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"The volume of financing has been increased"

Arthur Niyazmetov - about what is planned and what is not included in the state programs for the development of the Far East

"The amount of funding was increased
Starting next year, so-called Far Eastern sections will appear in state, including federal, targeted programs. They will include special events specifically for the Far East in view of its complex specificity. Arthur Niyazmetov, Deputy Minister of the Russian Federation for the Development of the Far East, told in an interview to EastRussia how this will be implemented.

- Arthur Kamilovich, now there is a lot of talk about the reduction of funding from the state. In particular, there are publications that the budget allocations for the provision of the State Program "Social and Economic Development of the Far East and Baikal Region" in 2017 will be reduced. Is it true?
- In the process of preparing the budget, the amount of funding for the Far East was increased compared with previous years. Every year more and more funds are allocated for the territories of priority development and support of investment projects.

If in 2015 a year was the sum of 3,2 billion rubles, then this year only for investment projects - 11,3 billion rubles and another 4 billion rubles for TOR, next year - 15,4 billion rubles in aggregate, in 2018 year - 17,1 billion rubles, in 2019 - 18,6 billion rubles. And this is only the part that is financed by the Ministry of the East in the framework of the new development model of the Far East with the use of special tools to support business and attract investments. Of course, we expect that, based on the results of the results of the implementation of the first projects, decisions will be made on further increasing the financing of priority development areas and investment projects.

- But still there is a fact that the state program for the development of the Far East has reduced financing for the transport sector.
- Financing of transport facilities was carried out completely within the federal target program "Economic and social development of the Far East and the Baikal region for the period up to 2018 year", it was not terminated, but transferred in the amount of 17,4 billion rubles for 2017 to the federal target program "Development of the transport system Russia. " This solution allows you not to duplicate the functions of different departments, but combine all resources within the framework of the profile program. In addition to these funds for 2017 year, the program of the Ministry of Transport provides for another 4,9 billion rubles for 2018 year and 4,7 billion for 2019 year for the construction of regional and local roads. All this is taken into account in the draft law on the federal budget for the next three-year plan.

This approach, which allows increasing the responsibility of branch departments for the development of the Far East, was approved by the Chairman of the Government in July of the year 2016.

- There are opinions that the state program for the development of the Far East was unclaimed, in particular, there is a low quality of its implementation.
- These opinions are erroneous, because such concepts as the implementation of the state program and the cash execution of the expenditures envisaged for its implementation are mixed. The results of the state program are summed up once a year. In accordance with the current procedure, such a summary will be in April next year.

Low cash execution should not be misleading, since the state program for the development of the Far East consists in 93% of investment expenditures involving the construction of new facilities

Calculations for completed work occur after the completion of the construction period and the necessary documentation. This is especially noticeable now, as this year the editorial board of the state program was approved, which presupposes the priority implementation of new investment projects. At the same time, a number of projects are financed in the form of reimbursing the costs actually incurred by investors, which significantly reduces the risks of misuse and inefficient use of public funds.

- Now the "Far Eastern" sections are being formed in federal targeted and state programs. What will this give the Far East?
- As a result of the formation of the “Far Eastern” sections, it will become clear what exactly and in what volume is being done for the Far East.

The Resolution of the Government of Russia normatively defines the concept of the advanced development of the Far East. This, in the first place, achievement of indicators in all areas above the national average. Plus the responsibility for their implementation will become personal and measurable. Of course, this will be followed by the necessary increase in funding. First of all, this work will concern 27 state programs, the list of which was approved by the Chairman of the Government of Russia.

Some state programs of social orientation already have tangible results of work carried out jointly with the regions and some federal agencies.

Financing quotas, increasing rates and 5-percentage level of co-financing for the regions of the Far East in the state program for the development of physical culture and sports were established. As a result, a number of activities are planned. This includes the construction of 12 fitness centers, an ice rink, a stadium for 500 seats, an indoor athletics arena and a training complex (1,2 billion rubles). Already this year, the reconstruction of the stadium in the Big Stone of Primorsky Krai and the construction of gyms in small towns of Yakutia began, equipment for 4 sports schools in the Primorsky and Khabarovsk territories, as well as on Sakhalin (197 million rubles) was purchased.

In the Federal Program for the Development of Education up to 2020, 5 billion rubles have been allocated for the development program of the All-Russian Children's Center “Ocean”. In accordance with the approved integrated development plan for Komsomolsk-on-Amur, the creation of an interregional center of professional competence (200 million rubles) began, which will be completed next year. In addition, this year the Khabarovsk Territory received a subsidy for the creation of a children's technopark in the amount of 56 million rubles. With ahead of time, financing will begin in Komsomolsk-on-Amur School of Engineering. The necessary funds are provided for in the amendments to the federal budget of the current year in the amount of 57 million rubles.

Similar work is carried out for other programs.

- Now a new composition of the State Duma has been formed. How is the interaction with the deputy corps?
- The interaction is active. For many years the State Duma Committee for Regional Policy and Problems of the North and the Far East has been working with the Ministry of Territorial Development of Russia for close cooperation. It is important that such a committee is traditionally formed in the State Duma, including in the current convocation. A significant number of deputies, included in its composition, are representatives of the Far Eastern regions.

The Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East on a quarterly basis submits to the committee a report on the implementation of the "Far Eastern" federal target and state programs, as well as the federal target program for the development of the Kuriles in order to organize joint work to increase the level of economic and social development of the Far East. All key decisions for the development of the macroregion are also considered in the State Duma, including draft federal laws, including those on the federal budget. In the last month alone, we have met three times in the State Duma with the Committee on Regional Policy and Problems of the North and the Far East.

No less attention is paid to the development of the Far East by the Federation Council. In September, two visiting sessions of the Federation Council Committee on the Federal Structure, Regional Policy, Local Self-Government and the Affairs of the North were held in Khabarovsk and Komsomolsk-on-Amur. In November, at a meeting in Moscow, we discussed the implementation of investment projects in the Far East.

Undoubtedly, such support of deputies and senators allows us to find a joint solution to the most difficult issues.
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