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Waiting for the promised

In which regions of the Far East are the most deceived co-investors and how are they trying to help

Waiting for the promised
Photo: Press Service of the Primorsky Krai Administration
According to the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation, there are 36,6 thousand defrauded real estate investors in Russia. Therefore, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to develop a "road map" that will gradually abandon the shared construction scheme. December 15 of last year became is known, what mechanism will replace it. From 1 July 2019, developers will be forbidden to take money from citizens for not yet built apartments. Payment for housing from customers will be accumulated on special escrow accounts in authorized banks and kept until the completion of the house. It is assumed that both shareholders will be fully insured against unscrupulous developers. It remains to decide what to do to those who have already become their victims.

This problem is acute in the Far East. According to EastRussia, the head of the Office of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation in the Far Eastern Federal District, Lyubov Demin, according to 1 data for July 2017 in the macroregion 229 developers are working with the attraction of citizens' money at the 401 object of shared construction. According to prosecutors, the erection of 50 from them was suspended or was carried out with violation of the established deadlines. Most of these cases are recorded in the Amur region, where 19 is located of problematic objects. Another 18 are in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), 10 - in the Primorsky Territory, 2 - in the Kamchatka Territory and 1 - in Khabarovsk. The terms of commissioning were not complied with due to the lack of funds for developers, misuse of money holders, introduction of a bankruptcy procedure against the developer, and also because of the lack of necessary permits.

In the official the registry The Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation, where information is collected about the victims of participatory construction in all regions of the country, the figures are slightly different. In the Amur region there are 16 problematic objects, 461 citizen suffered. In Yakutia, 16 buildings, deceived 280 equity holders, have not been handed over. In Primorsky Krai, 8 houses damaged by 118 have not been completed. In the Kamchatka Territory, only 1 object has not been handed over, housewarming waiting for 8 people. In the Khabarovsk Territory 8 troubled homes, 49 participants suffered a share of construction.


In the Amur region, the situation with defrauded co-investors is the heaviest in the DFO. By information administration of the region, most of all Amur residents suffered as a result of the work of three developers. 254 people cannot receive the housing they paid for from LLC SK Gorodok, another 67 people from LLC NEP, and 18 people from LLC Gorizont. In total, 339 defrauded equity holders applied to the regional social security authorities for measures of state support.

Interest holders "Gorodok" can not celebrate a housewarming from 2014 year, they are tired of waiting and ready to take extreme measures. In the spring of this year, the victims declared a hunger strike, in the summer - sent their children begging for bricks on the streets of Blagoveshchensk. Hopes that protest actions will help, little: LLC "IC" Gorodok "was declared bankrupt in 2016 year. In relation to the company's general director Anatoly Popov, as well as against one of the founders of the enterprise, Alexander Sakaniya instituted criminal case for h. 4 art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (fraud committed in a particularly large amount). Both figurants are located under house arrest. Popov and Sakaniya arrested property worth more than 31 million rubles. Another two company founders conduct a pre-investigation check. By evaluation bankrupt Dmitry Kovalsky, to complete the construction of two nine-storey houses, started by Gorodok, you need 460 million rubles. It is impossible to put them into operation - the law on bankruptcy does not provide for the use of funds of the bankruptcy estate for the completion of houses.

- Therefore, the Ministry of Social Protection of the Amur Region is working to form a register of participants in shared construction affected by the actions of unscrupulous developers, - Tatyana Farafontova, chairman of the regional Legislative Assembly committee on budgetary, tax and financial policy, explains to the EastRussia correspondent. - The victims will receive financial assistance from the budget.

In the 2018 budget, 105 million are provided for these purposes, 2017 million rubles were paid in 20. In total, payments to defrauded co-investors who never enter the apartments paid for them, should be allocated 450 million rubles.

Only help from the budget can help co-investors "Gorodok". However, some of the long-term construction will still be put into operation.

- Three building companies are already completing the construction of facilities at the expense of their own resources or the funds of members of housing cooperatives (HBCs), - emphasizes Tatiana Farafontova. - Putting these houses into operation is scheduled for 2018 year.


The register of defrauded co-investors is also maintained in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). As in the Amur Region, the victims paid compensation from the budget. In addition, at the expense of budgetary money, the support of the housing and communal services established by the victims for completing the objects included in the register of problem loans is provided.

The first compensation got three defrauded interest holders LLC Northern Construction Company. Each of them was reimbursed from 1,5 to 4 million rubles.

The construction of two nine-storey buildings in the 69 quarter on Kalandarishvili Street in Yakutsk dragged on for years. The first stage was to be delivered in 2013, the second - in 2016. However, soon the construction site stopped. LLC "Northern Construction Company" was declared bankrupt. One of the two high-rise buildings can not be completed now - the developer stopped work at the level of the third floor. And the only chance for co-investors to get a new home is to pay compensation from the budget. But the construction of the second house is already coming to an end. As the press service of the republican government told EastRussia, facade works and interior decoration of the premises are completed in the building. The construction is carried out by the "Dabaan" HBC created on this site. 

So far, exact deadlines for the delivery of houses to Bogatyryov's address, 11, where the developer is PKF Ormix, and 159-apartment building along Tchaikovsky Street, 117 / 3, which is being built by Simir LLC, have not been determined. However, in 2018, the problem with them, the authorities expect, should be resolved.


