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"It will make even a pillar blossom!"

A former schoolteacher grows grapes on permafrost

Evdokia Gavrilieva from the village of Namtsy in Central Yakutia (population 9892 people - East Russia) gardening started 15 years ago, when she was forced to leave the school, where she taught Russian language and literature. Now the pensioner leads popular blogs in social networks and again teaches - to get exotic crops in the zone of risky farming. Such that subscribers repeatedly suspected it of falsification, until they saw everything with their own eyes. As a favorite thing that helped Evdokia Stepanovna to defeat the deadly disease, why do the fellow countrymen call her Sibekki Dunnya and what does it mean - in an interview with East Russia # the unsettled.

Photo: courtesy of Evdokia Gavrilieva
- In Yakutia on the street now-40 °, and you have grapes blooming?

- No, it bloomed in February, now it has given "eggs", an ovary has formed. At first everyone said - this is processing in Photoshop, how can grapes grow in Yakutsk at all ?! I have a vineyard in a small greenhouse of 8 by 5 square meters, plus 5 by 3 square meters of subsidiary farm. It began with the fact that I bought two-year-old seedlings, germinated them, and in 2017, in the fifth year of life, the vine gave its first fruits. 


- Grapes have ripened for three months, one bunch weighed about one and a half kilograms. and somewhere in the end of June, to my surprise, the second fruiting began. Although it was much smaller than the first, but the fact itself! And this year there will be more berries on all signs. The shoots began to awaken in early February, when the window was -NNUMX °. I grow early varieties such as Angelica, Kishmish, Doctor Flames, Arcadia, Transfiguration and so on. In total I have 50 bushes of grapes, but last year only half of them were fruit-bearing. Grapes in Yakutia are grown by another horticulturist from the village of Markha, Nikolai Motovilov. Grapes I hibernate in a greenhouse in a company with cucumbers, in winter it completely discards the leaves and is at rest at a temperature of + 11 °.


- In the greenhouse, I also grow indoor flowers, because there are better conditions - the humidity and temperature correspond. Now from the underground I pulled out apple trees, hydrangeas, viburnum, buddleya, maiden grapes, snowberry and spirea, which I will plant in the yard in spring. One of the young apple trees, which is all three years old, I left to grow on the street. A rare day goes by without guests from different uluses and cities, they travel in whole delegations.


- Are you a professional agronomist?

- No, this is my hobby. I used to work at school and all the time there were flowers in my office! I graduated from the Faculty of History and Philology of Yakutsk State University, taught Russian language and literature for ten years in the village of Namtsy Namsky Ulus. And in 40 years with a little tail I fell ill, diagnosed cancer, and I was forbidden to work. There was a brain tumor, I could not speak, could not move, I was sitting. I was given a disability, first the first group, then the second, and eventually I was disability for life. In 2004, oncology manifested itself again. Now I'm 63, but no one gives so much.

When I more or less recovered from illness in 2004-th year, seems to be oklemalas, I had a question: what to do? I have children, three daughters, the eldest at that time was studying in St. Petersburg, the middle was finishing 10 class, and the youngest was in 7, and they had to dress, learn. I fell ill at the most inopportune moment! Then I decided to sell flowers on 8 March. We ordered a party in St. Petersburg, and received roses, tulips, chrysanthemums. But we did not know how to take care of them, and went to ask for advice on the flower market. We were given a turn from the gate, because we are competitors. We just put the flowers in the water, and the next day they all drooped. To sell it was possible only the third part and that with a sin in half. Losses were. But I did not stop, I ordered more, and more, and more! I learned from my mistakes. Since then, more than 15 years have passed, the shop is working successfully. I gave the case to my youngest daughter, I sit on a well-deserved rest, and she is engaged in flowers. But out of habit everyone calls me.

- Why do not you want to plant a plantation for flowers for sale?

"We need land, workers." To grow their tulips, a large-large area is needed to provide the entire population, even our Namsky ulus. And people take a lot of flowers. When they opened the store, they bought badly, and now they take it for any reason: on their birthday, in the maternity home, at a housewarming party, awards, jubilees. Here, have accustomed.

- You are called Sibekki Dunnya (flower Evdokia) for the love of flowers, especially roses. Has your "pink network" embraced the whole of Yakutia?

- Roses are my favorite flowers. I grow them in the garden and I want people to have roses too! I have a page in Instagram, 15 groups in watsap, 200-250 people in each, I tell them, give advice on how to grow roses, grapes, strawberries, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc. I order garden roses and germinate them and sell cuttings already with roots and buds. They call me from different regions of Yakutia, which, as you know, is rather big, they order. I deliver the seedlings to Yakutsk, and from there people pick them up through their friends. 


- There are varieties, for example, of Canadian roses, which we quietly winter in Yakutia, but I do not like them, because they wake up together with nature only in early June, and my tea-hybrid winter in the underground and wake up in March, and in June, already blooming and fragrant, I plant them on the street. I like the varieties Mackentosh, Orient Express, Bercilia, Eldorado, Chicago, Honore de Balzac.


- Do you sell harvest?

- I do not sell, because of 11 bushes you sell a lot? Everything goes to grandchildren. They say: grandmother, it turns out that they are bringing into the store quite unripe grapes! Our much tastier. People come and try it on purpose. This year I want to grow a pear, a plum, a cherry and a peach in the greenhouse, I will try to get the cuttings. I do not know how they grow, but it's my dream.

