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New year of life: Sberbank is waiting for big projects and new customers

Heads of offices in the Far East told about the successes achieved and new goals

Sberbank 12 November marks an important date for itself - 177 marks its anniversary since the establishment of savings banks in Russia. This date was considered the birthday of Sberbank. Before the holiday, EastRussia learned from the bank managers in the Far East about the successes achieved this year, new goals and plans.

New year of life: Sberbank is waiting for big projects and new customers

Managing director of the Birobidzhan branch of Sberbank, Alexey Zarubin

Zarubin A.Е..JPG

- Alexey Evgenievich, with what main results for the branch do you approach the Day of Sberbank?

- Since the beginning of the year, we have been growing in all banking markets. In addition, we implemented several social projects: we installed a workout platform for residents of Obluchye, we are conducting a whole pool of activities within the framework of the Lean Polyclinic project to improve the provision of healthcare services in the hospitals of the Jewish Autonomous Region - we train doctors and registrars to reduce the time for providing services. A good project was implemented with the MFC - the provision of acquiring services. On the territory of Russia, we are the third region where we have implemented this service at the MFC. Now we are at the beginning of our journey, while we have carried out several operations, but the most important thing is that technically it worked out. Now we need to extend this project to the main settlements of the Jewish Autonomous Region, where this service will be in demand among citizens.

- What points of cooperation between Sberbank and the government do you see for the development of your region?

- Traditionally, for several years in a row we have been a partner of the Government of the Jewish Autonomous Region, cooperating in the direction of financing the regional economy. We will continue to work in this direction, as well as in the implementation of our projects with the MFC, and the “Lean Polyclinic”. We will also continue to work to improve the financial literacy of the population. Here our role is very important, and the JAR government very much hopes for us on our joint work: visits to settlements, holding seminars, working with people in villages. We will continue to further make comfortable the provision of services in small towns.

- How do you see the new year of Sberbank?

- Absolutely positive look at the dynamics of life in the JAR and the activities of Sberbank. We are waiting for the growth of the loan portfolio, more intensive work with entrepreneurs, with business. The loan portfolio of large and medium-sized businesses over the 2018 year, we have grown in 1,8 times - this is a very good growth. We are waiting for growth in large business: the completion of the Nizhne-Leninskoe-Tunjiang bridge, the emergence of logistics centers near it, and the development of the mining industry.

- Designate the main directions of personal development for your employees in the coming year?

- First of all, self-development. Employees need to understand that we are not a school, not an institution - no one will force them to receive new knowledge and skills. It is necessary to understand that employees need to be able to reorient themselves in time, acquire other skills and not be afraid of it. In order for an employee to be in demand by the system, you need to develop. From the point of view of personal growth from colleagues I want maturity, an understanding of this issue.

- What can you say about the potential of the department?

- I see that the Sberbank’s Birobidzhan branch has potential, and the region does not stand still, the population’s wages are rising, there is also a loan portfolio, and there is potential for growth. There is room for development, especially since our market shares are not the highest, especially in acquiring salary projects.


Head of the Chukotka branch of Sberbank Alexander Semerikov

Semerikov A..JPG

- Alexander Alexandrovich, tell us about the results of the final year of Sberbank’s life in your branch. What projects could realize?

- This year we had an important event - we launched a new office in Anadyr. It is fully consistent with the requirements of today and the standards adopted in the bank. At the opening they staged a real concert for the residents. Also, despite the fact that the Internet is served via satellite and its quality is much worse, we still develop non-cash payments and are working on the “Non-cash Chukotka” program, we have already achieved certain success - in Anadyr you can completely do without cash and after the transition to the MIR system, residents of many villages received for the first time bank cards, for example, herders. Now they can make any monetary transaction. This is something we can be proud of.

- What new points of interaction with local authorities do you see for the development of the region?

- We will be more actively introducing a service system over the Internet in remote villages. We will work more with online payments, especially on payments for utility services. We very often meet with the head of the financial department and we carry out all the tasks that the Chukotka government sets for us in the first place.

- What goals do you set for yourself in the new year of Sberbank's life?

