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Oleg Kozhemyako: “We need to go straight through the implementation of national projects: build, give results”

Governor of Primorsky Krai about investments, new team, health, crab auctions and the completion of Hyatt hotels

Oleg Kozhemyako: “We need to go straight through the implementation of national projects: build, give results”
- At the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi, projects of Primorye opened and closed a pitch-session from 10 of the best investment projects of the country. Did you manage to find investors?
- The first project that we presented at the forum - development  ski resort "White Mountain"in Arsenyev. The project initiator wants to modernize the already working platform for winter sports on Obzorna Mountain: to build seven new ski slopes, to reconstruct the sports and recreation base at the foot of the mountain, where you can do skiing and biathlon. In essence, this is the creation of the first affordable high-level winter resort in the mainland of the Far East. The second project is the construction of a plant for the production of at least 250 annually, thousand cubic meters of ceramic foam plates. This is a modern building material with unique properties, and the project is interesting both for our construction industry and in terms of export prospects.

- It turns out, and foreign investors may appear?
- We presented both projects to Russian investors. But the ceramic foam factory, for example, already has a preliminary agreement with partners from China - we are working on the signing of an interbank agreement between Bank Harbin and one of the Russian banks on co-financing the project.

- Arsenyev is three hours drive from Vladivostok. Is the region looking for big investments for small cities?
- At the forum we presented projects from all over the region and of very different scale: this is the “Eastern Shipyard”, and the construction of housing in the microdistrict “Raduzhny” in the Ussuriysk region, and the development  landscape historical park "Emerald Valley"ibid. We see that there is interest. And we have a lot of such real projects that are already working, they give prospects for investors, and benefit the region.

Returning to Arsenyev, we agreed with Promsvyazbank to implement a program for the integrated development of this territory. Our partners will prepare a master plan, where there will be proposals in the most diverse areas - both to create a comfortable environment, and to develop tourism, and to credit existing enterprises, subsidizing part of the interest rate for modernizing production. Of course, there will be proposals for the reconstruction of the road to the Arsenyevsky urban district. Such a comprehensive plan, if we implement it with the help of Promsvyazbank, will give economic growth, and, most importantly, create more favorable conditions for people’s lives. Today, there is an outflow of population, and in general, we need to heal the situation in such monotowns.

- You came to the forum from Kazan, where you participated in the Presidium of the State Council on housing. Any suggestions that are significant for Primorye, there sounded?
- Firstly, the talk was about shortening the time periods for the allocation of land plots, the possibility of granting land plots for investment projects. Secondly, these are the problems that we have been working on over the past few months - the protection of defrauded real estate investors. For Primorye, the problem is very acute: we have 4 thousands of defrauded real estate investors.

- Where to get funding?
- At the Presidium of the State Council, it was decided to fund, including state structures and even partially private companies, for the completion of problem objects. We have previously put forward a proposal that when resetting from unsuitable housing to large families, “squares” would not stand out at the rate of one meter per meter, but at the social norm, and the president also supported this. Such a law has been passed, and now it will also be financed from the federal budget. In general, a number of decisions have been made that expand the possibilities of construction. A foundation will also be created in Primorye, which will defend the rights of defrauded real estate investors and finance the completion of the construction of residential buildings abandoned by unscrupulous developers - the relevant regional law has been adopted.

You asked about the money, and they are always lacking. But there is another side to the issue - the quality of management. We are today in a situation where many funds are not used. All projects that are associated with the implementation of construction projects in preschool educational institutions, at home, we are behind schedule.

- Is this a problem for contractors or government?
- All together closes. But this does not make anyone better. Today, in the Khasansky district, two settlements have not fulfilled the resettlement program from the dilapidated housing 2017 of the year, and we are already marching to a new one. In Primorye, the problem of management is one of the most important. So it’s not money that they give us a little, they give as much as we can master, but we still cannot do much.

- Now you just have the opportunity to form a new team. But where will the frames come from?
- The team will be formed within a year. We will invite from outside the region, look for where there are positive local guys. But there are problems. We have, for example, a very weak veterinary medicine, just disgusting, I would say. The level of management of the veterinary service is no good for the region, which threatened any export projects there. Therefore, we still have a lot to do, to complete and decide.

