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Oskal Ulan-Ude

Over the past year in the capital of Buryatia, stray dogs have killed three people. A high-tech hunt has been announced for the man's former friends - with drones and a thermal imager.

Never before has Ulan-Ude lived in such a fear of dogs, which in winter became more dangerous than wolves. Hunger and frost awakened in them the instincts of predators, and multiplied by the connivance of the authorities, the carelessness of the owners of the chain dogs and the cruelty of those who threw their pet out into the street, they turned the streets of the republican center into an arena of battles for survival. Survival of both humans and dogs. Because people had something to answer - homeless animals are also killed here, and now they are still caught with the help of drones and thermal imagers.

Oskal Ulan-Ude
Photo Shoot: Simon gatdula from the website Pixabay


Tanya Loskutnikova was left without a face. Her brother hardly recognized her. The dogs gnawed at the young girl all the skin down to the tendons, in some places bones were visible. The girl was literally eaten alive, and if not for the grandmother who lives nearby, it is unlikely that Tanya would have been able to survive.

Tatiana's clothes after being attacked by a pack of dogs. Photo from the family archive

“Tanya is a fighter, well done, she holds on. Just recently I talked to her on the phone, her voice was cheerful, she really hopes for a speedy recovery and recovery. We try not to ask her questions about the trauma; we talk about abstract topics. She dreams of going to the sea and skating. Shortly before the tragedy, she was going to ride, but did not have time "- says Yulia Badmaeva, Tanya's cousin

Tanya Loskutnikova before the attack. Photo from the family archive

An ambulance took her from the outskirts of Ulan-Ude to the Semashko Republican Clinical Hospital. For almost a whole day, surgeons, an ophthalmologist and an otorhinolaryngologist fought for Tanya. It was possible to save a life, but the girl was waiting for a life without a face, at least if she remained in Buryatia. Therefore, Tanya was urgently taken to Moscow. Recently, she underwent her first face plastic surgery, and they are beginning to transplant her skin.

- “The condition is very serious, now she cannot talk. Takes all medicine and food intravenously. And during the week she cannot move, and then move her head more. In 10 days there will be another operation. There will be many more of them, it may be necessary to fly abroad, ”says Anastasia Garmaeva, daughter-in-law of the Loskutnikov family.


Tanya suffered in the Zabaikalsky microdistrict, the old name of the Zverosovkhoz. And there, after it, several people have already suffered. The dogs first attacked the policeman, who shot himself safely. But 11-year-old Artem could not fight back or escape

"He shouted. The dogs attacked him, tore all his clothes. They removed everything that is possible. They bit everything: back, arms, legs. The thigh and scalp were injured, ”says Olga Bogacheva, Artem's grandmother.

Artyom was saved by a pensioner passing by - an elderly man with hypertension barely drove away the angry pack. The schoolboy's wounds were so deep that he also had to be sent to Moscow. And the boy's mother Svetlana Bogacheva intends to leave her home forever

“In general, I don’t even want to come back here to the fur farm. I'll do my best. I will leave the house, I will leave here. I will not live here. Moreover, my children will not live here, ”says Artyom's mother.


The scenario has not changed since last year - a pack of dogs rushes at a lonely person and tears his body to shreds. Can it be considered a happy ending that every time eyewitnesses save a passer-by from inevitable death? At the beginning of last year, a passerby arrived at 7-year-old Tsyren earlier than the victims of the first two stories. The young man took the schoolboy away from the pack even before the dogs disfigured his face and were able to leave deep wounds on his body. But traces of them are still terrifying.

“When I heard about Tanya and the boy in Zabaikalskoye, you know how much I cried,” sighs Tsyrena's mother Lydia. - Perhaps I need to thank God that my child was not bitten so much? Tsyren has a scalp wound on his head. Doctors fear that headaches will haunt him all his life. Whether it will be possible to overcome the phobia of dogs is unknown.


In Buryatia, about 4000 people were bitten over the past year, of which more than half were cases from Ulan-Ude. And this is just the official statistics on complaints with such complaints to the hospitals of the republic. But after the incident with Tsyren, aggressive mongrels were targeted by the media and the public. The Ulan-Ude administration threatened to trap all the dogs in the area where the first grader was injured, and high-ranking officials came to visit the victim at the hospital. The officials promised to help Tsyren in every possible way, but as soon as the first waves of indignation subsided, the tone of the conversation changed. In the spring of 2020, the boy's family filed a claim with the Ulan-Ude administration and demanded compensation for moral damage.

“The administration does not so vehemently want to go to peace with us, and will fight back to the last. And they pull until, apparently, this wave of hype will cover. I believe that one million rubles is very little. We are still working with a psychologist. Tsyren got up at night and cried sharply. Mom asks: "Why are you crying?" He says: "The boy was bitten there again, I'm afraid they will come to me again." When Artyom was recently bitten, our entire family experienced this horror again, ”says Aunt Tsyrena Seseg.

The boy experienced a painful shock of the first degree. Even after a whole year, he is still afraid to go out. But his family will soon go to court. According to their lawyer, the family faces a difficult trial.

The City Hall's legal committee says the claim is not the right place.

“The powers of the Administration of Ulan-Ude include an exclusive list of issues related to the treatment of animals without owners, which it fulfills within the limits of the brought financial resources in full compliance with the Federal Law of the Russian Federation of December 27.12.2018, 498 No. 29.01.2020-FZ“ On Responsible Treatment of Animals "And the Procedure for the implementation of activities for the treatment of animals without owners on the territory of the Republic of Buryatia on January 40, XNUMX, No. XNUMX.