- The main task is to do everything to make our customers happy. Sometimes there are questions that seem insignificant, but when you start to dive into them, a new product appears or the qualities of an existing product improve. This is very important, because when you treat your customers with a soul and get joy from having solved some difficult task, you get a result and an incentive to work further.

- What qualities of personal development do you want to see in your employees in the coming year?

- Responsibility for the team, for its development, as well as for the territory. Previously, we did not feel this, we were responsible only for our business, but now we understand that if there is no growth in the territory, then we will have nowhere to move. Thanks to the development of Chukotka, we are doing joint projects with key customers and are developing ourselves.

- How do you set tasks for your department for the future?

- In the five years that I spent in Chukotka, we have increased income tenfold, and now I wonder “What next?”. We thought about finding areas in which you can quickly increase your profitability and offer your customers a good product. Now the third TOR is opening - the copper deposit, which was not previously launched due to the high cost of electricity. Now the tariffs have been revised, and the project has become super profitable, a company from Kazakhstan enters it. We are looking at similar projects and are considering how to increase the efficiency of the territory together with the government of Chukotka.

Head of the Primorsky Branch of Sberbank Sergey Radyushkin

Sergey Radyushkin.jpg

- Sergey, tell us about the main results of your branch before Sberbank Day.

- This year we have implemented many projects, including in cooperation with the regional government. For example, we are now installing new acquiring equipment in public transport and even on the funicular of Vladivostok, in order to fully provide it with non-cash payment methods and end the cash epic in urban transport. On the eve of the WEF, we worked with the authorities on projects to improve the urban environment. For example, we developed and installed a smart stop, which is provided by a Wi-Fi router, an interactive board indicating the movement of vehicles, and you can also charge the phone there. We hope that this will be the impetus for the development of such projects in the city. We worked a lot in the sports area: we held various tournaments, organized the traditional “Green Marathon”, more than two thousand people took part in it this year. They actively participated in the events of the Central Bank, many forces invested in the social environment, for example, organized for the pupils of the sponsored Artyomovsky children's home two trips to the Maritime Stage of the Mariinsky Theater. The children were actually dedicated to the mystery of the theater: they moved behind the curtain, showed how the process of preparing, organizing and conducting the play looks like. In the business direction, they opened the Service Delivery Center, where any entrepreneur can register a legal entity, obtain a number of public services, register a land plot, real estate objects and immediately receive the full range of banking services.

- Are there any new ideas for joint development of the region with the administration of Primorye?

- With the administration of the region, we always have an extensive program of interaction, which concerns not only business areas, but also the social sphere - this is our sponsored orphanage, these are communications with societies of people with health characteristics. In this direction, we are looking at how we can be useful, and what projects we can implement to create an inclusive environment in Primorye. Another area is the urban environment. In Vladivostok, overloaded with motor transport, there are issues related to road management, with the organization of space. We will work in these directions, but there is one more vector - public-private partnership. There we see possible directions for the construction of schools, kindergartens. I think that in the near future we will find the right combination that will allow us to start implementing these projects.

- How do you see the new year of Sberbank for your branch?

- I think that the new year of Sberbank will be even more active and interesting. Our task is to integrate as much as possible into the regional development strategy, propose a solution to various problems of the territory and together with the authorities gradually, smoothly, but rather actively improve the lives of our citizens.

- What areas of personal development of the branch employees in the new year of Sberbank’s life will be the most important?

- Readiness for change. The speed of transformations that take place in the region, in general, in the country's economy and in the bank, since we cannot but adjust to these processes, is high. Our employees must be prepared for this. The second direction important in my team is the system of mentoring and acceptance. This is necessary so that in the new changing conditions we can always have a personnel reserve, good specialists and managers who are ready to take one position or another when the opportunity arises. And one more important direction is self-education. We have many joint projects with FEFU, big plans for cooperation with other universities of Primorye.

- What can you say about the potential of the department, what is your department of the future?

- I always say that the potential is limitless, so our task is to work on ourselves every day and improve our business and company. Then we will be able to realize these opportunities and achieve success. And my department of the future is a department in the state in which it is now: strong leaders, enthusiastic and competent specialists, ready to work in a team and achieve results, regardless of any external or internal factors.


Head of Kamchatka Branch of Sberbank Sergey Latyshev

Sergey Latyshev.jpg

- What projects did your branch manage to realize on Sberbank Day?

