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Need concentration of authority

Need concentration of authority

Deputy Prime Minister, Presidential Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District Yuri Trutnev shared in an interview with Kommersant that the transfer of the powers of a number of departments for the development of the Far East to the Ministry for the Development of the Far East will soon be completed. And this is the immediate task, without which "there is nothing to talk about further." “Next, we must create development institutions. Then they need to be provided with funding, ”he stressed.

Yury Trutnev explained that it is important to concentrate management resources, as "we can not run around Moscow and in turn coordinate each project with the Ministry of Economy, with the Ministry of Transport, with the Ministry of Regional Development and all the rest. If this is hard to do from the position of the minister, it is not easy from the position of the vice-premier, then from an investor's point of view it's easier to die than to do it all. We need concentration of authority. "

According to the plenipotentiary, 170 billion rubles have been allocated to finance the region, this money should be spent "in the horizon of three to five years." 69 billion rubles is the funds required for the functioning of OJSC Far East.

“We considered it based on the end point: in 2024, we must double the GRP of the Far East. Based on the competitive situation around, we need to make growth rates in the 6-6,5% area. In a reverse account, this turns out to be 69 billion. Obviously, these funds are not needed for one year - the ministry prepares calculations according to their development schedule, ”he specified.

Another 100 billion rubles, said the deputy prime minister, funds for the Development Fund for the Far East. Trutnev does not consider that this money is “insane” for solving the task of raising the DFO. According to him, “if we really can achieve the economic growth of the region twice as long as 2024, then this is quite comparable money to this task”.

He noted that all options are being considered for raising funds - “these are funds of the National Welfare Fund, funds of the Reserve Fund, this is the possibility of issuing securities under the state guarantee. If Russian Railways can issue papers for the development of BAM and Transsib, then you can do the same here. ”

To move the Far East forward, it is necessary to learn how to process, get high added value and export what is the natural wealth of our country. According to Trutnev, in most of the DFO regions, not specific projects are planned yet, but only areas of work.

"For example, the manufacture of metal for the production of ships, drilling platforms. The task is not just to dig out the ore and send it, but leave the maximum value added on our territory. It will sound a bit strange, but it seems to me that this is a simple task, "Yury Trutnev said.

In the Far East, they are able to create high-quality, serious products. The Vice Premier cited the production of fifth generation fighters in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, military helicopters in the Far East, which are considered to be among the best in the world. According to him, it is necessary to create conditions for the creation of a unique product - to find a kind of "symbiosis between natural advantages and high-tech exports."

"We can offer foreign companies that want to participate in working with natural resources, create high-tech production in the Russian Federation," Trutnev said.

If the DFO starts to rise economically, then migration tendencies will follow. Trutnev proceeds from the premise that "Russia is a huge country that can not simply be based on one point of development." He is sure that "the points of growth should be in the Far East and in Siberia." Therefore, it does not exclude that a second development center may appear in Russia in the same Primorsky Territory. "If Russia has this second center, it will be more stable. He does not appear now, he will appear beyond the horizon, I'm afraid that not only work but also life. In any case, mine, "- he expressed hope.

Let us recall that the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East proposed the creation of the Far East OJSC and two non-profit agencies to attract investment and develop human capital in the Far Eastern Federal District. At the same time, Trutnev expressed concern about the administrative fragmentation of the region: “A little bit of everyone is engaged in the development of the Far East: the Ministry of Regional Development, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Eastern Development and many others. All fragmentation should be collected in one node ... ".

On the eve of the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed to work out the question of moving offices of state companies to the Far East. "It's about moving head offices, moving workers, and in the case of state-owned companies, transferring the tax base to the Far East," Trutnev explained. A little later it became known that the Rosrybolovstvo was preparing to move from Moscow.

Also, the presidential plenipotentiary in the FEFD stated that the volume of investments in the development of the region before 2020 should reach 3,3 trillion rubles based on the ratio of 10 rubles from private investors to one budget ruble.

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