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One for all

EastRussia sums up the celebration of the 70 anniversary of the Victory in the Far Eastern Federal District and Transbaikalia

One for all

Military parades with equipment and solemn processions in honor of the 70 Anniversary of Victory in the Far East took place in Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Belogorsk, Ussuriysk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

About 10 thousand people were involved in them, including 7,5 thousand soldiers of the Eastern Military District, more than 300 units of weapons and military equipment, 17 aircraft and helicopters, six ships of the Pacific Fleet. In 26 cities of the Far East and Transbaikalia solemn processions of foot columns took place, RIA Novosti reports.

The first "Frontier"

The city of military glory Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky was one of the first to meet the Victory Day. The celebration began on the central square of the city with a solemn greeting of the veterans and the march of the "Immortal Regiment". Instead of the expected 400 people in the column of the "Immortal Regiment" stood about 1500 participants, the press service of the Government of the Kamchatka Territory.

After the march, the military first walked through the central square of the city, accompanied by military equipment. The parade was attended by 15 combat units of equipment, which are in service with the coastal forces of the troops and forces in the North-East of Russia. The C-300 anti-aircraft missile systems, the Redout sea-based anti-aircraft missile systems, the Rubezh mobile coastal complexes, armored personnel carriers and off-road trucks were shown to the townspeople, the press service informs.

The celebration of the 70 anniversary of the Victory continued with folk festivals, a concert of the best creative teams of Kamchatka. According to the Department of Internal Affairs of the Kamchatka Territory, about 25 thousand people took part in the celebrations dedicated to the anniversary of the Great Victory, in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, about 30 thousand people in total around the edge.

More than 7 thousand people gathered on the main square in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, reports RIA "Sakhalin-Kuril Islands". In the Sakhalin parade, samples of modern military equipment were presented - from a descendant of the legendary Katyusha, the Grad multiple launch rocket system, to its long-range version Smerch.

According to the agency, the parade group of the 68 army corps opened the parade. The best servicemen were entrusted to carry the Russian flag and the banner of Victory. Then boxes of soldiers and officers of various troops and military departments passed through the square. The total number of servicemen was 1200 people. For the first time in the ceremonial columns was Sakhalin's "Immortal Regiment." One of the most impressive moments of the parade was the performance by the choir in 1200 of the voices of the legendary song "Victory Day" - the choral performance of the song of David Tukhmanov and Vladimir Kharitonov.

In one voice

On this day, singing in Chukotka and Magadan, Birobidzhan and other cities of the country.

On the Day of the 70 Anniversary of Victory in Magadan, a serious snowfall began. However, the unexpected whim of nature began after the festive celebrations, IA MagadanMedia reports.

According to the agency, in Magadan, servicemen of the Magadan garrison, representatives of law enforcement agencies, military-patriotic clubs, cadet classes, Cossack society and veterans of local wars took part in a military parade. More than 15, thousands of citizens came out to look at the parade of technology and the passage of columns. The parade ended on the central square, where he was met by veterans and the first persons of the city and the region. They laid flowers on the stele of Glory in memory of war veterans.

May 9 in the city passed the mass of sports events dedicated to the 70 anniversary of Victory: 23-th open regional tournament in Greco-Roman wrestling memory of soldiers killed in local conflicts, athletics relay, open regional tournament in powerlifting "Victory Cup", open regional tournament on basketball.

According to RIA Novosti, in Anadyr, the celebration began with a procession of labor collectives led by the guard of honor and the "Immortal Regiment". Then a solemn meeting was held, laying flowers at the Victory Monument, a minute of silence and the march of servicemen through the square.

The song "Victory Day" was sung by the whole city in Birobidzhan, reports More than 2 thousand people took part in the All-Russian action "Immortal Regiment". The agency reports that after the announcement of the action, which was sent to the media back in March, hundreds of appeals came from the birobidzhans, who liked this new patriotic idea. Previously, in this format in Birobidzhan, only the candle procession 2 September was held - the day of the anniversary of the end of the Second World War.