- It is pleasant to note that today we are financing 19 investment projects in the region in the amount of five billion rubles, implemented by large, medium and small businesses. With the participation of the bank, five fish processing plants and a pig farm were built and modernized, six ships were acquired, two shopping and entertainment centers were being built. Five fishing companies received guarantees of the bank in the amount of 2,5 billion rubles to participate in the auction for investment quotas for fishing.

Kamchatka Branch of Sberbank financed the purchase of fuel for the winter season of remote areas. We actively cooperate with the administration of the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. In addition to financing the city budget in the amount of 800 million rubles, a joint project was implemented to install the sculptural composition “Family of Sivuchey” on one of the main squares of the city. For this social project, the Kamchatka Branch was awarded a diploma of the annual Prize Award.

- What points of cooperation with the regional government do you see for the development of the territory?

- For us, an important point of cooperation with the government of the Kamchatka Territory is the creation of a favorable financial climate for the development of small and medium-sized businesses in the region, the implementation of new technologies and products of the bank for the development of the regional economy, and active interaction of the bank with the business community for using various forms of state support with the financing of small and medium enterprises.

This year, we opened 1,5 thousand accounts to new customers in a “day to day” mode. When lending to 22 clients, the guarantees of the Guarantee Fund of the Kamchatka Territory are used, the volume of loans issued with the participation of the Guarantee Fund - 600 million rubles. With the active participation of Sberbank, various forms of state support (the Development Fund of the Far East and the Baikal Region, the SME loan and guarantee stimulation program, the MED and XRUM program, the Agricultural Producers Support Program No. 6,5) benefited 1528 clients, the total amount of funding amounted to 15 billion rubles.

Sberbank's employees inform businesspeople at round tables for small and microbusiness customers, which we organize for free for clients at least once a quarter, about the possibilities of the bank and forms of state support.

- What are your expectations from the new year of Sberbank life?

- I see the New Year of Sberbank in Kamchatka in further sustainable development together with the region’s economy. The main task will be to meet the needs of our customers and partners, improve the quality of service, accelerate service and decision-making processes, create a positive investment climate in the region, and retool key industries in the Kamchatka Territory. We will continue to continue social support, to participate in joint projects with the authorities and the business community.

- What are the main directions of personal development for your employees in the coming year?

- In my opinion, personal development is the most important element of progress not only in the professional field, but also outside the bank, in the family, among friends, and within society. We have always paid special attention to the development of the team in many areas and competencies, we help our employees to jointly determine growth areas, and help to develop development plans. Each of our colleagues may have and have their own directions, but I, as the head of a service organization, more often recommend developing client-centricity, cooperation and systems thinking. These competencies make it possible to get the most positive customer response and jointly improve life around them.

- What is the potential of the department and what is it, your department of the future?

- The Kamchatka branch of Sberbank has already done a lot in its development, but much more needs to be done. Personally, I see our branch, like Sberbank as a whole, as such an organization where a client can satisfy the widest range of his needs and not only financial ones, for this purpose we form an ecosystem and study client experience. The bank must be comfortable, fast and change the needs of customers and the environment.


Nataliya Leidman, Sberbank Sberbank Manager, South Sakhalin Branch

Natalia Leidman.jpg

- Tell us, what are the main results for the branch approaching the Day of Sberbank?

- First, this is an increase in the availability of financial services on Sakhalin. The coverage of residents of the island region with financial services has increased by 30% over the past two years. Today, more than seven thousand POS-terminals, electronic devices with which you can pay for goods and services in a cashless way, are installed in retail outlets and institutions of the region. A lot of work is being done to modernize the fleet of self-service bank devices: we have updated the software, expanded the functionality of ATMs.

In Kholmsk, an electronic fare payment was launched. It has made the fare payment process more convenient and faster for both cardholders and carriers. Transport companies can now reduce operating costs, improve the quality of service, and integrate, if necessary, into a single system several types of public transport. Also this year we have implemented the possibility of obtaining state and municipal services for legal entities and entrepreneurs in the Sberbank branch in the Stolitsa business center. Such a neighborhood helps Sakhalin entrepreneurs save time: now in one place you can perform banking operations and receive a wide range of state and municipal services. Extracts from the cadastral service and the Federal State Register Service, as well as the issues of obtaining permits, licenses, subsidies, are especially in demand among business representatives

- What topics for cooperation with the regional government do you see for the development of your region?