Given the nature of the transferred state powers, the Administration of Ulan-Ude does not have legal grounds for recognizing the claims of the plaintiffs "- such a response was given by EastRussia in the administration of Ulan-Ude

However, Tsyren's seed does not intend to retreat - several more organizations were attracted by the defendants: the veterinary department of the Republic of Buryatia and a contractor. For the past seven years, a variety of organizations have been involved in trapping and killing dogs, including a municipal improvement plant. "Tickets to dog paradise" cost the budget 109 million rubles, but during this time no one was able to seriously reduce the population of urban dog packs and make the streets of Ulan-Ude safe.

“The republic allocated money to the mayor's office, and they profited it. The money is allocated and the dogs are running. What's this? Profiled! If they do not know how to work effectively, let them free up the place, "- with these words the lawyer Vitaly Khonikhoev explains the actions of the mayor's office to solve the problem of yard dogs


This year, the federal law on the humane treatment of animals came into force. The simple catch-kill scheme has evolved into catch-vaccination-sterilization-release. The townspeople sometimes observed barren dogs with chips on their ears. But by sight they were at most 20-25% of the total pack running around the yards. Believe me, on duty I have to travel to all districts of the city. But something else is important. It was this law, according to officials, that prevented the prevention of two high-profile tragedies at the end of last year and at the beginning of this year. Allegedly, it takes too much time until the spayed dog dies.

“This is probably not entirely correct. The law seems to be necessary, but it does not work for our city. Because our infrastructure is simply not ready, and even if, frankly, there is little funding, "- said the mayor of Ulan-Ude Igor Shutenkov in a video message.

The source is the official account of Igor Shutenkov on Instagram @igorshutenkov


The city authorities, after the attacks began to multiply and the local news feeds began to look like a summary from the emergency room, introduced an emergency situation and declared a moratorium on the operation of the federal law - very conveniently, the discovered fox sick with rabies became the reason for the mass murder of mongrels. 

But the townspeople by that time, as if they themselves were prepared to kill animals. Residents of the notorious Zabaikalskoye staged a popular gathering after dogs attacked 8-year-old Artyom. People were looking for the guilty, did not quite understand what to do with such a misfortune and raised the issue of the incapacity of both the mayor and the entire administration apparatus. After that, the authorities had to allocate additional buses to the microdistrict, send Cossacks and vigilantes to escort schoolchildren home, and close the nearby dog ​​kennel.

Stray dogs were discussed everywhere: at work, at lunch, at home, on the streets and in transport. It is especially strong in the comments on popular Buryat pages in social networks. The publics were literally blazing from the messages under the posts. Together with the city authorities, animal rights defenders got the most. Allegedly, it was because of them that the mongrels were not yet shot in the city, and therefore the children suffered - humanity towards our smaller brothers turned into three major tragedies.

Animal rights activists urged everyone to come to their senses, not to become angry themselves and published photos of killed or crippled dogs. They parried with stories about the inhuman behavior of people, such as about a certain taxi driver who poisoned a dog that a pensioner was walking on a leash. In response, dog hunters set fire to one of the shelters twice, and at the beginning of this week near the building of the municipal unitary enterprise "City Routes" they found a whole cemetery of homeless animals. Now it's time to hang a huge poster "Beware of angry dogs and angry people" at all the entrances to Ulan-Ude.


Two weeks ago, the mayor of the city announced that they plan to build a shelter at a distance from the city with warm rooms, an operating room, and a dog nursing department. Also Igor Shutenkov made a proposal with amendments to the local bill for all dog owners. They provide for mandatory sterilization, except in cases of breeding purebred dogs. Anyone who keeps pets above 25 centimeters at the withers must undergo training and receive permission to purchase and maintain such an animal. A mandatory tax is also introduced for all dog owners. He will go to activities for the treatment of stray animals. For the purchase and maintenance of dogs in apartment buildings, it will be necessary to obtain the consent of more than 75% of neighbors in the entrance.

By the way, similar laws have been adopted in many European countries, but Buryatia, apparently, is not ready for this. The Republican Parliament discussed all these innovations literally in a nutshell. And even all the Buryat deputies are not enough to take such measures. The People's Khural needs to get approval from the State Duma. As a result, a proposal was sent to Moscow for consideration, according to which the regions could include a cruel, but not always effective "catch and kill" mechanism. All other proposals of the mayor in the People's Khural of Buryatia were left out. Parliamentarians simply increased fines for dog owners for improper walking and allowing an attack on a person, as well as for violating the procedure for registering pets.

Only this year, after the incident with Artem, at least 4 dog attacks became known. During one of them, a home-made Alabai almost killed two schoolchildren, 11 and 12 years old. Perhaps this was the last straw that prompted Khural to raise fines. Information that pet dogs left unattended are attacking passers-by has already appeared on social networks more than once.


Tanya and Artem will remain in Moscow for treatment and rehabilitation at least until the summer. Their relatives were busy collecting funds for their living there together with their mothers. The case of Tsyren, who was "lucky" a little more, will be considered by the court. The family, after a claim of one million, is already demanding ten in court.

The last attack took place on January 26th. In the same area of ​​the "Animal State Farm", dogs attacked a 9-year-old girl, and a new national gathering once again called the authorities to account. At a meeting with the townspeople, Deputy Mayor Sergei Gashev promised to launch a drone with a thermal imager to detect dogs. The drone operator will be accompanied by two capture teams.

The city with a population of 440 thousand people has about 20 thousand stray dogs. Since the end of December, according to official data, 2 dogs have been caught. The number of those killed is unknown. The war continues.

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