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About a hectare of the language "simpleton"

How to popularize the "Far Eastern hectare", found out at the media summit

Implementers of the state program for the issuance of free land plots in the Far East last week at the media-2017 in Vladivostok said that the "Far Eastern hectare" hinders the lack of objective information to the citizens of the region, and, as a result, the people's weak trust. EastRussia figured out what the media had already done to make the hectare closer and more understandable.

About a hectare of language
Photo: Anton Novgorodov, PrimaMedia
Opening the discussion at the Far Eastern Media Summit about the popularization of the Far Eastern hectare, the head of the Agency for Human Capital Development in the Far East Valentin Timakov explained that the task of his organization "consists of three vectors: inform the population about the program's objectives, form the brand of the program, and Prepare products-solutions to problems that arise during its implementation. " "It is the media in this business who are the main assistants, partners and intermediaries between the population, business and us, so the media should become one team with us," he said.

Meanwhile, almost all the media of the Far East, within the framework of the popularization of the "hectare" program, sent their journalists to receive these hectares.

One of the most successful examples of coverage of the program on the Far Eastern hectare in the media is the example of the Yakut "SakhaMedia", which launched an eight-month multimedia program on how "the journalist takes a hectare." According to media director Kirill Alekseev, initially Yakutians were extremely negatively disposed towards the program on hectares, but during the year this trend changed: Yakutia ranked second in terms of the number of applications for receiving "hectares." Now, according to him, every third resident of Yakutia is correctly informed about the possibilities of the program.

“Starting our work, we faced a total rejection of the state program by our residents,” said Kirill Alekseev. “Firstly, many people did not know about this program at all, and those who knew did not believe in their own opportunity to receive a hectare. Yakutians were convinced that the lands would begin to be distributed to "outsiders" and the rich, and they were extremely negative about this prospect, one might even say protesting. " The “journalist gets land” project in two languages ​​has become an editorial experiment. An employee of "SakhaMedia" in its course went through all stages of obtaining a hectare - from selecting a site on the map to going to a site that is located in 43 km from Yakutsk.

In addition, together with the Ministry of Land and Property Relations of Yakutia, the media “managed to create stable and completely free channels for the dissemination of objective information among the residents of the villages of Yakutia: three newspapers were distributed to all the villages free of charge”. "I am sure that the work on informing the population should be a joint project of the media and the authorities, who should always quickly move towards each other," said Kirill Alexeev.

EastRussia Help. According to the ARCS, about 36% of people who want to get a hectare are entrepreneurs and cooperatives who apply for hectares with already existing business plans. The most active men are men aged 30-35 years: in the total amount of applicants 65%. Entrepreneurs mainly want to run a tourism business on hectares, including nature tourism, develop recreational areas, engage in hunting and fishing (15% of applicants), agriculture and livestock (21% of applicants). 50% of applicants intend to build a house and break the backyard plot. The remaining 14% are undecided and have the right to think about the purpose of the resulting site during the year. The most active residents of the Far East region apply for hectares: Primorye, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and the Khabarovsk Territory. Among the non-eastern regions, the leaders are Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar Territory and Sverdlovsk Region. So far, ARCHK has received more than 85 thousands of applications for land plots, and 58 thousands - from 1 in February 2017, when the third stage started, under which every citizen of Russia can receive a hectare.

Khabarovsk Territory is the only entity in the Far East where there is a “minister for hectares”, where the mood of the population is supported by slogans in the spirit of “Be a man - take a hectare”. According to Oksana Omelchuk, head of the Autonomous Non-Profit Organization “Center for Support of Social Initiatives“ Open Region ”, the population of the Khabarovsk Territory reacted with enthusiasm to the prospect of settling vacant territories of the region.

"We began to work on the methods for lighting the program before it came into force," said Ms. Omelchuk. "The void of the region's territories has always worried our residents, so there was no negative for the program about the hectare among the population." We made this topic a priority for the public , And, of course, our journalist also took a "Far Eastern hectare" as part of an editorial experiment, and he sent the application in the midst of problems with the FIS system when it was constantly hanging. Our task was to create the most truthful history, and now only the children in kindergartens of the Khabarovsk Territory, probably do not know about a hectare. As a result, our reporter received land near the road on which we can safely build a cafe. "

According to Oksana Omelchuk, now the Khabarovsk media put an emphasis on success stories in obtaining hectares. "It's worth noting that from 2017 the portrait of the applicant for a hectare in Khabarovsk has changed a lot," she added. "Now the main person is an entrepreneur, while 30% of such entrepreneurs are quite wealthy businessmen and do not need benefits, subsidies and other methods State support in the development of hectares. " Another problem of Khabarovsk, according to Oksana Omelchuk, is the dying settlements that could be given life by running a business on their hectares.

To receive "Far Eastern hectare" in Primorye, the journalist of PrimaMedia Information Agency Konstantin Vasilyev also decided. "My site is in the Khasansky district, which, incidentally, is the most popular among the applicants, so I had to suffer with the application," he said. "I think it's important to be as truthful as possible in covering the process of obtaining a hectare: to describe absolutely all the difficulties and problems, As well as ways to solve them.Simple people are so organized that the slightest difficulty can stop them.So in my materials I said: "Yes, there are difficulties, but see how they can be overcome." The reaction to my materials was followed practically From the very beginning Y: after the second publication, people began to write to me, wishing to take a hectare and consult with me.

As the journalists who have received hectares within the framework of the editorial experiment have noted, they still think for what purposes these hectares should be used. None of the media representatives is in a hurry to leave journalism in agrarians.

Videobloger Andrey Popov managed to get not one, but 9 hectares, having united in his initiative the whole family. The main goal of the owner of a hectare is to build a house and a multi-farm on the site. The process of obtaining and development of a hectare Popov put in the basis of his video blog "9 hectares." According to the videobloger, in order to be closer to his target audience, he "chose a simple man who does not know anything and does not understand anything."

"If you are clever in your video blog, you may get embarrassed," explains Andrei Popov. "Therefore, I explain to people on a daily basis, how to take a hectare, what to do with it, and what curious situations can But I do not just refer to my own example: for example, soon a video blog will appear on the air about how a resident of Primorye, without looking, took a hectare, which used to be a former military training ground. "

Mikhail Krivopal, a member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Eastern Development of Russia, called on the media to “use undistorted content” when covering “Far Eastern hectares”. “I invite everyone who wants to cooperate with us to join the committee on monitoring the implementation of the law on the“ Far Eastern hectare. ”We have objective data, we work closely with agencies responsible for the implementation of the state program, produce informational videos, and are active in social networks. remember that the population’s distrust of the “hectare” grows out of the biased materials that fill the media space, ”he said.
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