- All gardeners have their secrets, chips, for example, talk to plants ...

- I also do this, someone, for example, the flowers have turned yellow, I curse them a little! Some people have good fruit, I praise them. I constantly speak, both in Russian and in Yakut.

I always think about myself: I will achieve this! I will grow grapes. Said - raised. And this applies to everything.  

My life credo: "Everything that is done, for the better." This is a worn phrase, but I believe that everything that can lead to the best in our understanding, depends not on chance, but on our efforts and skills. A person can achieve everything he wants, himself - thanks to the strength of his desire, perseverance, patience, diligence and faith. The main thing is not to drop and drop your hands before the difficulties.


- When I started planting roses, no one believed that they grow in my garden either, they came to make sure. And the problem was that you couldn't look at anyone, you couldn't gain experience, there was no such person nearby. Now in google you can find the answer to any question, but at that time I did not know the Internet, and I had to comprehend everything by trial and error. Now I have learned, and now I appear in a program on Yakut TV, and last year I published the book "Sibekki Sipsiere", translated into Russian - "Whisper of Flowers", circulation of 3000 copies. It is about floriculture and more.

- Were you thinking about moving to a region with a more affable climate than in the Sakha?

- Oh, that you, I love Yakutia! For the cold winter, for our -60 °, for the hot summer, for the flowers. As for the heat, by the way: people from Armenia come to us, and they say: your heat is unbearable! We have, they say, the heat with humidity, the sea nearby, back and forth. And you have a dry climate, and 30-38 degrees are difficult to transfer. 

In general, in another city, in another region, I can not imagine myself! I will not leave my native places for anything, here I have alas, a small homeland. This is, first of all, the people next to whom the childhood and youth passed ... this is our summer saylyk in the village of Moruk, it is the smell of freshly cut grass and the chirping of grasshoppers. It is the taste of warm milk and a cozy silence enveloping the native village. It's a melodic guitar playing and the crackling of wood in the fire. It is the memory and emotions that make you smile and respond with sincere warmth in your heart. I can stay out of the country for a maximum of 10 days, and already pulls me back to Namtsy! 


After the interview, we asked friends and subscribers of Evdokia from the watsapp republics to write a small tip about it. In private messages, let these words be a small gift for our heroine to 8 March

- I know Evdokia Stepanov only virtually. Very admired her diligence, dedication, desire to help everyone who applied for help. And in our chats there are even residents of the Arctic latitudes. For three years of communication, I learned a lot, starting with the cultivation of Californian worms before harvesting. A person explains this so intelligibly that even a newcomer can grow everything he likes. In the first year I was generally amazed. Since March, she has already heated the greenhouse, and every morning before leaving for work she took out all her seedlings from home to the greenhouse. And she carried everything back in the evening, because in March we still have winter. And we, people much younger and healthier than her, did not even dare to think about this. 

All her seedlings were wrapped up, it’s almost like carrying a newborn baby for a walk in winter. And then unpack everything in the greenhouse, put it in the light, under the spring rays of the sun. Then go to the store to work, wrap up your favorite roses in the evening, bring them home .... And so every day, in order to see how the rose blooms. In early summer, she started selling seedlings ready to bloom. Later, Evdokia's family built a winter greenhouse, and they overwintered strawberries, Italian. The crop was harvested several times. She infected us all with strawberries! Then - grapes, and all the groups got sick with grapes. And what flowers she has, just a sight for sore eyes! 
(Nonna Budikina, village Ytyk Kuel, Yakutia)

- This winter in January, during the coldest days at the Gavrilievs, the heating pipes for the greenhouse were frozen. I was shivering with ice. Knowing your girlfriend, imagine what a shock she got at the sight of her plants! After all, she communicates with them as with living beings. They are for her who is a friend, who is a child, but ... do not be upset - this is Dunyasha. Everything will do to save them. And now, after her hands, the plants gave fresh sprouts again, turned green. We laugh: you and the pillar will make you blossom! So the grapes are still without leaves, but the beads are already filled with beads! Somewhere in a temperate climate they can say: the news is great. And we have in February at night 50 °, in the afternoon 40 ° and, imagine, grapes! 

Dunyasha has a strong character. This winter episode with plants is exactly like a period of her life, when her illness has knocked her down, but she has climbed out. We are sure, and now she will create an oasis in her greenhouse. In a difficult moment she has unshakable support - her husband Anatoly Nikolaevich, a fine man, golden hands. They hand in hand through life through adversity, failures in the emergence of a new business in our region, the terrible years of his wife's illness ... But a close-knit family, good children and a positive family atmosphere win misfortune.  

The symbol of her life is the Phoenix bird. And he loves flowers because they bloom again every spring. This is her philosophy of life: not to be afraid of anything and strive to live again! She also pulled us to her occupation. Provides seeds, gives flowers in pots, sends seedlings and shoots from plants. Where can you go, you have already become infected, carried away and now we are doing it with passion. Dunyasha and a cool blogger, goes on the local air on his topic. We are proud of our Evdokia! 
(Galina Skryabina, pp. Suola and Dariya Everstova, pp. Tabaga, Yakutia)
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