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New business opportunities

What did Sberbank offer to entrepreneurs of the Far East at VEF-2018

New products and solutions for business, as well as the latest developments in the field of innovative technologies, were presented by Sberbank at the 4th Eastern Economic Forum (WEF), held on September 11-13 in Vladivostok. In particular, there was a presentation of the new online course "120 seconds" from the company "Business Environment" - Russia's first product for entrepreneurs, which provides ready-made solutions from business practitioners in two minutes. What agreements did Sberbank conclude at VEF-2018, where they teach the digital economy and what new method of versification was presented by the largest bank of Russia - in the EastRussia survey.

New business opportunities
Foreign cooperation

Since the financial services system is an important factor in unlocking export potential and increasing export volumes, Sberbank is ready to provide companies in the Far Eastern regions of Russia with export potential with the services of their own business services ecosystem. These include specialized foreign economic services: currency control, consulting on foreign economic activity, search and verification of the reliability of business partners, conversion operations, trade financing, as well as traditional banking services and Sberbank Business Online.

A significant part of Sberbank's services to participants in foreign economic activity is provided by the Bank of Business Partners ( This is the first open free electronic platform in Russia for finding contractors, suppliers and buyers around the world. It includes the provision of analytical materials on the state of world markets of interest to the foreign trade participant, training, search for partners and the organization of business meetings, exhibitions and foreign advertising campaigns, certification, logistics, targeted subsidies and turnkey currency control. The platform has already posted over 7 thousand offers and more than 14 thousand registered users from 129 countries, including Russia, China, USA, India and Great Britain. In addition, the Bank of Business Partners platform is intended to become one of the instruments for increasing Russian exports to the countries of the Asia-Pacific Region (APR), as well as a platform for interaction between companies and enterprises of Russia and the Republic of Korea in accordance with the memorandum of cooperation between Sberbank and the Korean Trade and Investment Promotion Agency.

Within the framework of another agreement, between Sberbank and the Russian Export Center, it is planned to implement joint initiatives and create tools for entrepreneurs aimed at creating favorable conditions for Russian exports, which will help develop the business of Russian companies abroad.

Also within the framework of the WEF, a Russian-Chinese business breakfast was held at the Sberbank site, at which the largest Russian and Chinese companies (Huawei, ZTE, China National Petroleum Corporation, China Mobile, Rostelecom, ECH Group, Petropavlovsk Ferrous Metallurgy and others) discussed the prospects for multilateral cooperation on projects in the Far East and Siberia. It is worth noting that in 2017, the largest of the Asia-Pacific countries, Sberbank's customers were exported to China, amounting to $ 1,5 billion.
Business and agriculture support

Sberbank expanded cooperation with the business of the Far East within the framework of the WEF and signed a number of agreements with its representatives confirming the agreements of the parties regarding the financing of projects implemented in the region.

Thus, the signed agreement on strategic cooperation with Aurora JSC is aimed at deepening the partnership established between the company and the bank, and provides for the exchange of experience in building operational processes, risk management and project activities.

Another trilateral agreement between the Far Eastern Bank Sberbank, IRC Limited and Sberbank Investments LLC provides for comprehensive cooperation in the areas of lending, investment banking, analytical and informational support.

In addition, Sberbank will finance the construction of a plant for the production of soybean seeds in the town of Bikin, Khabarovsk Territory. An agreement on this was signed between Sberbank, the Government of the Khabarovsk Territory and the large agricultural enterprise of the Far East - LLC Sporos. The design capacity of the enterprise will be 15 thousand tons of seeds per year, the total sown area - 12 thousand hectares, half of which will be used for seed crops. Sporos plans to provide Khabarovsk and Primorsky Krai, Amur and Jewish Autonomous Region with elite seeds of soybeans, corn and barley.

Sberbank also concluded an agreement on transshipment of goods in the Far East with Transhimexport LLC, which implies the participation of the bank in the implementation of promising projects of this holding. These include financing the reconstruction of the East Ural terminal in Wrangel Bay, as well as the construction of an industrial agricultural cluster with a total cost of projects of at least 40 billion rubles.

