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A huge shipyard is a huge ship

In 2019, the Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex will launch the first ice-class supply vessel

A huge shipyard is a huge ship
Photo: DSSS

Already today SSK "Zvezda", located in the town of Bolshoy Kamen, Primorsky Territory, is visible from afar - both from the sea and at the entrance to the city: the yellow silhouette of the largest crane in the country "Goliath" crashes into the sky. Its height is 136 meters, and its span is 230 meters. For comparison: Big Ben is 96 meters high, and Wembley Stadium is 105 meters wide.

An impressive size and completely new floating dock moored in the sea. Its carrying capacity is 40 thousand tons, and its dimensions will allow launching large-sized vessels up to 300 meters long and more than 50 meters wide.

Work is in full swing on the construction of a unique hydraulic structure - a dry dock - and full-cycle production workshops. The dimensions of the dry dock are 485x114x14,5 meters. It can accommodate two pyramids of Cheops. The capacities will allow building drilling platforms, supertankers, gas carriers, supply vessels and other types of marine equipment, primarily large-capacity vessels and equipment capable of operating in the Arctic. Previously, such equipment was not produced in Russia.

The production of sophisticated offshore drilling rigs and icebreakers will require a process chain that involves a variety of industries. The creation of the SSC "Zvezda" will bring a multiplier effect for the Russian industry, will allow modernization of equipment at many enterprises in the Far East and other regions of the country.


The first order - a multifunctional ice-class supply vessel - will be launched in 2019. 

Now a supply corps is being formed on the Zvezda heavy outfitting slipway: its length will be 106 m, width - 22 m, and height - 11 m. The ship can accommodate a crew of 49 people.

In total, SSK Zvezda will build four ice-class supply vessels. A new vessel from this line will be launched every year. 

“Supply vessels are designed for a wide geography of navigation, they will be able to deliver cargo to offshore drilling platforms, pass through ice, tow ships and offshore facilities, and also participate in rescue operations,” added Tseluiko.

Such vessels will be needed for works on the shelf areas of the oil company "Rosneft", which placed an order for them in SSK "Zvezda", acting as an anchor customer. As a reminder, Rosneft has signed an exclusive agreement with the shipyard to place all of its orders for the construction of new marine equipment and vessels. Rosneft is a leading member of the consortium that is implementing the construction project for the Zvezda SSK.

In the portfolio of SSK Zvezda today there are 26 orders from Rosneft: in addition to the four vessels mentioned above, ten Aframax class tankers will be built at the shipyard at different times (the construction of sections of the first of them is already underway). The vessels will be created in cooperation with the South Korean partner of SSK Zvezda, Hyundai Heavy Industries, and will begin commissioning starting in 2021. In addition, the shipyard will build ten Arctic shuttle tankers with a deadweight of 42 thousand tons, as well as one Arctic shuttle tanker with a deadweight of 69 thousand tons.

Unique launching and hydraulic structures enable SSK "Zvezda" to apply the method of large-block shipbuilding and produce a fundamentally new line of ships. Large-section assembly technology makes it possible to simultaneously build at a shipyard and launch several ships and marine equipment weighing up to 40 thousand tons. In fact, a new branch of Russian industry is being created - heavy shipbuilding. 

- The unique equipment installed at Zvezda will allow us to create a competitive modern shipyard, which will eventually be able to meet the demand that exists on the Russian market for sea transportation and drilling equipment required for offshore operations. A powerful shipbuilding cluster is being formed in a strategically important region close to the APR markets. And this, I think, will become a turning point in the history of civil shipbuilding in the Russian Federation, ”said Andrey Shishkin, Vice President of Rosneft.


The main work on the construction of ships is now going on in the block of hull production, painting booths commissioned in 2016, as well as on the open heavy outfitting slipway of SSK "Zvezda", the construction of which was completed in 2017. 

- The slipway is a complex engineering structure with a total area of ​​12 hectares, on which there are four portal cranes with a lifting capacity of 100 tons, two gantry cranes with a lifting capacity of 320 tons, as well as a Goliath-type crane with a lifting capacity of 1200 tons, which has no analogues in any Russian shipyard. - told in the press service of SSK "Zvezda". 

