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From a hobby for the soul - to a large-scale business

Hectare: how to arrange an animal husbandry

From a hobby for the soul - to a large-scale business
Special project Far East hectare: history
Boris Rudakov manages a large cattle-breeding farm, but he does not intend to stop at what he has achieved - the decorated hectares open up new prospects.

Entrepreneur Boris Rudakov is a chauffeur by education. The development of his own farm was engaged soon after the wedding and did not expect that in the course of time this kind of activity would become his life's business. The program for the issuance of "hectares" allowed the Rudakov family to formalize the land on which they worked for almost 30 years. Now they are engaged in breeding cows and horses, have an apiary.

The collective farm has allocated a newly-married couple a house in the village of Kazanka of the Seryshevsky district of the Amur region and a cow. On the first salary, Boris also bought several beehives. He kept birds, goats and rams, and then friends brought him another mare - the Swallow. Her passion for horse breeding began with her. Today in the herd about 50 horses. Recently it was replenished with an expensive tribal stallion with a pedigree. True, a hobby does not bring money to a farmer. The horses for Boris Rudakov are first of all an occupation for the soul, which can not be said about cows. The family started with 10 milk cows, and today they are almost twice as large. In a month they supply to the market 7 tons of milk. The Rudakovs engaged in meat cattle breeding. Total cows are almost 120. Among them - representatives of Hereford, Holstein-Frisian and, more recently, Aberdinanguus breeds.

"At the end of 1990-x get Hereford was impossible - a heifer cost 180 thousand rubles. But I had a chance: a disintegrating farm in Bratolyubovka announced the sale of thoroughbred cattle. I went and bought a calf ten times cheaper than the starting price, "Rudakov said.

The farm produces two tons of marble a year. Boris says that for all these years he and his wife were on vacation only once, quite recently.

“The soul rejoices, I like it! I myself work - I am both a milkmaid, and a shepherd, and I mow hay. In total, our farm is served by four people, ”says the recipient of the“ Far Eastern hectare ”.

Rudakov designed two sites. One - directly opposite the house, in the village Kazanka. On it the spouses arranged a winter farm for cattle, built a stable and took the territory under pasture. The second "hectare" is located in the neighboring village of Kalinovka near the holiday home. On this earth, Boris Rudakov still from 1990-ies there are pens for animals and apiary. The plots were abandoned and no one needed, but later the farmer began to fear that they could be taken away at any time. Now the land rightfully belongs to Rudakov. In plans also to draw up one more site. The farmer dreams that his grandchildren will return to the village and will work on the land.

Published in the brochure "Far Eastern hectare: first results"

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