The action "Immortal Regiment" in Yakutsk gathered more than 18 thousand Yakutians. Festive events in the city began on Victory Square at exactly noon. As the correspondent of EastRussia reports, veterans of the Great Patriotic War and rear, veterans of the Yakut garrison, representatives of authorities, pupils of the Yakut cadet school, residents of the city took part in the military-patriotic parade.

On the eve of Victory Day, the main symbol of the celebration, the Eternal Flame, was delivered to the capital of the republic. May 7 in the memorial complex "Cranes over the Ilmen" completed its famous run, dedicated to the anniversary of the Victory, runner-extreme Peter Naumov. Starting from 15 in March, the Yakutian of the year - 2010 traveled more than 1050 kilometers along the Vilyuy federal highway.

"Ball" and 240 kg of cereal

According to EastRussia correspondent, the celebration of the Victory Day in Vladivostok has traditionally begun with a solemn parade in the center of Vladivostok. About 2 thousand people - battalion and company control groups of the headquarters of the Pacific Fleet, brigades of surface ships and coastal fleet brigades, as well as parade companies of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and Ministry of Internal Affairs, cadets of naval universities were held along the streets of the city. The parade was opened by the drummers of the Presidential Cadet School. Joyful shouts were greeted by the audience who gathered in the central square.

They were followed by a column of military equipment - only about 40 units, including the "Osa" and S-300 air defense missile systems, "Redut" self-propelled guns, the "Triumph" anti-tank missile system, the new coastal ballistic missile "Bal", which entered Arms of the fleet at the end of last year and other combat weapons and vehicles. Six ships - a missile cruiser, a diesel submarine "Varshavianka", small and large anti-submarine ships, a minesweeper and a border patrol ship "Berkut" participated in the maritime part of the parade. They lined up in the front line in the Golden Horn Bay, for this purpose, they installed 10 sets of raid equipment weighing 430 tons. In the sky over Vladivostok flew 11 aircraft and helicopters of naval aviation, for the first time in modern history took part in the celebration of the Victory Day.

After the parade, residents and guests in different parts of the city were able to watch holiday concerts and exhibitions, dance on themed sites and taste the soldiers' porridge, which the Pacific Fleet chefs prepared as much 240 kilograms, and treat themselves to freshly brewed tea, an EastRussia correspondent reports.

The atmosphere in the city was festive: smart people and military men walked in the streets, many carried balloons or St. George's ribbons, festive music sounded from everywhere.

The festivities ended with a colorful salute, which was launched immediately from three points of the city: on the Russky Island, in the central square and in the village of Trudovoi. The artillery brigade of the Pacific Fleet also took part in it. For this, two salute cars were installed on the territory of the Vladivostok fortress, and in the Bay of Nameless - 4 howitzers that fired into the air were blown, amplifying the sound effect.

Flamethrower "Buratino" and air "Ukrainka"

Representatives of the diplomatic missions of the DPRK, China, Belarus, Japan arrived at the celebrations in Khabarovsk. For the first time over the Cupid flew combat aircraft of the fighter air regiment of the Eastern Military District. Residents and guests of the city were able to see for the first time the newest examples of equipment: Pantsir-S anti-aircraft missile and gun complexes, Tor M-2 missile systems, TOS-1 heavy explosive systems Buratino, BMN 21M1 Tornado, armored vehicles "Tiger", informs For the first time the broadcast of the parade of troops of the Khabarovsk garrison could be seen on the Internet.

More information about the features of the parade in Khabarovsk and the preparation for the festive events in the material

According to RIA Novosti, 400 people took part in the action "Immortal Regiment" in Khabarovsk. In the anniversary of the Victory in the city, a marathon "70 years - 70 kilometers" was also held.