In the Khabarovsk Territory the problematic object is only one - the long-suffering houses of the LCD "Raduzhny". People who paid their square meters can not enter new apartments from 2014 year. The developer of LLC "Technosity" owed MUE "Vodokanal" and failed to connect the facility to the engineering networks, the construction site stood up. Terms of delivery were repeatedly postponed.

Deceived investors were tired of calling for help from the regional authorities, and they tried to solve their problem in the capital. 4 December last year, they returned from Moscow inspired. Shareholders told the media that they managed to get a meeting with the director of the department of housing policy of the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation Olga Kornienko. According to Khabarovsk, she listened to them attentively, took all the documents and promised to take the situation under personal control. Interest holders even stated, that in just a week a special ministerial commission will arrive in the region with a check - to understand what is happening with the problematic object. "This was firmly promised to us," - сказал representative of the initiative group of tenants Yuri Zhuravlev.

However, in the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation, this information was not confirmed to the correspondent of EastRussia, explaining that the agency "has not been empowered to assess the legality of decisions, actions (inaction) of controlling bodies, higher state authorities of the subjects of the Russian Federation and their officials." Control the construction of non-public facilities - the task of regional authorities.

First Deputy Chairman of the Legislative Duma of the Khabarovsk Territory Yury Matveev, who personally deals with the problems of co-investors, in December last year said: before the New Year, defrauded co-investors of "Technosity" still will meet the long-awaited housewarming. Questions with communications have been resolved, the houses are connected to heating. Denis Shcherbina, deputy head of the regional committee of the State Construction Supervision Committee, also confirmed, that the final check of the object is already conducted, the task is to hand it over to the New Year. Be that as it may, the object reached the final stage by the end of last year, so it seems that there is nothing to worry about the region about it.


In the Primorsky Territory according to the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation, the problematic objects 10. But, according to EastRussia correspondent in the press service of the regional administration, 98 is left from the 8 of apartment buildings under construction in Primorye with the help of citizens of problematic funds. Almost all of them are in Vladivostok. The situation with defrauded co-investors was taken under personal control of the provisional governor of Primorsky Territory Andrei Tarasenko.

One of the most difficult objects is the D complex in the Snegovaya Pad microdistrict, where the majority of defrauded real estate investors are public sector employees. They had to mark the housewarming with the help of the “Housing for the Russian Family” state program. 105 million rubles were allocated from the regional budget for laying engineering networks to houses, in 2018 it is planned to allocate another 600 million rubles for engineering communications. The first of three houses is planned to be completed by the end of this year, the remaining houses should be commissioned in the first quarter of 2019.

Another problematic object is the residential house at Griboedov's address, 46. Its construction was suspended in 2009 year due to the bankruptcy of the developer OOO PacificinvestStroy. Therefore, to complete the work was involved company KPPK Primorkraystroy, now completing the re-registration of documents for a new developer.

The permission to build a house at 17 Slavyanskaya was canceled in 2008 - the Stroynadzor inspection found out that the document had been forged. Expertise of the project has been carried out, the house is connected to engineering networks. On December 18, 2017, the authorities issued a permit to put the house into operation. 

Nearing the end of the construction of another long-term construction - 51 microdistrict on the street. Zeyskaya. In the near future the house will be connected to the engineering networks. Work on connecting to water supply networks is also conducted in the house at Kiparisovaya, 2. 

Recently managed to pass a second house in the city of Partizansk. 36 defrauded co-investors finally managed to celebrate the housewarming, which was waiting for 9 years. The first problem house on 26 apartments in this city was commissioned last year. The rest of the victims of the unscrupulous developer of the inhabitants of Partizansk decided to allocate money from the budget for the purchase of housing on the secondary market. 

However, it is still not possible to solve the problem with the house at the address Cypress, 26 in the regional capital, which was to be built by Dalstroykontrakt LLC. The construction of the 10-storey building began in the 2011 year, it should have been completed by the 2014 year. However, the developer decided to add more 9 floors, increasing the number of apartments to 200. As it turned out, in violation of all legal regulations, the company did not agree on changes to the project.

“And now it’s an emergency facility that poses a threat to people's life and health,” explains the Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Primorsky Territory, Andrei Ischenko, to an EastRussia correspondent. - Now the affected citizens are trying to convince that if you demolish nine floors and return to the original project, then you can live in this house. However, this is not the case: in the spring of this year, an examination was carried out, which showed that the object was in disrepair.
In 2015, Dalstroykontrakt LLC received an order to stop all work on the site and dismantle the built-up floors. A criminal case was opened against the director of the developer Andrei Antonov, and the enterprise itself was declared bankrupt. 240 families were left without paid square meters.

Cheated interest holders regularly, once a month, go to rallies, trying to attract the attention of the authorities. They admit that they themselves are already tired of meeting, but they do not see any other way to solve the housing problem.

- In the future, the problem of defrauded co-investors will not arise, since this issue has already been resolved at the state level. Developers who start new projects will insure their transactions in the Fund of Protection of Participants in Shared Construction. And if the house is not completed, and the developer is declared bankrupt, then a specialized compensation fund will pay compensation to the injured, "Andrei Ishchenko explains. - And problems at sites where developers worked in violation of the law on shared construction and transactions were not insured, where fraudulent schemes involving construction funds through cooperatives and investment agreements were used, should be addressed point-by-point. I believe that in the next 2-3 the problem of defrauded co-investors in the Primorsky Territory, which stretches from the 2000s, will be solved.
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