The agreement with the Pacific Investment Group (“TIGR”) is aimed at developing a strategic partnership that includes investments in projects in various sectors of the economy of the Far East. Earlier, Sberbank had already provided financing to the TIGR group of companies for the acquisition of a fishing vessel and a company engaged in the extraction of aquatic biological resources, as well as financing for the construction of three residential complexes in the Primorsky Territory. The agreement provides for the expansion of economic cooperation and participation of the bank in the implementation of projects of the TIGR group of companies.
In addition to cooperation with individual companies, Sberbank intends to develop mortgage, infrastructure and small business in the Far East together with the Russian Federation Ministry for the Development of the Far East and the authorities of the Magadan region and Primorsky Krai. Representatives of the ministry, heads of constituent entities of the Russian Federation and the bank agreed on the possibility of financing projects in the field of housing construction and capital repairs of houses, road construction, improvement of human settlements, housing and communal services reform, construction of social, sports, tourism, logistics and other real estate facilities. This involves the use of concession schemes and public-private partnerships. In addition, it is proposed to develop programs for providing citizens with housing (including mortgage lending programs at a lower interest rate), defining criteria for participation in state programs of certain categories of citizens, sizes and forms of state financial support.
Education and science
The first Russian School of Digital Economy of the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) was opened at the EEF, in which Sberbank acted as a key partner in one of the master's programs - Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. As part of the agreement signed with FEFU, Sberbank participates in the development of the program content, provides internships for students and purchases the necessary equipment.

During the training program "Artificial Intelligence and Big Data", students will learn the latest technology of machine learning, Big Data and artificial intelligence, methods for analyzing sound, images and text, learn how to develop applications for solving managerial and scientific problems.
Together with other representatives of the business community, Sberbank took an active part in concretizing the government program for the digital economy. According to experts, the trend of digitalization of assets, especially in the field of finance, has become irreversible. Cryptocurrencies, like stocks or futures, have already begun to reflect the value of any objects of civilian circulation. Transforming part of assets to digital enterprises will allow enterprises of the Far East region not only to reduce the costs of operations with counterparties, but also to attract large investors to the economy.
Free educational programs for entrepreneurs launch the Business Environment (a subsidiary of Sberbank), the Khabarovsk Territory, the Jewish Autonomous Region and the Chukotka Autonomous Region. The project is implemented within the framework of the state strategy for the development of small and medium-sized businesses up to 2030, and is aimed at increasing the number of medium and small enterprises in the country. Businessmen will be trained in the following programs: Internet marketing, new products, personal efficiency, business packaging, scaling, foreign trade, effective sales, management system and finance.
Meanwhile, the number of participants in the federal program of Sberbank and Google Business Class exceeded 300 thousand people. Residents of 46 regions of Russia actively cooperate with this program. In the Far East region, 12 people have joined the program. Business Class is a program for the development of entrepreneurial competencies in the format of short video lectures, master classes, meetings with experts, work with a mentor, tests and additional assignments. Experienced entrepreneurs will be able to analyze a business model, identify its strengths and weaknesses, and evaluate financial performance. Beginners will learn how to find and test their business idea, build workflows, and develop a business plan. The course materials were prepared by leading Russian entrepreneurs and business experts.

For children and engineers
Sberbank summed up the results of the ClassicAI competition on data research and artificial intelligence and presented artificial intelligence algorithms at EEF-2018 that stylize texts into works of Russian classical poets. Poems - with expression and appropriate facial expressions - are "read" by a robot avatar, which is an experimental AI interface. He can "express" emotions, take on different forms and move his head after the interlocutor. The project is part of Sberbank's research on finding new solutions in the field of emotional robotic interfaces and scenarios for their interaction with humans.
Also at the VEF, Sberbank launched the BRICS Children's Olympiad in Mathematics. It was launched simultaneously in Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The competition is being held by the Russian educational platform with the support of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives. Participation in them is free, and the online format allows each child to express themselves, regardless of their level of preparation, social or geographical position. Assignments are available in 15 languages: Russian, English, Chinese, Portuguese, Hindi, as well as in all official languages ​​of South Africa. To participate enough computer or tablet with Internet access.
But in addition to intellectual competitions, Sberbank became a partner and Up Great technology competitions initiated by RVC JSC, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) and the Skolkovo Foundation as part of the implementation of the National Technology Initiative. As part of this project, Sberbank will take part in the formation of competitive tasks, provide its infrastructure for holding tenders, and will also facilitate the involvement of Russian engineering teams. The Sberbank Robotics Laboratory will provide advisory and organizational support for the competitions. Up Great technological contests are a new for Russia format of open engineering contests in which teams are invited to find breakthrough solutions to the most complex technological problems of global scale. The winner of the competition receives a large cash prize for the demonstration of a clear and repeatable decision of the competition task before the expert jury and the general public. The prize fund of each competition ranges from 60 to 175 million rubles.
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