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Has settled - has split

For what the inhabitants of Yakutia took offense at President Vladimir Putin

The reservation by President Vladimir Putin, who during the live broadcast called the Head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) "Governor Yegorov", caused a split in the Yakutian blogosphere and became a catalyst for political processes. Which is what EastRussia was dealing with.

Has settled - has split
Ashot Shaghenyan from Nizhny Bestyak (Yakutia) asked his question to President Vladimir Putin three and a half hours after the start of the broadcast of the "Nedetsky talk" - the transfer of a new format, during which first federal officials communicated with the guys at the educational center "Sirius" in Sochi Then the head of state. The question happened to the final. The situation was already a bit nervous. Shortly before this, leading in the studio and Vladimir Putin himself began to hurry the broadcast participants. Mr. Putin said that he met with the Azerbaijani President in an hour, and the meeting agreed that only those who have a birthday today will ask questions. Another young man, who took a microphone in his hands, admitted that he had a birthday tomorrow. "Give it back!" - said the president. So the microphone got to sitting next door Ashot.

"Ashot from Sakha, Yakutia," Vladimir Putin reacted under the smile of the young man himself. - That's great. You do not freeze there, no? ". "No," he answered, smiling. "We are fine." Then Ashot explained that his question was about the formation of a "nationally financed national team of young scientists and researchers" that could represent the country at international events. "Listen, but we have such teams in the directions, and they are very successful. I do not really understand why this is so general, "the president did not understand. "They want money. That there was a state financing of an intelligent team, "the presenter said. "Everybody wants state financing," Vladimir Putin said. "For example, I have an invitation to an international exhibition of Intel. But the "Step into the Future" program, which provided the invitation, does not do it at its own expense. This is about 300 thousand rubles, "- explained the representative of Yakutia.

"I will talk with Governor Yegorov, he will help you," said Vladimir Putin.

"Thank you," Ashot Shagyanian said with a smile. "Please," the president replied, and this was the last question and the answer to the "Nedetsky conversation".

Perhaps, that is why Vladimir Putin's reservation was so noticeable: Yegor Borisov is not, of course, Egorov. Yes, and his office has long been no longer presidential, but not gubernatorial: during the alignment of the Constitution of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in accordance with the country's Constitution, the highest position in the subject was called "head of the republic."

The reservation, as it is now fashionable to say, "blew up" the Yakut internet.

To be fair, we note that not all Yakutians took the reservation with hostility. We are all people, and we are prone to make mistakes, they say. All world leaders - and Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, and Alexander Lukashenko are mistaken. And in the case of Lukashenka, as is known, not everything is so simple, and he, quite probably, could have made a reservation intentionally.

Why, it would seem, the duty clause has stirred up the Yakut society? First, such a reaction can be a consequence of the accumulated problems in the relationship between the national region and the federal center. These problems have long accumulated and, most importantly, were hushed up in the public sphere. As is known, strengthening the vertical of power deprived the national republics of a special status and their voice in the formation of the federal agenda.

Local elites became controlled by the federal center, having lost independence in determining the political and economic course, obtaining economic benefits from the country's natural resources. And the reservation of Vladimir Putin very fully reflects the situation in which the leaders of the national republics found themselves, having lost the status of "president", joined a number of rank-and-file "governors". And it does not matter who sits there: Egorov, Ivanov or Borisov.

Another reason why the incident caused a violent reaction in Yakut society is the expectation of change. There is a request for an update in the leadership of the republic, and Borisov's opponents picked up the thesis that Putin, by his reservation, "signals" against the head of the region. Obviously, many took the Putin clause as a forerunner of the imminent resignation of Yegor Borisov.

I must say that according to some estimates in the region, a difficult socio-economic situation. This is due to a high budget deficit and corruption scandals, as well as a markedly increased protest activity. The main thesis of the opposition is that the Yakut people deserve a better standard of living as a result of large industrial projects on the territory of the republics.

Be that as it may, now the degree of heat has dropped noticeably, and the Yakut people, expressing their indignation in social networks, have returned to everyday problems.

The head of the republic Yegor Borisov has already promised to allocate money to schoolchild Ashot Shaghenyan. And life began to flow in its usual channel.

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