- Sberbank is the main creditor of the island economy and plays a leading role in the regional market for deposits and mortgage lending. We plan to participate in Sakhalin projects, including those related to the extraction and processing of aquatic biological resources. To improve the investment climate on the island, the regional government and Sberbank strive to create a comfortable environment for entrepreneurs, primarily for small and medium-sized businesses.

- What, in your opinion, are the main directions of personal development for the employees of the department for the coming year?

- In our bank, thanks to the assessment process, each employee has the opportunity to receive feedback on his competencies from management, as well as from colleagues in his department and related areas. Based on the results of the assessment, employees form individual development plans for the required competencies. Today, the focus of development is emotional intelligence, adaptability, communication skills, as well as the ability to work with large volumes of information and creative problem solving. Also considerable attention is paid to the development of digital skills.


Head of the North-Eastern Branch of Sberbank Oleg Bugay

Бугай Олег Анатольевич.jpg

- With what important results does your branch approach Sberbank Day? What projects have you been able to implement?

- The largest project in the direction of "Corporate business" at our department is the issuance of an investment loan for a project that involves the construction of a gold recovery plant with a capacity of about 200 thousand tons of ore per year. For the first time, perhaps, we have issued an investment loan not to a federal-scale company, but to our local regional business for the development of ore gold. This project is very important for the Magadan Region, as it will allow to get away from the classic mining of alluvial gold, which is tied to a “short” season. I am sure that the implementation of the Shturmovsky site project will lay a good start for the development of local business in the direction of the development of ore fields. We, in turn, relying on the valuable experience of this investment project, will be ready to help implement such undertakings for the Kolyma business.

- What points of cooperation between Sberbank and the government do you see for the development of the region?

- In the fourth quarter, together with the government of the Magadan Region, we launched an interesting project to disseminate modern technologies and tools for effective management, in which we share with colleagues from the government technologies and tools, the bank's experience in effective management. This year Sberbank was also included in the expert council under the regional governor to develop a strategy for the development of the region. This is a large project, new for the Far East, so we have an interesting and intense work ahead of us.

We pay great attention to improving the financial literacy of the population. So, we donated this year to the city Library to them. Kuvaeva collection of books from the Sberbank library. Now the most important trend is self-education. And the books from our collection provide a unique opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge on the development of leadership, emotional intelligence and modern technology. We want every resident of Magadan to have access to the best practices of successful people and leading authors of the world. The books we donated are able to tune the reader to self-improvement and disclosure of inner potential.

- What do you expect from the new year of Sberbank?

- The New Year in the life of Sberbank, for me, will definitely be associated with the implementation of the strategy that Sberbank approved in Altai. This will be the main path of work. We will work out a new product line that comes to us with a new strategy. The year promises to be very interesting.

- Mark the main directions of personal development for your employees for the coming year.

- As for the issue of personal development for my employees, I can say that we are not lagging behind the trend in digital skills. I think that this is a mandatory program that you need to go through in order to understand and understand new digital technologies. 

- What can you say about the potential of the department, what is it, your department of the future?

- The potential of the department in the new year is quite large. The projects that I have already announced above, and the implementation of a high-quality strategy for the region, and the development of new investment projects that will be aimed not only at gold mining, but also at the development of other sectors of the region's economy, are creating a backlog for him. We keep our finger on the pulse, we are ready to develop ourselves and help the region and business to develop. 


Head of the head office in the Khabarovsk Territory of Sberbank Sergey Yurchenko


- What are the main results of the Khabarovsk branch approaching the 177 anniversary of Sberbank?

- Our most valuable asset is not offices and not even banking products, but professional and enthusiastic employees. Qualitatively develop a project, structure a complex transaction, provide daily banking services to thousands of clients, and help small businesses to enter the market - these are not all the tasks we successfully cope with every day.

This year we launched a long-awaited transport project, thanks to which the opportunity to pay for travel by cards on bus routes and trams. Today we see the first results. The total turnover exceeded 66 million rubles. The terminals are equipped with 600 of Khabarovsk public transport, which is almost 85% of the city’s fleet. The plans are to expand the availability of non-cash payment to the territory of the entire Khabarovsk Territory.

