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New Gateway to the North

Resident of ASEZ "Yakutia" is building a cargo terminal in the village of Nizhny Bestyakh

The northeast of Russia throughout its history has been distinguished by a very complex transport scheme. The solution of logistic problems in the Far North requires precision in calculations and solutions from the performers. Literally everything has to be taken into account, starting with weather conditions along the entire route. The extreme high cost of air cargo transportation made river transport the most important factor in ensuring the vital activity of northern settlements in Yakutia. During the short navigation period, which lasts from May to October, the river fleet manages to transport more than one million tons of cargo to 30 regions of the republic. These are socially significant foodstuffs, as well as coal, oil and fuels and lubricants.

New Gateway to the North
Photo: provided by the company "Cargo Terminal Nizhny Bestyakh"

At the beginning of 2020, a large investment project, which will be implemented in the Megino-Kangalassky region of the republic, became part of the territory of advanced development "Yakutia". The cargo terminal in the village of Nizhniy Bestyakh is designed to alleviate the problem of importing vital cargo to the Arctic, which has become relevant in recent decades due to the shallowing of the Lena River - one of the main transport arteries of Yakutia.


Back in Soviet times, a scheme was developed for transshipment and dispatch of northern cargoes through the Osetrovsky river port located in the Irkutsk region. Over the past decades, the well-oiled logistic system began to malfunction due to the abnormal shallowing of the Lena River. In this situation, the authorities of Yakutia faced the question of transferring the transshipment complex downstream.

In 2012, the development of a concept for the development of a new transport and logistics hub in the village of Nizhniy Bestyakh, located opposite Yakutsk, on the right bank of the Lena River, began. The choice of the location was not accidental - it is here that the terminal railway station of the Amuro-Yakutsk highway is located, the federal highways "Lena" and "Kolyma", as well as the highway of republican significance "Amga", join. In the warm season, the village and the capital of the republic are connected by river transport, and in winter the ice crossing begins.

“Construction of a cargo terminal in the village of Nizhniy Bestyakh started in winter 2017. The founder of the project is the Lena United River Shipping Company (LORP). Construction of the first stage of the terminal facilities lasted a year and a half. During the construction process, the most modern technologies and special equipment were used, similar to those used for the construction of the Crimean bridge, ”says Vasily Brenev, General Director of Cargo Terminal Nizhny Bestyakh LLC.

To date, a 100-meter long quay has been built. In addition, the project provides for the construction of another 200 meters of the embankment downstream of the river. Two cranes with a lifting capacity of 32 tons each have been installed and commissioning is already underway.



The investment portfolio of the project is 3,19 billion rubles, it is planned to employ 190 people, the total capacity of the terminal will be two million tons of cargo per year. The project is scheduled to be completed in 2023.

When a railway line is brought to the quay, direct transshipment of containers, equipment, and bulk materials will be established. According to the head of the terminal, this will reduce transport costs, both for the northern delivery and for other senders and recipients of goods, since the need for road transport from the railway to the berth with further loading on river vessels disappears.

“For example, shipping one container will be about 15% cheaper,” says Brenev.

In addition to the construction of a railway line, it is planned to build several sites with a total area of ​​40 square meters. meters for the storage of bulk materials - coal, sand, gravel and crushed stone. By the way, it is coal from Dzhebariki-Khay and Sangarskoye deposits that will become the main cargo that will follow in the opposite direction from the cargo terminal in the village of Nizhny Bestyakh. Only at the initial stage, an annual quota for transportation of more than 000 thousand tons is provided.



The status of a resident of the Yakutia ASEZ will allow the cargo terminal in Nizhny Bestyakh to speed up the project implementation process. Tax incentives and reduced rates on social contributions received from the preferential regime will allow the investor to create more jobs, and also save money on the purchase of new equipment and materials for the development of the company's infrastructure.

“At present, the Strategic Research Center of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) is developing a strategy for the development of a transport hub in Nizhny Bestyakh. The cargo terminal has sufficient capacity to attract new residents working in the field of transport, transportation, as well as related industries, emphasizes Vasily Brenev. - Improving the quality of logistics processes will create new business solutions for the development of trade throughout the territory of Yakutia, and will also give coal mining enterprises access to new sales markets. In turn, these are additional jobs and new investments in the region's economy ”.

Today, 22 enterprises are residents of the Yakutia ASEZ, located in the central part of the republic. The total investment portfolio is 11 billion rubles, with 1,4 billion rubles of private investment already invested, 175 jobs have been created. Full implementation of all projects will create 1 232 jobs.

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