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Oksana Gerasimova: "Business is already ready for long-term investments"

What are the priorities for Kamchatka to the fourth WEF

Oksana Gerasimova:
- At the fourth Eastern Economic Forum, the main exposition of the region will be called "Kamchatka Krai - 2030". Why did you decide to look that far?
- To succeed, we decided to focus on projects - "locomotives", which we will represent at the WEF. Many of them have a long-term character. For example, one of the most promising areas, according to our assessment, given the attention of the Government of the Russian Federation to the development of the Northern Sea Route, is logistics. Here in Kamchatka there is more than one project. Firstly, agreements were reached with Novatek PJSC on the construction of the largest in the Far East terminal for transshipment of liquefied natural gas in the Bay of Bichevinskaya. 10 August, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev held a meeting in Kamchatka on this project. The amounts of private and budgetary investments have been determined, almost 70 and 38 billion rubles. accordingly, agreed on amending the existing legislation, which will allow the project to take advantage of the preferential treatment regime of the territories of advanced development (TOP). The investor confirms that he will soon be ready to start work on the project. 
- Is this the largest investment in Kamchatka associated with the development of the Northern Sea Route? 
- Large, but not the only ones, that's what is important. The implementation of the project of the Norebo group on the creation of a port-hub in the Seroglazka Bay in the port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky continues. The terminal already serves fishing vessels, providing transshipment of fish products into containers with shipment to nearby ports in Asia - previously there was no such opportunity in Kamchatka. In the future, the terminal will be engaged in complex services for ships. At the forum, this project will be considered in terms of the prospects for the development of the Northern Sea Route. Today the volume of investments in the project has already increased 3,5 times.
- These are all global projects, with large volumes of required investments and long terms of implementation. And in general, the scope of logistics becomes more attractive for investors?
- This year, our Kamchatka businessmen made a decision to fill up new land plots for the creation of berthing facilities. This was not the case before - these were mostly federal projects. But the fishery companies have come to understand that new port facilities are needed, and now, by leasing land plots, they are ready to expand them themselves. In addition to the Seroglazka terminal, there are several other enterprises engaged in fishing. These are significant funds, which means that the business is ready to invest "in the long term." Everyone understands that the Northern Sea Route will inevitably develop. There is a need for the delivery of goods through Kamchatka, the number of ship calls is growing. Finally, there is a redistribution of catch limits through the mechanism of the so-called "keel quotas", and our entrepreneurs are beginning to build new production facilities.
- Fish production and fish processing remain priorities?
- This is the traditional direction of development of the Kamchatka economy - the modernization of the fishing industry. Now we have announced 16 new large complexes, the total investment in the renovation of fish processing is about 17 billion rubles. At the same time, we are talking not only about investments in onshore facilities under investment quotas. It is very important that over the past two years, local businesses have begun to invest in the construction of new ships. The Lenin Fishing Collective Farm ordered the first three seiner trawlers in Kaliningrad and set an example of the need to renew the fleet. Now other fishermen have begun negotiations and are determining where and on what conditions it will be more profitable to build new vessels. We will present a landmark story for the Far East with the order of ships by the Lenin collective farm at the EEF as part of the discussion of high-tech projects. 
- You said that the growing interest of shipping companies to Kamchatka is obvious. Is there somehow reviving the ship repair problem?
"The industry is in an extremely difficult state, and we can not do without federal support. Those vessels that will pass through Kamchatka, naturally, will need current maintenance and urgent repairs. The site where Petropavlovsk Shipyard used to operate is suitable for the development of this service. We are ready for an entrepreneur who will be ready to develop ship repair and create a kind of "ship repair center" oriented to Russian and foreign vessels, to provide the widest set of preferences and open, as they say, a "green corridor".
- Do you have any candidates?
- We bought a platform. While the business plan for the development of the facility is being formed, the direction of development of ship repair should necessarily enter it. 
- What with the project of modernization of the "air gates" of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, CC "Airports of the regions" began active work on the new terminal? 
- The preparation of design estimates for the necessary engineering and transport infrastructure, which will be built with the attraction of funds not only from the investor, but also from the budgets of two levels. The project should be completed by 2021. In parallel with this, Vityaz-Aero is developing local airlines. A new airport is being built in Nikolaevka, the investing company has received the status of a resident of the TOP. This direction is also very important for the region, because only in this way the tourism potential of the region can be more fully revealed - through the functioning of routes deep into the peninsula. The company is expanding its helicopter fleet, annually replenishing it with new aircraft. The growth of tourist traffic to Kamchatka is obvious, and the needs of guests of the region for affordable and comfortable transportation outside Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky should be closed. 
- Since we switched to tourism, what are the priorities for Kamchatka in this industry?
