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Circumvents as master

Glavred EastRussia Dmitry Shcherbakov shares his impressions of the detour of the Far Eastern Fair Yuri Trutnev

This year, as you know, friends, the Far Eastern Regional Fair has reopened on Tverskaya Square in Moscow. The fair takes place in front of the Moscow City Hall as part of the Days of the Far East in Moscow, an event with a similar agenda last year. At first glance it seems that (like a year ago) to surprise a person who visited the Eastern Economic Forum (VEF) in the fall, the Far Eastern Fair is unlikely. After all, the meaning is exactly the same exhibition of the achievements of the DFO regions, which is arranged every year (from 2015) to the WEF. "Regional" kiosks with souvenirs and other goods are lined up on Tverskaya Square in two rows, in the middle is the stage and places for general activities. This year, all on the one hand - exactly. And on the other - very different.

Circumvents as master
Photo: Dmitry Shcherbakov

Dmitry Shcherbakov

Editor in Chief EastRussia

First, in the 2018 year, as much as the head of Russia Vladimir Putin himself intervened in the fair.

It was at that moment when two new constituent entities of the Russian Federation, Buryatia and Zabaykalsky Krai, were included in the FEFD by presidential order, for the becoming traditional Far Eastern Fair, two points changed. The first is that the regions on it now needed to represent not 9, but 11. For the organizers, I tell you, this was still that little task. As a result, Buryatia was squeezed into the pavilion at the edge of the fair, and the Trans-Baikal region was left completely outside the mall. The second caveat is that literally on the eve of the fair, the presidential envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District Yury Trutnev went on a Far Eastern tour, to go around the “newly acquired” regions, bypassing the fair on the opening day, December 3, its main inspiration. For this reason, no one of the governors showed up at the December 3 fair (as it was a year ago, you can see here).

The exhibition 3 of December, on the opening day of the fair, went to the Minister for the Development of the Far East Alexander Kozlov.

Alexander Kozlov, even though he was young as a minister, was not deprived of the attention of either the organizers of the fair or the press.

Choirs sang in his honor, groups danced, journalists pushed. The minister’s share had as many as two press approaches - one improvised, in the middle of the detour, the second - planned, at the very end. Alexander Kozlov conscientiously visited all points of the Far Eastern Fair and answered all questions. He opened the opening program by five. But - he is not Yury Trutnev, and you understand in what sense I am saying this.

And Yury Trutnev unexpectedly appointed his fair round in two days, on Wednesday. It became known about it in the evening on Tuesday.

At that moment I was lucky to be at the fair. It was literally transmitted from mouth to mouth: "Yuri Petrovich goes." Only a person immersed in the political history of the Far East of the last six years can understand the meaning of this agiotage. Since 2013, the words "Yuri Petrovich" have a magical effect on all regional officials who in one way or another touch on the development of the Far East with Moscow (those who do not touch Moscow, do not feel this magic): Yuri Trutnev for the elites in the Far East - the most significant person after the president.

Last night, he arrived at the Far Eastern Fair. As a master.

The route of passage was the same as that of Alexander Kozlov. However, the details of the route were somewhat different.

In a magical way, the appearance of Yury Trutnev caused some governors to the fair (I will not say which ones so that their colleagues are not offended). Generally, to be honest, to put it bluntly, the governors of 6-7 December in Moscow have a congress of the United Russia party. And since they are almost all (with the exception of units) are prominent United Russia, they all recently arrive in the capital. The nuance is that at the time of the opening of the fair, they say, some of them were in the Council of Federation. But - they did not reach Tverskaya.

With Yuri Trutnev many wanted to be photographed. It turned out - not at all. And only Yakut Santa Claus Chyskhaan and his girlfriends - it worked out well.

Another difference today from Monday - Yury Trutnev tried to treat everywhere, but he almost everywhere refused. He did not refuse the fish soup, which the representatives of the Khabarovsk Territory give to the guests, he ate his lenses under the sights, praised (“Good ear”), but told journalists with a smile: “You are peeping, it’s not so.” And further from all the treats refused, making an exception only for Kamchatka tea and Trans-Baikal bread and salt.

He also refused to inspect some pavilions - either in a hurry or holding a mark. And it really lingered for a long time only at the pavilion of Primorye: there, after all, the election of December 16, everyone remembers that.

Finally, the vice-premier smiled generously. But Yury Trutnev's really smile during this short inspection made only a few moments. One of them he “caught” at the pavilion of Sakhalin, where he was greeted with songs, and then they confessed that “Moscow is good” and only after a pause: “But it’s better on Sakhalin”.

For a detour of the whole fair, Yury Trutnev lasted exactly half an hour.

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