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One TOP, but a large

State Duma deputy Ivan Abramov on how to push the Far East forward

In the Amur region is preparing for the creation of the third TOR - "Free". Representing the region in the State Duma, the first deputy chairman of the Committee for Regional Policy, Problems of the North and the Far East, Ivan Abramov, explains EastRussia whether this path is true.

One TOP, but a large
Special project TORA and Free Port
- Do you think the mechanism of TOP is effective?
- In order to give the Far East a powerful impetus for development, it is necessary to provide the TOP regime throughout its territory. The selective distribution of the TOR mode also has its effects, one way or another, it means “its own” methods of developing the territory to which it applies - in particular, it gives preferences to residents where such opportunities are not available in principle. But the spread of TOR in the whole Far East is a completely different matter. It is clear that the infrastructure support provided by the TOR regime, the entire territory of the Far East can not be. But it is possible to distribute all the main volume of privileges of TOR in the Far East, and with infrastructure support - selectively.

- The privileges of the TOP are so unique, are there no municipal or regional analogues? 
- Today there are practically no municipal benefits in the Far East, and regional ones are quite insignificant. What is allocated for subsidizing the interest rate to small and medium-sized businesses is otherwise than as crumbs you will not name. And those who go for benefits to the region or municipalities are having the appropriate connections or lobbying opportunities. Within the framework of the TOP, this also plays a role. A vivid example of both is the current owner of the soybean processing plant, one deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Amur Region is not the first convocation. Now he gets the privileges of the TOP, he was given numerous regional privileges and all kinds of support.

- Nevertheless, the benefits are not all that is necessary for success?
- Of course no. In any case, in addition to privileges, appropriate concessional lending is needed. Some steps in this direction have been taken. One of them, quite recently, is the possibility of obtaining a loan at a preferential rate to develop a "Far Eastern hectare." True, here everything is not so smooth - small amounts. But today's loans are needed not only for those who want to develop a hectare, but for small and medium-sized businesses in general. Preferential mechanisms are available, but for large, by the standards of regional business, amounts - from half a billion to one billion. The process of lowering interest rates by all banks began. But concessional lending is still lending at a refinancing rate. 

- Are there not too big preferences for those in the TOP - the rest will not be dissatisfied?
- In any case, all the dissatisfied should not be pitied. Business is a sphere of competition. If this or that business does not go ahead, then it goes back. The one who does not manage to stay afloat, including in the Far East, is to blame for this, and the privileges of the TOP are really not about his soul. Of course, among them there are those who are "throttled" by banks - their high interest rates or any untimely interest rates. Speech, in particular, about the semi-trader schemes, in which the company is required to promptly return the loan, which then can not perform, and, accordingly, falls under the procedure of bankruptcy. Of course, a business that is in a difficult situation due to the requirements of banks is a separate song. He should have the right to participate in the TOP on an equal basis with others.

- What should be the optimal composition of TOP residents?
- The minimum number of core entrepreneurs is not a few, but 50-150. Of course, this is possible, as I mentioned, only with appropriate financial support. It turns out, of course, that it should not be indiscriminately available to everyone, but only to those who provide clear business plans and, if possible, have already proved, so to speak, their “capacity” in practice. And you need to focus on the support of small and medium businesses.

- And in fact what?
- At present, small business is practically absent in the TOR in the Amur Region. Namely, it should create and develop production - livestock, crop, woodworking. It is possible to attract people en masse to TOR through the creation of much more favorable conditions for doing business. Now there are only major players in the TOP. Although the same SIBUR and without TOR would implement its project in the Amur region - that in itself is economically beneficial. 

- Give an ideal, in your opinion, perspective of development in the region of the TOP regime.
- The most optimal is for the entire Amur Region to be TOP. In reality, after the appearance of the Svobodny ASEZ, it would be advisable to create a TOP with a tourist specialization in the Skovorodinsky District. It borders on the northernmost point of China, where three planes with tourists arrive a day. I believe that the village of Albazino with its rich history and the passage to Mohe will be interesting for foreigners to explore, there are also opportunities for hunting. In the Skovorodinsky District, the closest to life, but not the only possible ASEZ in the Amur Region. We have a number of territories with a pronounced potential for creating ASEZ.
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