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"Island" is removed from the tax hook

EastRussia understood the problems of the first resident of the TOP "Kuriles"

"Island" is removed from the tax hook
At the very end of January, the Ostrovnoy fish-processing plant officially became the first resident of the advanced development area (TOP) of the Kuril Islands, established on its own initiative. The investor intends to invest in the project 7,4 billion rubles, create 700 high-tech jobs and enter the output of 252 thousand tons of products per year. The decision on the residency of "Ostrovnogo" was taken in the Corporation for the Development of the Far East "25 January 2018.

At the same time, at a meeting in the government of the Sakhalin region, the president of the public organization of small and medium-sized business "OPORa Rossii" Alexander Kalinin raised the question that due to various kinds of administrative barriers, actions of supervisors, tax authorities, even residents of the TOP are almost impossible to work, despite all privileges and preferences granted to them. And as an example I cited the situation, developed at the fish processing plant "Ostrovnoy".

The combine, as is known, "became famous" for the whole country in 2016 year, when the employee of the enterprise is on a direct line with the president Told about huge debts on the salary, monstrous conditions of work and a life of employees of combine. A month later, the bankruptcy of the plant began, and later several criminal cases were opened, both because of debts on wages, and in connection with various financial frauds at the enterprise. The general debts of the plant, both to employees and to different structures, including tax payments, exceeded one billion rubles.

With the current debts the investor - "Kuril universal complex" was settled. He also invested in the modernization of the enterprise.

Last summer, the new director of the plant, Mikhail Zaitsev, who was appointed to head Ostrovniy in October 2016, reported: the old debts of the company are paid off, employees receive their wages without delay, it is time to update and develop the enterprise.

- Now the project documentation is ready for the construction of a new plant in Shikotan, in Malokurilsky, the site is being prepared for its erection, it should be started in the near future, and finished in the autumn of this year, "says Mikhail Zaytsev, director of the plant. - At the same time there is a re-equipment of the existing production, we are updating our own fleet, now the plant has about a dozen of its vessels.

However, as it was said at the meeting in the government, the enterprise had problems with registration of land for a new production. So, automatically and with the implementation of all the vast plans. The reason is interference of tax authorities. Inspection of the Sakhalin Region claims new financial claims to the plant: if earlier the amount of debt was 90 million rubles, now - 300 million.

"Is it more profitable for us to bankrupt the enterprise and sell out its dilapidated industrial buildings for nothing, if of course there is a buyer for them?" And yet - to lose an investor and get an army of unemployed on the distant island of Shikotan? Or is it better to create a modern production with hundreds of jobs and millions of taxes? - said in this regard, the president of the association of fish industry enterprises of the Sakhalin region Maxim Kozlov.


Immediately after the meeting, the Governor of the Sakhalin Oblast, Oleg Kozhemyako, asked the regional prosecutor's office to assess the actions of the tax inspection.
In turn, the tax explains the new financial requirements for the "Island" of the proprietor who grew up at the expense of the debts of the past, who managed to withdraw the most valuable assets of the enterprise.

- In addition, the current situation is related to the shortcomings of the bankruptcy procedure of the enterprise, - explained EastRussia in the press service of the Federal Tax Service for the Sakhalin region. - So, the arbitration manager had to submit a plan for external management of the enterprise that meets the requirements of the law, but this was not done.

In this case, they added to the IFTS, the agency represents a federal body and acts strictly within the framework of federal legislation.

EastRussia asked for an explanation of the situation to lawyer Evgeny Nesterov.

External management at the fish processing plant "Ostrovnoy" was introduced for a period up to 13 August 2018. In particular, this means (we quote the definition of the arbitration court of the Sakhalin Oblast) that for this period a "moratorium on meeting creditors' claims on monetary obligations and on payment of compulsory payments" is introduced. That is, according to the tax requirements, too, the plant should not pay it until the mentioned date.

The meeting of creditors approved the plan of external management of the plant - the adoption of this document is mandatory in this case, as it is now indicated in the tax. However, the tax inspectorate challenged him in court - and her suit was satisfied: representatives of the department "defeated" the plan of external management "Ostrovniy" on many points at once. Hence the increased financial claims, confirmed by a court decision. Time goes by - percent grows ...

