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Well, what about Sakhalin?

A unique guide to the Sakhalin region was published

Publishing house PressPass opens readers the tourist potential of the Sakhalin region and the Kuril Islands: a new book has appeared in the guide-line "Face to the Sun".

Well, what about Sakhalin?
The only island region in Russia - the Sakhalin region - is of great interest for the tourist. Due to its favorable geographical location and good transport accessibility, Sakhalin developed and developed faster than neighboring regions, so today it can boast not only historical and natural monuments and ethnographic heritage, but also modern world-class tourist infrastructure. The book "Sakhalin. The modern guidebook "(published in Russian and English) tells travelers about unique opportunities in terms of hunting and fishing, sea cruises, hiking tours, gastronomy. The authors of the publishing house share their own experience and offer routes that have been tried on their own.

The book provides detailed and informative information about the ancient culture of the civilization of the Ainu and other indigenous peoples of the region, the monuments of the times of the development of the islands by Russian settlers, the Japanese heritage and the Chekhovian journey, war memorials, numerous lakes, volcanoes, diverse flora and fauna. The Kurile Islands stand apart, each of which is itself a tourist attraction.

“Kunashir is a real find for a traveler,” notes Andranik Agafonov, one of the authors of the book. "On a small piece of land, you can see volcanoes, swim in hot springs, go fishing, taste all the local delicacies and at the same time live in a comfortable hotel room, not in a tent." However, as the authors admit, self-planning of such a trip is not an easy task even for an experienced tourist. In addition to a special pass for visiting the border zone, you must purchase tickets for a ship or flight, as well as agree on accommodation, bypassing all intermediaries that overstate the cost. “We tried to tell as much as possible about all the intricacies of trips to Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands in order to open this wonderful world to other travelers,” Andranik notes. “I hope our guide will allow the reader to avoid possible mistakes when making itineraries.”

The development of tourism on Sakhalin is highlighted by the regional government among the priority areas. “Those who love extreme, ethnographic, recreational and gastronomic tours will find something interesting for themselves. Traveling for every taste is our great advantage over many regions not only of the Far East, but also of the whole country, ”emphasizes the governor of the Sakhalin region Oleg Kozhemyako. Today the region’s largest mountain-skiing complex “Mountain Air” operates in the region, which meets all international standards and attracts tourists from all over the Asia-Pacific region. A large number of good hotels, restaurants, and high transport accessibility have been created. All this allows us to confidently say that the tourist attractiveness of Sakhalin will only grow. The modernization of the sea passenger port in Korsakov will make it possible to receive cruise liners, which will give an even greater increase in tourist flow.

According to the governor, investment projects in the sphere of tourism will become a new impetus to the development of cultural and educational spheres, health care and other aspects of life in the region. That is why the book was presented at the stand of the Sakhalin region during the third Eastern Economic Forum - in addition to tourism potential, it also tells about the economic potential, reveals the investment attractiveness of the region.

The book "Sakhalin. A modern guidebook "will help attract new visitors to the region - the publishing house is confident. "They say the theater starts with a hanger. And tourism begins with a beautiful picture, - says Alexey Litvinov, CEO of Presspass. - And we give the reader such a picture. Flipping through our books, a person is ready to travel thousands of kilometers to see with his own eyes those beauties that we are telling about. "

A series of Far Eastern guidebooks "Face to the Sun" this year replenished with three editions. In addition to Sakhalin, the editors of the publishing house visited Chukotka, and also updated and reissued their first book-a common one throughout the Far East. Soon, a book devoted to the Khabarovsk Territory should be published. "Interest in the Far East from year to year is growing," said Alexei Litvinov. "We are glad that we can tell the reader about the insanely interesting and unique part of our country, which, unfortunately, remains a curiosity for tourists up to the present day." Alexei Litvinov notes that the publishing house is working with regional authorities to promote tourism on the eastern borders of Russia. "We are very grateful to our partners for the support provided, without it we could not so clearly and fully present the tourism opportunities of the Far Eastern subjects."

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