We continue to improve customer service conditions and actively reformat the branch network: this year alone, more 20 bank branches in the Khabarovsk Territory were modernized, almost half of them were offices in remote areas (Tyrma village, Suluk settlement, Lazarev village, Chlya village). , Khurba settlement, Khurmuli settlement, Evoron settlement, Gorin settlement). We also opened the fourth Mortgage Lending Center in the region, the main principle of which is to solve customer issues in the “One Window” format.

They took an active part in the fourth Eastern Economic Forum, where they signed a landmark agreement with a large agricultural enterprise of the Far East - Sporos LLC. The funding provided by us is already being used for the construction of a seed breeding center. Also, major contracts were signed with Khabarovsk Cold Storage Co., on the allocation of funds for the construction of an industrial refrigerator in Khabarovsk TDD, with StroyDorService LLC, a road-building company, as well as RFP Group, the largest timber industry holding in Siberia and the Far East of Russia . In order to reduce the interest rate, our staff conducted an examination and offered a non-standard option that allowed us to satisfy our client’s request and reduce the cost of the loan. This was achieved thanks to lending not in the usual Russian currency - rubles, but in Japanese yen.

- What points of cooperation between Sberbank and the government do you see for the development of the region?

- We work with the government of the Khabarovsk Territory within the framework of a signed cooperation agreement. Among the joint projects I want to highlight the work on leasing of air transport for the enterprise "Khabavialinia". It is planned to purchase cargo and passenger aircraft that will fly to the northern regions of the region.

The government of the Khabarovsk Territory is heading for the development of entrepreneurship and the social environment of the region. These are our priorities too, so next year we see a year of new active development of SMEs. We build our strategy in such a way as to make bank services for clients as accessible as possible. To give them the opportunity to solve any issues remotely, starting with the opening of a current account and receiving loans, placing deposits, issuing guarantees at the right time for them and in a place convenient for them.

On the basis of our office "Pushkinsky" opened the center for the provision of services for business. This is the same MFC, only in the office of the bank oriented specifically to legal entities. Having come to the bank, you can not only get banking products, but also register a new business, get Rosreestr services, issue licenses and much more. A full list of this service can be found on our website. In addition, we have reduced the list of documents required for opening an account. For example, for an entrepreneur, only a passport is sufficient; the bank itself requests the remaining documents from the tax authority.

At the same time, the main need we see in entrepreneurs is high-quality education and the development of financial literacy skills. The educational environment of knowledge and services for business “Business Environment” has been restarted. It presents the most complete database of content and services needed by both a novice and an existing entrepreneur. In addition to training, here the entrepreneur will find a marketplace of services and services for doing business: CRM – systems, financial products, legal services, website designers, systems for advertising on the Internet, online bookkeeping, etc. At the same time, the information is updated and supplemented in a timely manner, which allows you to always be in the subject of all changes as part of your business.                                                                                                                                                              

- Tell us about your expectations, how do you see the new year of Sberbank life?

- In the near future plans are to continue work on reformatting the branch network, developing remote service channels, strengthening the bank’s position in the payroll project market. Big plans are associated with the development of lending and servicing small businesses and corporate clients. Here our potential is great enough.

We will definitely keep all our traditionally strong points - proximity to customers, reliability, versatility. We will strengthen them with the opportunities offered by new technologies. For example, accessibility, which is reflected in our slogan “Always near,” used to mean, first of all, the very close accessibility of offices and their extensive branch network. Now another technological component is added to this: “Always near” now means “Bank in your pocket”, in other words, a bank in a tablet, smartphone, or laptop. Now people need not so much banks as banking services. Now you do not need to go to the bank to use its services - internet banking and mobile banking are rapidly developing. Our client has the opportunity at any second to use the services of Sberbank, and we, understanding what product for it will be especially relevant for now, offer it through a mobile application.

- Designate the main directions of development for your employees for the coming year?