- It is important that regional entrepreneurs began to invest in the development of tourism. By the end of 2020, as we expect, will be put into operation hotel and entertainment complex LLC "New House" - a resident company of the free port regime. After this, we hope to receive a numbered fund sufficient to accommodate in the capital of the region not only tourists, but also guests of congress and exhibition events that can be held there. And we will not puzzle over where to place participants of major business events in the midst of the tourist season, as it has to do now. 
- "New Home", of course, went to a chic venue in the heart of the city. Where else can you "land" investors in tourism in Kamchatka? 
- At the WEF we will present two sites where investors would like to be attracted. The first one is a tourist-recreational cluster "Paratunka". There the construction of infrastructure began. Plots in the area of ​​Paratunka, nearest to the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky spring of thermal water, we are ready to provide. You can build high-level hotels there for two to three years. The second site - "Zelenovskie lakes", where the similar infrastructure and thermal water of even more unique composition. There about 200 hectares of territory are divided into plots, ready to receive investors, and not only in tourism. One of the potential investors is the company Tekleor with an interesting service project - disinfecting food irradiation, which allows you to increase the shelf life of food in two to four times. They are interested in implementing this project in Kamchatka, because it is interesting to sell fish, meat and vegetables to neighboring regions of the Far East - in the Magadan Region, Chukotka, as well as in markets such as China. The company is ready to submit an application to the TOP. 
- The skiing direction is now becoming more fashionable in the Far East. Is Kamchatka moving along this path?
- Back in 2011, we developed a master plan for the development of ski resorts on the peninsula. This year, an entrepreneur who is a resident of the TOP, which is building a children's camp "Volna" in the Paratunka zone, said that he is ready to participate in the ski project provided that there is a co-investor. He now calculates a business plan for the mountains Frosty and Saddle. There are several more "point" projects in the sphere of tourism development, for example, TRC "Petropavlovskaya harbor" - a project aimed at the development of the yacht port in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, promoted by the "Development Corporation of Kamchatka Krai". All the places under the yachts in the city are dismantled, and for sailing to develop further, new structures are needed. We consider this project very promising. At the ICRC come investors who are ready to implement projects on the site. 
- What happens in other industries, adjacent to the development of tourism?
- I can cite as an example the solution of the problem of providing the region with food. For a long time, there were certain problems with this. Now in the agro-industrial sector, eight large projects are being implemented for more than 10 billion rubles. Thanks to the support that the government of the Kamchatka Territory has been providing to the livestock and poultry industries in recent years, the region's needs for pork and poultry meat will be completely covered - both fresh and chilled meat are always on the shelves. There are two workover projects that are gaining momentum. Provision of greenhouses with its own vegetables has always been a problem for Kamchatka. At this EEF, we sign an agreement with an investor representing the Renova group - the Kamchatsky greenhouse complex. The company is ready to begin construction of a year-round greenhouse complex at the Zelenovskie Ozerki site; the region will undertake the obligation to provide gas and preferential electricity tariffs. Taking into account this project, Kamchatka's demand for vegetables will be covered by 100%.
- Become monopolists, not dangerous?
- We understand that the company has big plans for Kamchatka. This is the construction of the terminal building of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, and naturally, the initiators of the project want to provide tourists with quality food products. Another project of the group is the reconstruction of the recreation center with the thermal springs "Blue Lagoon". This is the way that we can only welcome - all the projects "Renova" "loop": the airport, tourist site, food production.
- The mining industry after the arrival of Tata Power last year on the Krutogorovsky coal deposit acquires a "second wind", or is this the only new significant project? 
- The infrastructure required for the implementation of the project at the Krutogorovskoye field is quite expensive. At the same time, several more promising resource projects appeared in the same area. When the entrepreneurs realized that Tata Power was entering the facility, they proposed to create an infrastructure “for everyone”. In this case, we will get an impetus to the Baranyevskoe gold deposit and the construction of a factory at the Shanuch copper-nickel deposit. At the last meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev, this issue was raised, there are no fundamental objections at the federal level. In total, there are already five large projects in the development of Kamchatka's mineral reserves with declared investments of more than 80 billion rubles. The project of the SIGMA company will be presented at the EEF.
- You listed the projects of large companies. Kamchatka small and medium-sized business somehow increases its contribution to the economy of the region?
- According to the provisions of the "new May decree" of the president No. 204, the agency's powers include two national projects - "small business" and "export and cooperation". In the area of ​​small business development, it is necessary to continue to create a support infrastructure. An entrepreneurship support center, a guarantee fund, and a microloan fund for business are already operating in the region. This year, we also created a cluster development center that deals with three sectors - fish, tourism, agriculture. An export center has been created, which works with tourism companies and projects for the export of drinking water, and a center for innovative social entrepreneurship - this area has greatly accelerated its development in Kamchatka in recent years. All previously existing measures to support business have been fully preserved, among them there are unique for Russia - subsidies for tourism, social entrepreneurship or environmental activities. New ones have also been added, for example, grants for recipients of the "Far Eastern hectare". We understand that we need to work with the self-employed, and we set ourselves the task of creating another 12 thousand jobs, including by "getting out of the shadow" of the self-employed. 