I think 2019 year is an adjusting year. The task for this year is to form management structures, lay the foundations, conduct all competitive procedures correctly, measure forces, select contractors and take a step. In 2020, you need to go straight through the implementation of national projects: build, donate, give results.

- Now we are collecting proposals from the public to form a national program for the development of the Far East before 2025. What are people asking for?
- Roads, roads, roads.

- Can the region count on additional federal funds in this area?
- Yes.

- In the State Council, you also lead a working group on sports and tourism. Any suggestions already being formed?
- We are now preparing for a working group. Practices are. For example, the issue of equipping sports infrastructure in new neighborhoods. It should enter at the level of the obligatory norm in the Urban Planning Complex. Because sport is primarily health. I think, probably, it is necessary to foresee some tax preferences for those organizations that invest in sports, within the framework of the possibilities of the budgets of the subjects, especially subsidized ones. I mean not sports clubs, but mass sports, social fitness classes, classes in adapted conditions on the streets, in parks, support of such activists.

- In Primorye, what about it?
- We need to raise mass sports, create conditions for sports tourism. Russky Island could be a Mecca for sports tourism in all Asian countries. There you can build roller skis, cycling, treadmills, bike rental points, uniforms, small relaxation areas, and training athletes. Then we will be able to hold international marathons, bike tours, competitions, triathlon, to involve in the sport both the residents of Primorye and our guests.

- How do you plan to stimulate mass tourism in the region?
- There is a problem with the development of tourism infrastructure for mass tourism. Today, municipalities are looking for how to replenish budgets in any way. As a result - they raise the land rent at times. And this puts the beach improvement business beyond the limits of self-sufficiency. We also need to ensure that all of our coves, beaches are attractive for investors and tourists. But due to the increase in rental rates, the region is acquiring poor-quality tourism, non-stationary objects and work without guarantees.

Therefore, in the near future we will decide on the investment council to subsidize land rent losses from the regional budget to municipalities after introducing an understandable one-rate payment. But we will also ask from business: we are obliged to show investments in infrastructure in the amount of the reduction in rental payments, and if this does not happen, we will terminate the lease agreements. We need to give people about five years to invest in the infrastructure of a beach holiday, well, and help, somewhere with networks, somewhere with the road. This does not mean that we are now chasing the trail to every beach. But places of mass beach rest need to be equipped.

- Sport, tourism, - this is great, especially since you, by personal example, show that you are for the development of sport. What industries are still in priority?
- There is a fairly diversified economy in Primorye, and there are many promising industries. Shipbuilding is gaining momentum, and it is necessary to connect ship repair. Building. Fish industry.

- By the way, how do you feel about the idea of ​​crab auctions?
- As for the Krabolovs, I can directly say: the region doesn’t receive almost a penny of taxes from this activity. Auctions are good. The state will receive the money, we will get a transparent owner, that's all. And what will change? The crab is the same, people will move to another company or remain ...

- And this company, if it made investments, took loans?
- What investments did she make, where? Abroad? Someone someone built a new ship in the Russian shipyards? No, nobody built. Therefore, to whom and where they invested, is their problem.

- This year, Primorye hosts the Eastern Economic Forum for the fifth time. Will it be any different from the previous ones in honor of the anniversary?
- The task is to make the forum more interesting. Federal authorities, for example, will be presented brighter, I think, a new format will be added. Otherwise, everything will remain traditional. Even the liner, which will accommodate part of the guests of the VEF, is also planned.

- Are there any plans to finish the hotels that were supposed to enter the Hyatt network?
- Interesting story. But I think this year it will finally be resolved. We have already formed the conditions for the sale of unfinished objects, and, you know, held the first auction, we were obliged to hold it at the price that the state invested, it is about 16 billion rubles. It is clear that no one at the price of the hotel will not buy. Now the price will decline, and the main thing is to find an investor who will complete the facilities and launch them into circulation, and we will no longer bear the loss of the budget on the maintenance of unfinished projects.

- Wishing to have?
- Auction will show.
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