One way or another, but the question must be solved. It is for this reason that the Governor's initiative on prosecuting tax inspectors has not been continued. But in the region, a headquarters for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs was created under the leadership of Oleg Kozhemyako. The interdepartmental group included entrepreneurs themselves, representatives of the prosecutor's office, the regional bailiff service, the regional branch of "OPORA Russia", and other public organizations. Participates in the work of the group, by the way, and the head of the territorial department of the tax service Marina Tuchkova.

At the first meeting, which took place in early February, the working group members said that the situation was actually stalemate. Taxes do not require the superfluous from the new owners of the enterprise - their actions are conditioned by the law and the court decision. But we need to give an opportunity to work and entrepreneurs who themselves did not make debts and have already invested large sums into the development of the plant. At the same time, formally, the law is not on their side.

- At the first meeting of the interdepartmental group it was decided during the working week to prepare a draft decision that would allow entrepreneurs to ensure payment of taxes and at the same time continue work, - explained EastRussia in the press service of the regional government.

That is, the solution of the problem, at least in theory, should appear in the near future. And 19 February the meeting of creditors of "Island" should take place - on it the arbitration managing director will present a new plan of external management. Perhaps this can affect the situation.

Meanwhile, at Ostrovnoye, preparations for the construction of a new plant are in full swing these days. The director of the plant Mikhail Zaitsev in the office is almost impossible to find. Entrepreneurs are waiting for decisions and continue to work.

The power did not reach

However, the problem with tax and old debts was not the only one in the first resident of the TOP "Kuriles". Again, a couple of days after the "Island" got this status, in the regional government stated that the power system of the territory of advanced development clearly does not correspond to the plans of the plant.

On Shikotan, where, in addition to Ostrovnoy, its projects conducts another large fish processor, the "Kuril fisherman", the power supply systems are outdated both morally and physically. The villages of Malokurilskoye and Krabozavodskoye, where the enterprises are located, provide diesel power stations with a total capacity of 5 thousand kilowatts and an age of 18 years each. Half of the capacities are "taken away" of production, some are housing and utilities, something "falls" to the residents. Now the electricity deficit is 2-3 thousand kW. Meanwhile, this year Shikotan fish processors will need power in 17,8 megawatts, and two years later, when the entire production of Ostrovnoy and Kuril fishermen is fully operational, 39,4 mW.

- We have four diesel engines in the village, for 600 kilowatts each. That is, we can provide a maximum of the village, well, and commercial stores - says EastRussia head of the village of Malokurilskogo Sergei Usov. - The plant, especially in winter, does have problems with power supply. And we, too. But we are obliged and will provide electricity primarily to people, the village, and not the plant. I know that this problem is being solved, and not only at the level of the region, but already the federal Ministry of Energy has been connected. But everything should be done by the fall of this year, when the new plant will start working. It's clear. And they will finish building everything, you can rest assured: the work is already underway, all equipment is purchased, installation will start in the spring. So it is necessary to solve the problem urgently.

Currently, the main option for solving the problem is the attraction to Shikotan of JSC Mobile GTPP (it is part of the state-owned PJSC FGC UES). This project is estimated at 3,15 billion rubles. However, as expected, work on it can begin only in the third quarter of 2018.

The problem of high tariffs does not disappear anywhere. For Shikotan, the economically justified tariff is 14,98 rubles per kilowatt hour, but residents now pay for electricity 3,96 ruble, other consumers - 4 rubles per kilowatt-hour. The difference is covered by the regional budget - this is 195 million rubles a year.

The new power capacity in Shikotan, according to the calculations of the government, will require compensation at the rate of 722 million rubles annually. To reduce the expenses of the region, it is now proposed to establish higher tariffs for fish processors operating in Shikotan, or to attract them to pay this compensation. "Island" in general and not against, there would be distinct grounds. 

- I now know that the plant still has some problems there, - adds Sergei Usov. - They wanted to take the land for the organization of a dairy farm, where it had been before, and then closed. But they were not given - since that time the reserve was managed in this territory. And of course, "Island", of course, helps us a lot. In sotsialke, in the organization of different events. We have no unemployment, people get a decent salary without delay. The combine opened a social store in our city, where prices are much lower than in commercial ones. And available fish for the local always there. Here, they say, 700 new jobs will be created, and production is planned not seasonal, but all-the-year-round. But then the question arises with housing. We have here and with themselves with this problem, we wait not to wait, when two 48-apartment houses for our inhabitants will be handed over. And the plant is now building a small family hostel. But this is still not enough, with time and this problem will have to be solved.
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