"Goliath" is equipped with an automated intelligent control system ASCS, which fully oversees the operation of the crane, taking into account the influence of external factors and allows you to transfer control of the giant to one operator. 

- The lifting equipment has been operating since 2017, it allows you to simultaneously build several vessels from large blocks, including ships and offshore facilities up to 300 meters long and up to 75 meters wide, - added the press service. “At the same time, at the existing Russian shipyards, the maximum lifting capacity of cranes does not exceed 500 tons.

After the completion of construction in the workshops and on the heavy slipway of the shipyard, ships and marine equipment are supposed to be launched using another key element of the shipyard - a transport-transfer floating dock, or TPD, with a carrying capacity of 40 thousand tons. It was delivered to the shipyard quite recently - on July 24, 2018. 

“With the help of this equipment, we will be able to safely launch huge vessels from the slipway without harm to technicians and specialists,” Tseluiko said. - The maximum deadweight of the vessels will reach 350 thousand tons. In addition to them, the floating dock will help launch and other marine equipment - drilling platforms and their elements, as well as raise repaired objects from the water for transfer to the berth, tow ships or elements of drilling platforms.

At the same time, a large number of workers are not required for control - the submersion and ascent of the dock is controlled by one operator, 35 people are engaged in the maintenance of the floating dock. The process is automated as much as possible.

- All construction and shipbuilding processes at the facilities of SSK "Zvezda" are carried out using the latest equipment and modern technologies, - said the press service. - A high-tech infrastructure is being created at the shipyard to automate production processes and management and create comfortable working conditions. At the moment, at the open outfitting berth of the shipyard, work is underway to erect and install mobile shelters, which will ensure a continuous process of assembling ship blocks in adverse weather conditions.


Construction of another automated shipyard facility - the first gas boiler house with a capacity of up to 150 Gcal / hour - was completed at the Zvezda shipyard at the end of August this year. 

- The new boiler house is intended for uninterrupted heat supply of two enterprises - the Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex and the Zvezda Far East Plant, - said the press service of the Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex. - The first firing up of a hot water boiler was successfully completed, commissioning and testing of the main and auxiliary equipment began. 

The construction of the boiler house was carried out in two stages: the first was completed before the start of the heating season in autumn 2017, which made it possible to provide heat and hot water supply to the block of hull production and painting chambers of the Zvezda SSK. The commissioning of the boiler house is scheduled for autumn 2018. Gas will make the work of the enterprise as environmentally friendly and safe as possible. 

Shipbuilders: training and working conditions

SSK "Zvezda" is perhaps one of the few enterprises in Primorsky Krai where workers can earn good money under favorable working conditions. The salary at Zvezda is above the regional average. At the same time, the shipyard is ready to train personnel at its own expense.

- To get a job at the SSK "Zvezda", the applicant needs to fill out a questionnaire and confirm their rank with us, - added the press service. - Unfortunately, one of the most common problems is the discrepancy between real professionalism and the declared one, but we, together with the Bolshekamensk Far Eastern Shipbuilding College, have a training program in the process of which you can improve your qualifications and, accordingly, the rank and salary. Already more than 50 people have undergone retraining here and are employed, at the end of August another group of 26 people was sent for retraining under the program "Assembler of the hulls of metal ships", and in total in 2018 it is planned to train 200 people. In the future, the "Zvezda" Professional Training Center will train qualified personnel for the enterprise (300-400 people per year) who will be able to work on the high-tech equipment of the shipyard. 

Now the shipbuilding complex employs 1500 employees, 89% of whom are residents of the Far East, and 45% of the latter are residents of Bolshoy Kamen. By 2024, the shipyard will need over 7500 employees. Personnel is supposed to be attracted from different parts of the country, but preference will continue to be given to the Far East.

- For the shipyard to work successfully, employees need to be provided with high-quality housing with modern social infrastructure, - said Sergei Tseluiko. - We are acting in this direction: in the fifth microdistrict of Bolshoy Kamen, two houses with 68 apartments have already been commissioned and populated, active construction continues in the sixth microdistrict of the city. In total, by 2023, it is planned to build about 5 thousand apartments at the expense of the Zvezda SSC, which will fully satisfy the demand of visiting workers for housing.


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