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"They do not fit under any program"

A year and a half Pogoreltsy Buryat Severomuysk can not get a new home

Residents of the village of Severomuisk, who lost their homes as a result of the fires 3 and 14 June 2016, still can not get help in the restoration of lost homes. The government of Buryatia refers to the fact that the fire victims do not fit into any federal program, so the republican authorities do not have legal opportunities to help them.

"They do not fit under any program"
In 2016 year in Severomuisk in the beginning and the middle of June there was a fire which has incinerated more than 20 of apartment houses. 3 June the first fire destroyed 17 houses, the second fire occurred 14 June, then burned 6 residential buildings and one abandoned building. Immediately after the emergency, the republican government promised to issue housing certificates to the fire victims, but people did not wait for help.
As the Minister of Construction and Housing and Communal Services of the Republic of Buryatia, Nikolai Ruzavin told EastRussia, he was reprimanded by the head of the Republic of Belarus at the beginning of October because of the neglected housing reimbursement situation. The problem was that at first, because of the loss of burnt housing, the victims (44 families) were excluded from the lists for relocation from the BAM zone. They had to be restored through the courts in the lists.

In 2016, the government of Buryatia appealed to the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation to resolve the issue of providing fire victims with subsidies for lost housing. However, nothing has been achieved by this. In August 2016, the residents of Severomuisk, who suffered from the fire, went on a hunger strike. Acting at that time the head of Buryatia Vyacheslav Nagovitsyn urged them to suffer, explaining that the passage of funds can occur until the autumn of 2017. He himself resigned in February 2017 year.

9 September 2017 year, on the eve of the date of voting in the election of the head of Buryatia, the affected residents of Severomuisk again went on a hunger strike. 10 days they lived in the building of the district administration without food. With the onset of cold weather, the hunger strike was stopped due to a sharp deterioration in the health of the participants in the rally. "We are all retired people, people are elderly," they said.
Outwardly, the republican authorities did not react in any way to this protest action. And, as it turned out, they could not help. Meanwhile, on the instructions of the Chairman of the IC of Russia Alexander Bastrykin, a check was begun on the situation with the burners of Severomuisk. Its course was put in the control of the central apparatus of the department.
20 September, at a meeting with the president of the Russian Federation, 10 September elected the new head of Buryatia, Alexei Tsydenov, appealed to Vladimir Putin with a request to allow the redeployment of 14 million rubles left from assistance to residents of burnt houses in the village of Cheryomushki in April 2017 for residents of Severomuisk. The President gave this permission.
- With these funds, it is planned to assist 8-9 families. We continue to seek other sources of funding to help people, but they are not suitable for any program, ”said Nikolai Ruzavin.
Earlier, Deputy Minister of Construction and Modernization of Housing and Communal Services of Buryatia Sergey Rybalchenko specified who will receive payments.

“About nine families will receive monetary compensation. Someone will receive 1 million, someone will receive a payment for 2 million. Based on the areas that the citizen occupied, how much engineering was equipped. If they fall into these criteria, we determine the priority of citizens. Only owners of privatized apartments will receive the sum. Those who lived in municipal housing are promised to be relocated to a flexible fund, and the government intends to allocate another 2 million rubles for its creation in the very near future, ”said Sergei Rybalchenko in an interview with the Buryat State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company.

The only option for assisting affected North Sumy people is the program for settlers of the BAM zone - the North Sumy people were participants in the state program. In this regard, the government of Buryatia helped the fire victims to recover in the lists for resettlement in court.
But there are nuances here too. The fact is that when moving out of dilapidated and dilapidated housing, the BAM residents have a priority, that is, those people who received housing during the construction of the BAM. According to Nikolai Ruzavin, from 2011 to 2016, 1 families from three Bam districts - Muisky and Severobaikalsky districts, as well as the city of Severobaikalsk were resettled. For these purposes, 143 billion 2 million rubles were spent. Currently, 800 families are on the waiting list for resettlement under the relevant federal program, of which 1 are BAM residents. Only BAM residents can be resettled by 189. The rest of the families are likely to be resettled on a leftover basis. And these families include families of victims of fire.  
"The injured residents of Severomuisk ask why they were not provided with operational assistance, as well as for the Cheremushki fire victims," ​​says Minister Nikolai Ruzavin. - The thing is that the emergency situation in Severomuisk was of a regional nature, and the emergency situation in the fire in Cheremushki is federal. Accordingly, the level of funding is different. And, unfortunately, to people from Severomuisk we have no legal grounds to restore housing.
3 October Nikolai Ruzavin met with the burners of Severomuisk.
- We were waiting for Ruzavin's arrival with great hopes for changes for the better, thought that, at last, we could get accommodation. After all, all this time we actually do not have a roof over our heads. However, he could not name any deadlines, nor give concrete solutions. I said that for a long time I will have to wait for the allocation of these 14 million rubles left after Cheryomushki, that the program will work for 2017-2019 years. Of course, there was a conflict, as people began to complain to him. In the end, with tears in our eyes, we got up and left, - says Tatyana Tsymbal, a resident of Severomuisk.
According to Tatyana, her family is now trying to be evicted from a maneuverable housing, which they settled in after being released by the Bamovs, who received housing under the federal program.
"They threaten to disconnect all communications." And such a hopeless situation for all. We are in despair! Why no one can solve the problem with housing for a year and a half? - continues Tatyana Tsymbal.
At present, we are talking about the need to help 24 families with the restoration of housing. This requires about 37 million rubles, and for the budget subsidized Buryatia is a huge amount. And so far the only thing the government of Buryatia can do is to prepare a so-called maneuverable housing for temporary accommodation of the affected families. Later, the government of Buryatia, according to Nikolai Ruzavin, will continue to seek funds for the affected North Sumy people.
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