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New Sberbank offices - comfort and comprehensive service

Sberbank sums up the first results of the new format offices in Khabarovsk.

Sberbank completely reformatted the approach to organizing its offices - now you can do much more here than just solve financial issues - you can send a package, add intelligence to your TV, make your life safer, buy medicines. And all this in a comfortable environment.

New Sberbank offices - comfort and comprehensive service
Photo: EastRussia

Four new Sberbank offices in Khabarovsk greeted with the smell of coffee, forcing the visitor to involuntarily look around to see if he got there. Moreover, the interior - an abundance of wood, comfortably decorated areas with the opportunity to sit at first make you doubt: "Is this a bank?" 

Doubts disappear when futuristic ATM machines, reminiscent of a large smartphone design, come into view. Their functionality allows you to perform all the necessary operations - deposit and withdraw cash, make a transfer, payment, and everything can be done without a card - using biometric data. 

And even an expired card can be returned to such an ATM - it will then be sent for recycling.

Refusal of cards is one of the points of the ESG strategy followed by Sberbank. Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) involves a set of measures that make a company and its ecosystem friendly to customers, nature, and employees. This concept has become a cross-cutting core of all Sberbank's initiatives.

“One of Sberbank's strategies is to come not only where the need has already been formed, but where it will still be formed,” explains Natalya Krasulina, manager of the Head Office for the Khabarovsk Territory of Sberbank. are limited in visiting mass places. Analyzing the needs of Sberbank customers, I came to the conclusion that it was necessary to organize contactless delivery from stores and supermarkets. Another example - a lot of activities have moved to a home, isolated environment - now you can go in for sports, watch new movies without leaving your apartment. And Sberbank, in response to the requests and needs of customers, goes where they will be tomorrow. "

Natalya Krasulina, Head of the Khabarovsk Krai Head Office of Sberbank

Having made two steps away from the ATMs, depending on the specific office, the client falls under the care of the branch employees, or finds himself ... in a pharmacy, or in the SberLogistics zone, where he can independently receive or send a parcel. Packaging - and free of charge - is available right there, the whole process is scheduled and uncomplicated, accompanied by data entry in the Sberbank Online mobile application. 

You can also pay for the shipment in it. By the way, its weight should not exceed 10 kilograms if you register a parcel at the Sberbank office. But you can also call a courier to your home - then you can send a parcel weighing up to 30 kilograms.

Medicines are needed - again, there is no need to go anywhere. In the Far East, 4 BEAC EAPTEKs have already been opened: these are two HUBs and two pharmacy points in Khabarovsk and Vladivostok. You can order goods through the application and with home delivery.

Coziness and confidentiality have also increased in the client area - the visitor can be sure that all the delicate nuances associated with his savings or loans will be known only to him and the bank employee.

The branches are also equipped with the SberDevices zone - here you can test the products and services of the ecosystem: use the SberPortal smart display and SberBox TV set-top box, voice assistants, connect to the Okko online cinema, SberSvuk streaming audio service, and take advantage of special offers from SberMarket or Delivery Club.

And yet the main thing people come to the bank for is to solve financial issues. This process in the new Sberbank offices has also been modernized and also in the spirit of ESG's philosophy. Deep changes in corporate and internal regulations made it possible to make it so that the client does not have to run from window to window, queuing up to perform various operations. Now the strategy is “one client - one employee”. Deposit cash, exchange currency, apply for a loan - all in one window.  

“We see that our clients are surprised and delighted with new offices,” noted Natalya Krasulina, “and we note that they come here more often, office traffic is growing, although many services and services are available remotely through a mobile application”.

“One way or another, despite the general trend in the demand for banking services remotely - via the Internet, some issues require personal presence, personal communication, - said Andrey Cherkashin, Chairman of the Far Eastern Sberbank, - yes, someone is more accustomed to calling the call center, someone then he will do everything through the application, but it is more usual for someone to come and talk to an employee. Live communication will never go away. Especially now, when many new services appear in the Sberbank ecosystem, which are of interest. The man first came, asked, started using, then he does everything online. "

Andrey Cherkashin, Chairman of the Far Eastern Sberbank

Four offices of the new format have already been opened in Khabarovsk, three more will be opened by the end of the year, two in Khabarovsk and one in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. By the end of the year, 12 new-format Sber offices will appear in the entire Far East, and not only in regional capitals - updated offices will open, for example, in Ussuriisk and Komsomolsk-on-Amur. The content of each of them may be different, but it will always adapt to the needs and requests of customers.

“Sometimes you don't need to exhibit the entire line of products and services - the same pharmacy, gadgets, logistics. The main thing is to offer the client banking operations in a comfortable environment, - noted Andrey Cherkashin, - but Sberbank is ready for changes. We will add new services to existing sites. From the new, for example, we have now entered car insurance. OSAGO is a demanded service. Offices will continue to be filled with new services ”.

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