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Features of the marginal advance

Why did Minister Sokolov question the adequacy of the command of the Governor of Miklushevsky?

Features of the marginal advance
Few people know that we were lucky and Vladivostok got into the federal program with a beautiful name "Safe and high-quality roads of Russia". Primorye allocated 625 million rubles of federal money. Since our application specifies "Vladivostok agglomeration", road repairs are envisaged in Artyom, Shkotovsky and Nadezhdinsky districts. I do not know if it started there?

Everyone understands that contracts for the repair of roads must be concluded in the winter. Well, in the spring. Well, in May, finally. And at the very end of May the Minister of Transport Maxim Sokolov publicly declared: "Vladivostok is of particular concern, where no auction or competition has been announced yet. I repeatedly addressed personally to my colleague Vladimir Miklushevsky. So far, no adequate action has been taken. According to this agglomeration, there is a feeling that there is no interest in the project. "

Such words are unpleasant to say and listen too. In addition, the minister threatened to transfer money to other more appropriate regions. Therefore, in June in Primorye, a contest among contractors was held quickly.

Since July Vladivostok has been excavated and dug up. On the People's Avenue, tramway rails were pulled out and gravel was rammed in the middle of the road. On the Svetlanskaya break old curbs to replace them with stone. This chaos is already four weeks and everyone can see how the fast, energetic work of the builders has changed slowly and even lazy, and here and there workers are not at all visible.

What's the matter? Do not believe it: the edge has no money for an advance.

Roads and streets need to be repaired before the second Eastern Economic Forum, which will take place in September and will bring together at least three heads of state - the Prime Minister of Japan promised, the new president of South Korea was asking for and surely Vladimir Putin. These construction projects fell under the program, which is financed from the federal, regional and municipal budgets.

So, the municipality of Vladivostok allocated its part of the funds. And the edge - delays.
A month ago, acting. The mayor of Vladivostok, Konstantin Mezhonov, told me that this time contracts for the repair of city streets were won by large companies that generally should carry out the main works at their own expense (or by re-crediting them in banks), and they will receive money only when everything is accepted by the customer. As I understand it, this was one of the conditions of the competition, so that serious construction companies entered the city, and not "one-day firms", from which you will not then ask, well, you rascals put asphalt in puddles again? Nevertheless, even these solid firms put up an advance of 30 percent.

The whole story would be a story about how money from Moscow to the outskirts of the city runs leisurely. Or that the regional administration does not want to contact federal money, because each federal ruble needs to invest its own, and where to get it?

But it could also be the "success story" of the governor, who "knocked money out of Moscow" and showed Igor Pushkarev how to repair roads in the capital of the region.

After all, this new road repair unfolds against a background of another story, which tells how the mayor of Vladivostok, Igor Pushkarev, is going to be judged for what Vostokcement supplied to the city construction sites in advance building materials for a billion rubles, and then forgiven this debt.

I would do everything on the place of the governor of the region to show how it is possible to quickly and efficiently repair roads in the city "according to the law". If Pushkarev repaired the roads, "violating the law," as the investigation assures, then show how to work "within the budget process."

Alas, the whole city sees that the builders are idle and the pace of work has fallen.
It seems that the governor does not have money in the treasury put aside for these construction projects. He may have hoped to sell the Hayat, but nobody bought it. The governor also has no influence on suppliers of construction materials, which could give their paving stones and concrete in advance. Could, but the story of "Vostokcement" and the arrested mayor teaches them completely different: in business there can be no nobility and patriotism.

I'm afraid this story with the repair of roads under the federal program will not add credibility to the Governor Miklushevsky. Not so often the federal minister makes speeches about the inadequacy of the actions of the head of the region.

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