- To create better conditions for clients, we need experienced and motivated employees, the result of each of which becomes an important contribution to the common cause. Sberbank is not only a bank, but also a modern IT company. We betray the enormous importance of digital-competence of employees, as well as the development of empathy and emotional intelligence when working with clients, while continuing to develop their profile qualities. Modern technologies are gaining the banking market, and we strive not only to follow them, but to be the first to participate in their development and create the best customer experience.

- What can you say about the potential of the department, what is it, your department of the future?

- manufacturability, speed, professionalism and convenience for customers - thus, Sberbank today sees interaction with customers. We must make sure that the residents and guests of our region are able to get any service they need available, quickly, efficiently and effectively in any form and place convenient for them. We are working to be a modern and innovative company, and yet, despite the global automation of business processes, we remain people who openly and honestly continue to work with their clients.

Head of the Blagoveshchensk Branch of Sberbank Sergey Isachkin

Isachkin Sergey Mikhailovich.jpg

- What are the main results for the branch you approach the Day of Sberbank?

- The results of our activity are in direct parallel with the results of the work of the regional government, the economy of the region is growing - and we have a good forecast. Thus, this year we have financed a number of major projects for the development of the sectoral economy. With regard to the development of service, two years ago we piloted the project "Turquoise organizations" based on three offices in Blagoveshchensk. This year we can summarize: we have received employees with developed, mature thinking, high self-awareness to participate in charitable projects. The teams of these offices regularly “on their own enthusiasm” help orphanages, boarding schools for the hearing impaired, nursing homes, and participate in activities to improve the financial literacy of schoolchildren. At the same time, the behavioral culture and customer-centricity of the Turquoise Offices employees have become much higher. Today we are successfully broadcasting the experience gained to other offices, and we are already seeing the results - positive feedback from clients.

In addition, during the year we reformatted several service offices in the district network and plan to open two completely new offices - in the village of Chigiri and the village of Ustivanovka. Our projects are one way or another focused on the socio-economic development of the region.

- And what new points of cooperation between Sberbank and the government do you see for the development of the region?

- Development zones are vast, ranging from the support of a sectoral economy to the solution of social issues and charity. Among the plans for the upcoming period are cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and owners of the agrarian business to subsidize interest rates, finance agribusiness projects, and develop leasing.

It is also worth noting the implementation in the region of a joint pilot project with the Central Bank to expand the availability of financial services for rural residents. As part of this pilot, the ability to withdraw cash from cards at the cash desks of stores has been implemented. The first agency points were opened in the village of Vostochny Tyndinsky District and in the village of Vasilyevka, Belogorsky District. In the future, the list of services will be expanded through payments. Customers appreciated this opportunity. Next year, together with the Central Bank and the regional government, work will be carried out to expand the coverage area of ​​this service.

We cooperate with the government of the region in the exchange of experience on implemented projects. Among the joint plans is the “Hybrid MFC” project, when self-service devices in the MFC are replaced by merchant acquiring terminals; transport project - installation of acquiring terminals in public transport; billing in education - payment of educational services and nutrition of schoolchildren through the personal account of the Sberbank Online application.

Another important area is the holding of Financial Literacy Days among the population and small and medium-sized businesses in the Amur Region: various lectures at universities, colleges, meetings with entrepreneurs, work with business councils.

- Tell us about your expectations from the new year of Sberbank?

- The new year will definitely be with our customers. We intend to back up all the declared projects and statements with actions - to develop, to provide services at a high level and with a long-term perspective. For us, this is a year of speed and quality. We plan to seriously strengthen the services of a small business.

- Designate the main directions of personal development for your employees in the coming year?

- Our main resource is people, employees who meet the client in the office every day, select the best service and find answers to all the questions that arise. It is in their improvement that we are ready to invest. The main focus of development is on the quality of communication, the provision of services.

- What can you say about the potential of the department, what is it, your department of the future?

- First of all, it is a modern organization that meets all the requirements and expectations of the client, while being ready for an individual approach. An organization whose main goal is development along with the economy of the region, a symbiotic partnership. We are the main taxpayers of the region and strive to be among the top three organizations that make a tangible contribution to the development of the territory. The better we work, the greater the benefit for the Amur region.

We are open to clients - existing, and those who only make the choice of a partner bank, and strive to become for our client exactly that branch of the future, with a full service of services that meet all the requirements.

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