - these were really cartoon characters! An eight-piece cap, sweatpants tucked into the pants. I don't know about Khabarovsk, but in Vladivostok in 97-98, houses were blown up. I remember the picture: we are going by bus, there is a tinted Nissan Patrol, a Mark II passes by, a window opens right at the bus stop, there is a queue from a machine gun, they go further. And now "the bloody tyrant Putin has brought the country", the streets began to walk calmly! We rented a dormitory in one of the outlying districts, so "salesmen" walked there, offered all sorts of garbage for 50 rubles, irons, then something else. Why exactly this amount, because a dose of heroin cost 50 rubles, cheaper than a bottle of vodka. And one day they offered us an iron of some kind, and on the other the iron door was rolled up with the Latin letter Y, and even spoons were taken out of the apartment.   

16. Family life. In which of the two cities - Khabarovsk or Vladivostok - is it better to "nest", where is the quality of educational and medical services better?

Photo: Campus of the FEFU (Russky Island). Alexander Yablokov

Photo Shoot: Pacific State University (Khabarovsk) 

Dinah: It's better in Khabarovsk. Purely physically somewhere to get from one place to another, to take the child easier. In old age, it is impossible to climb the slides, the slopes are slippery with snow. In Vladivostok, it's great to live as a student, it's the most fun for students! I love him dearly. We go there with her daughter on her birthday, and each time I have so much excitement and discovery, as if I was there for the first time.

Dmitriy: In this regard, the most comfortable in Sochi will be. It's warmer there, palm trees, there for the retirement age is good. I'm raising my children in Khabarovsk, everything is fine. In Vladivostok did not grow, with medicine and education there did not come across.

Anton: I'm for Khabarovsk! It seems to me that it is easier to arrange a child in kindergarten here. I remember that in Vladivostok the director had to pay 20 thousand rubles of "sponsorship" for registration. In terms of school, I can't say. In terms of infrastructure, we have fewer hills, it is easier to get there. In Vladivostok I lived at Lugovaya, 50, here I live at Topographer, here it is - a school, nearby there are also schools 51, 38, 16 ... it seems a lot. In terms of the quality of higher education, Vladivostok universities are cooler. We, of course, PNU and FESMU are also very cool, but FEFU and VSUES make them.   

The Primorsky answer to Khabarovsk residents is in our next materials. 
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