- With the development of exports, the task is more difficult, because Kamchatka exports mainly one type of product - bioresources?
- The situation is gradually changing. In July of this year, the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Sea Trade Port began exporting drinking water together with the Chinese company COFCO Coca-Cola, this project will also be presented at the WEF. Now we are exploring several more new directions: wild plants, zeolites and export of services. The latter is not typical for Kamchatka, but we understand that with the development of the Northern Sea Route, it will be necessary to master a whole range of services, for example, to dispose of household waste from passing ships. So far, we are only testing the ground, we are working on this project, since preserving our nature is the most important task. In addition, by developing ship repair, the region is also to some extent oriented towards the export of this service in the future.
- What is the basic request of the businessman-investor to the regional authorities? 
- Probably, first of all the land plot, ideally - provided with infrastructure, "clean" from a legal point of view, without encumbrances and problems. And, of course, stable "rules of the game."
- Are the modes of TOP and free port still the most profitable for investors?
- Of course, yes. At the same time, within the framework of a large-scale investment project, for example, it is easier to get land - within two months, but there the criteria for obtaining benefits are more serious - from 20 million rubles. investment. Let me remind you that you can enter the TOP with a project from 500 thousand rubles. to a free port - from 5 million rubles. Be that as it may, preferential regimes are attractive for businesses, including small businesses. Residents with declared investments of 28 billion rubles have already entered the Kamchatka ASEZ, residents with investments of over 7,2 billion rubles have already entered the free port.
- Do not ask for help getting cheap loan financing?
- At the federal level, the SME Corporation is currently implementing several concessional programs to provide funds for investment projects specifically for the Far East - joint with banks and the Far East Development Fund. Stably working local companies, for example, fish, are fully capable of receiving funds at 5% per annum. Those who do not have a lien are eligible for loans under 10,5%, and there is collateral support from the "SME Corporation" and our guarantee fund. Now with funding is not as it was three years ago, rates for 20-25% are no longer there. 
- Infrastructure in the form of industrial parks business of the peninsula is needed?
- We actively cooperate with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, including on the creation of industrial parks. One application is under consideration of the department - this is a industrial park "Dalniy", where on the site 170 ha are ready to accommodate small production. The energy infrastructure of the park will be built at the expense of the federal budget, intrasite networks - at the expense of the regional budget. This year we also plan to apply for the industrial park "Nagorny" at 19-km, there are ready to accommodate food industry enterprises. The private management company, CJSC Agrotek, the investor is ready to put things in order on the site, which is now used irrationally. In addition, we raise the issue that at the federal level there are no measures to support ship repair, while shipbuilding is supported. We have sent proposals on the development of a separate set of measures that stimulate ship repair.
- The last trend is the construction of social infrastructure. What objects declared for the financing of Kamchatka and why?
- The decision to provide the subjects of the Far Eastern Federal District of the so-called "single subsidy" for social facilities in the centers of socio-economic growth was made at the end of last year. Our selection criteria were simple - design and estimate documentation was developed and funding from the regional budget began. We announced, firstly, the most important project for the region to build a regional hospital. The total cost of the project is 13 billion rubles, about 4 billion rubles will be allocated from the federal budget. We will start implementing the project through a concession agreement. The financial model is ready, the draft agreement is being finalized. According to the plans, a tender for the selection of the concessionaire will be announced by October 10, so that the agreement will be concluded by March 31 of next year. For us, this is the only option to build a hospital as a single complex, and not in parts. The declared objects also included the Spartak stadium in the center of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and equipment of the material and technical base of vocational schools.
- A universal, although sometimes controversial, indicator of the investment climate is the region's position in the national classification of investment climate. Kamchatka climbed to 36 positions - from 58 place to 32. Due to what, and then what?
- Pros for us are indicators by section, for example, "Construction", "Regional Investment Legislation". "Bottlenecks", which are yet to be "expanded" - "Telecommunications", that is, the cost of Internet and mobile communication services, "Cadastral works" - here we probably have the worst indicator in the country, and we work with federal structures to improve the situation. In general, the investment support system is built at a high level: there are all mechanisms for project support and development institutions. 
What are your plans for the next year?
- Vladimir Ivanovich (Ilyukhin, Governor of the Kamchatka Territory. EastRussia) set the task - plus seven positions. Of the problems that will not be easy to solve - the construction of a business incubator, the availability of jobs in which - the criterion for classifying the region as group B - should be at least 200. Today we are considering different options. 
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