In the Amur region, the main celebrations in honor of the 70 anniversary of the Victory could be divided into 2 cities: Belogorsk and Blagoveshchensk. In each was something that was not in the other.

For example, you can see the passage of military equipment only 26 cities in the country, in which only Belogorsk came from the whole of the Amur region - and then, just because here is the headquarters of the 35 Red Banner Army. This city has a special attitude to the Great Patriotic War, since in 40-ies of the last century more than 13 thousand people left from here - that is, every fifth citizen.

According to the EastRussia correspondent, 1200 fighters and 27 vehicles from land and military air units of the Eastern Military District took part in the anniversary parade of Belogorsk. For the first time this year, pilots of the Ukrainka air base came to Belogorsk Square - the command of the Guards Aviation Base of Sevastopol-Berlin Red Banner is located there, armed with TU-95MS strategic nuclear bombers. In terms of the number of participants, the parade in Belogorsk turned out to be almost comparable to Khabarovsk, and almost twice the festive columns of the military in Chita and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

And in the Amur capital - Blagoveshchensk - the main celebrations in honor of the 70 anniversary of Victory began in the early morning with the action "Immortal Regiment", which united 13 Amur settlements and about 10 thousand people (in Blagoveshchensk alone, the number of participants approached the number in 6 thousand ). The 70 anniversary of the Great Victory was for many of the Annunciation a weighty reason to join the procession of the Immortal Regiment - another 9 thousand applications for participation were sent to 1,5 May in Blagoveshchensk, the EastRussia correspondent reports.

By the way, on the eve, 8 in May in the regional capital of the Amur was solemnly opened a memorial in honor of the workers of the rear. This project, conceived in the last century by the participant of the Great Patriotic War, Maria Gaponenko, united thousands of citizens. Indeed, more than 50 thousand Amur residents for their valiant work during the years of the Great Patriotic War were awarded state awards. In total, during the years of the Great Patriotic War, almost 140 thousands of Amur residents left for the front, thousands of 35 of whom fell on the battlefields or went missing.

May 9 in Blagoveshchensk, the organizers of the celebrations decided to give the guests a rather unexpected surprise - to show the so-called 108 artillery half-champion 1935 built. On the embankment of Blagoveshchensk, this fortified area, like many others, was intended for a long-term defense of a stretch of the state border. Today, the strategic facility is under the jurisdiction of the Far Eastern Military School.

The Victory Day in Blagoveshchensk was completed as well as everywhere - mass festivities with one very important difference: in 22 hours for residents and guests of the Amur capital, the only "double" salute was for Russia: from Blagoveshchensk and the Chinese city of Heihe, the sky over the Cupid was painted in 70 volleys .

Military seals

As previously reported by EastRussia With reference to RIA Novosti, in the parade in Chita In honor of the 70 anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, military equipment was used, including 14 historical combat vehicles - in particular, the T-34 tank. According to the agency, Chita has become one of 17 Russian cities, by order of the Russian president conducting parades with the involvement of military equipment and weapons. The Victory Parade in Chita ended with the action "Immortal Regiment", in which more than 3 thousand inhabitants of the city took part.

20 thousand people took part in the action "Immortal Regiment" in Irkutsk, which is 50 times more than last year, the press service of the government of Irkutsk region reports. In the festive procession in the city on Kirov Square participated the Guards missile Vitebsk Order of Lenin Red Banner Division, who fought in all major battles of the Great Patriotic War. In total, more than 70 thousand people went to the street.

By the celebration of the Victory in the Irkutsk Nerpinarium prepared an animal show on the subject of the Navy. According to the "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" newspaper, the nerpinarium in Irkutsk has no analogues in the world. Its founder and general director Evgeny Baranov learned to train the Baikal seal. During the show, the main characters of the program - the sealers of Laska and Winnie the Pooh - neutralize plastic mines, overcome the obstacle course, shoot at targets from water guns and lift the St. Andrew's flag over the pool, reports

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