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Do Boru need tori?

2016. Expectations. While disappointing. Primorye in the year of elections to the State Duma again runs the risk of being among the regions where the ruling party will receive a minimum of approval

There are reasons for this that are beyond our control. For instance. Enemies are destroying oil prices, and our government offers more and more rubles for one export dollar (otherwise the budget will collapse) and advertises domestic tourism.

Do Boru need tori?
We are here, on the edge of the country, and these export-import operations hit us hard. The prices for spare parts for our right-hand drive park have grown significantly, as have the prices for Chinese cucumbers, which are still cheaper than Surazhev's ones.

But there are reasons that simply and clearly show the inefficiency of the work of the state apparatus. I've said so many kind words about the initiatives of almond officials and Trutnev to provide the Far East with tiny preferences. And the facilitated visa regime for foreigners wishing to visit Vladivostok has not worked. The border guards did not receive the necessary instructions and orders from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where they are more concerned with Syria. What is the free port of Vladivostok against the background of a meeting on the fate of Assad?

And the clerk, who was supposed to make sure that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs made such an order and sent it to the authorities, happily spent the New Year's holidays in Milan, and is now making a helpless gesture, they say, it was clear that all the addressees were listed on the mailing list and had to take action ... Will someone be punished for disrupting the implementation of an important decision and undermining the authority of the federal government?

And there are simply egregious examples of the unpatriotic behavior of big business.

Two large employers in Primorye - the “Radiopribor” plant and the “Bor” enterprise have begun procedures for staff reduction. About 4 thousand people will lose their jobs. And what, Governor Miklushevsky rushed to these people with help? Came, talked, told where to go to work? We bet that if he comes and talks, he will say that the opening of a casino in Artyom has created several hundred jobs (excluding the recruiting of escort girls from the seaside villages) and will offer to wait until the TORs start working.

At one time, Governor Darkin, in a similar situation, when the Moscow owner closed the Lermontovsky mine for the extraction of tungsten, took and transferred this mine to Primteploenergo, the largest then Primorsky company, where less fuel burned than the money paid for it, which gave an astounding economic effect that law enforcement agencies could not "document" in any way. Do not believe what it was? It was: On June 16, 2009, the property of Russian Tungsten LLC (owner of Lermontovsky GOK) was leased to Primteploenergo KGUP for a symbolic fee for a period of 5 years. At the request of the workers. How this issue was settled with the owners of tungsten in Moscow - one can only guess.

About 200 people worked at Lermontovka. Their strike severely damaged Darkin's image in the Kremlin.

On Bor and Radipribor there are several thousand. And what, the Kremlin is not interested in this already?

Bor is a great illustration of market capitalism. In the textbooks and speeches of our liberal government, "the invisible hand of the market puts everything in its place." But if you have a unique product for which there is a constant demand, then you must reign in the market in your area. Doesn't an effective manager sleep at night wondering how to motivate the team to work even better? There are two ways: curry favor and scare. Raise wages, give bonuses, build exemplary capitalist monotowns. And make them work for a penny, threatening to take these away. What will you choose?

Primorsky Bor develops the only active boron deposit in Russia and is the only producer of high-quality products in the country from its own mineral raw materials. It has a full technological cycle from ore mining and its beneficiation to the synthesis of boron products, such as boric acid of various grades, calcium borate, boric anhydride, datolite concentrate. The company ranks third in the world in the production of boron products.

Bor, of course, was immediately taken over. Bankrupt in order to resell cheaper. And so several times. And now the owner has changed and promises that everyone who is fired will immediately be hired. Because the name of the enterprise will simply change.

Vitaly Vasilyevich Pashentsev is a new owner, an amazing person. Nothing is known about his business success except that he contributed exactly ten thousand rubles to create the Selena company (consulting and commercial activities), which owns a 67,5 percent stake in the plant, which sells one and a half billion rubles of boron acids abroad.

Now the vice-governor Usoltsev reassures everyone, saying that the new owner will fix everything. But this new owner, Selena, is the same Pashentsev, whose Kristel company ran Bor in 2015 and did not pay the workers for wages. And our Primorsky prosecutor's office then asked for the support of our Moscow colleagues in order to find this Pashentsev and influence him. But Pashentsev was responsible for the authorized capital of Kristel as much as 150 thousand rubles, and what can be taken from him now, when there are only 10 thousand in Selena?

Who is he? A very smart and careful person. And he tried to make sure that over the past ten years, no information about him was freely available. And then some of the nouveau riche post photos of their yachts, planes, villas. No, our Koreiko (oh, won't this comparison hurt him? It will hurt him, because everything is according to the law. What kind of literary image to choose?) Lives without attracting public attention. Most likely, the owner of "Bor" is a former mayor of a town near Moscow. If so, then he began in full view: the Moscow Institute of Chemical Engineering, graduate school there, then work in the mysterious Research Institute of Mechanization in the city of Krasnoarmeisk. In fact, it is a military institute that improves explosives. And, as noted on the website of the city district by local chroniclers, Pashentsev "in 2000, in an atmosphere of complete legal certainty, was the first to be elected the head of the city." Apparently, "complete legal certainty" strongly influenced Vitaly Vasilyevich Pashentsev. He worked as mayor for one term and then disappeared from the press. Did he come to Primorye to inspect his possessions?

So far 2016 starts badly for Primorye residents. At Bor, about a hundred people went on strike because they were not paid their salaries for December. But who drew attention to the fact that since November 2015 employees of the correctional children's home No. 2 for orphans and children left without parental care in Vladivostok have not received their salaries? And how many more such firms, offices, enterprises where they cut staff and hide it from Primstat, cut wages, and show in the reports that they are increasing?
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