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Offshore measure

Offshore zones may appear in Primorye and Kaliningrad Oblast

The project of creating offshore zones in Primorsky Krai and the Kaliningrad Region is being considered by the Government of Russia. Their appearance on the Russian islands in the territory of Vladivostok and Oktyabrsky in Kaliningrad should be one of the measures to support Russian companies on the US sanctions list and to touch the metallurgical and energy sectors, as well as trade in the products of the defense-industrial complex. This was stated by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev during a meeting with vice prime ministers 9 April 2018.

Offshore measure
The adoption of the resolution, which makes it possible to transfer offshores from other countries to Russia, is scheduled for the spring session, and the document is in the process of being developed, a representative of the Ministry of Economic Development explained to Vedomosti. According to the provisions of the draft document, Russian owners of companies will be able to transfer them entirely without paying taxes on foreign income. For this, the residents of the zones on the Oktyabrsky and Russian islands will have to obtain the status of an international entrepreneurial company. This status makes it possible to register a company in one day and not disclose some of the information about it, - added to the Ministry of Economic Development. Resident taxes will be transferred only on income that will be received in Russia. A number of other measures are being discussed to facilitate the work of future offshore companies.
On April 6, 2018, the US Treasury Department announced the imposition of sanctions against 38 legal entities and individuals. Among them are Kirill Shamalov, member of the board of Sibur, Alexey Miller, head of Gazprom, Vladimir Bogdanov, general director of Surgutneftegaz, businessmen Oleg Deripaska and Viktor Vekselberg.

As a result of the imposition of sanctions, the assets of Russian businessmen and politicians located in the United States were blocked, and American companies were banned from concluding transactions with them. In addition, according to the US Treasury Department, all investors need to get rid of shares and other securities of three companies by May 7: the En + group, GAZ Group and the merged company Rusal, as well as submit a detailed report on which shares were sold to whom and when. ... According to the agency Bloomberg, as a result of these actions, Russian businessmen lost about $ 16 billion.

The Kaliningrad region is ready to become a platform where they can create an offshore zone for entrepreneurs who have come under sanctions. This opinion was expressed by the governor Anton Alikhanov during the IPQuorum forum in Svetlogorsk. At the same time, the authorities of the Kaliningrad region have not yet been involved in the work on the draft law. About it EbranchRussia said Dmitry Lyskov, head of the press service of the regional government. "We have not commented on this issue in any way, because while there is nothing to comment on," he said.

The fact that the government of Russia is discussing the issue of creating an offshore zone in the Kaliningrad region and the Primorsky Territory was said earlier. Igor Shuvalov, First Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Russian Federation, stated this in particular, during his speech at the East Economic Forum in Vladivostok in September 2017. In his opinion, it is necessary for different regions to create different economic conditions, taking into account the length of the country and this, for example, will allow the Far Eastern regions to compete with Korea, China and Japan.

The government of the Kaliningrad region also wanted to start the implementation of the project to create an internal offshore on the island of Oktyabr, but it was intended to do this not earlier than 2019. "The government of the region repeatedly proposed a number of amendments that would give the Kaliningrad region the status of an offshore zone. I would especially like to note that we want to use the tourism and transport facilities of the Kaliningrad region to create an international financial center here, where we could attract not only Russian, but also international investments, "said 2017 in September, vice-premier Alexander Shenderyuk-Zhidkov. According to him, the emergence of offshore will be a condition for the transformation of the Kaliningrad region into one of the international financial centers, the press service of the regional government reported.

In February 2018, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation also acted with the idea of ​​creating a special offshore zone in the Kaliningrad region and Primorsky Krai for organized trading with crypto currency. "We are considering the possibility of selling organized trades on Russky Island, Oktyabrsky Island, but, of course, we believe that it is necessary to resolve this exchange in Russia," the deputy head of the Finance Ministry Alexei Moiseyev told RIA Novosti. At the same time, Moiseyev noted that the possibility of trading the Crypto-currency on the Russky Island was discussed with the Ministry of Color Industry.

In any case, the introduction of a special regime should help Russia attract money from abroad, experts admit. But at the same time, in their opinion, it is unlikely to be of interest to anyone other than companies that because of sanctions simply can not work anywhere else. To the same conclusion come analysts of Kommersant, who managed to get acquainted with the project under discussion. In their opinion, the package of documents on the creation of offshore companies in the local territories in Vladivostok and Kaliningrad combines the idea of ​​several bills created for different purposes, and as a whole has low chances for implementation.  
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