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New city - innovative construction technologies

Valentin Kochetkov, Adviser to the Head of the Enterprise "Spetsstroytehnologii" under the Spetsstroy of Russia ", Honored Builder of the Russian Federation

New city - innovative construction technologies

After serving in the military units of Spetsstroi of Russia 33, Valentin Petrovich Kochetkov could not imagine that his fate would throw him from the capital to the Amur Region to the main construction site of the country - the Vostochny Space Center.

“October 1 2013, almost immediately after the end of service in Spetsstroy of Russia, I got a job at Spetsstroytekhnologii at Spetsstroy of Russia,” as the company's chief engineer. And in November of the same year, I was sent on a business trip to build the Vostochny cosmodrome. In August of 2014, I already arrived at the spaceport for a permanent job as the head of the newly created branch of the Directorate for the Construction of the Objects of the Vostochny Cosmodrome. Since then I have been working here. ”

It seems, than it is possible to surprise the colonel in a reserve, all life building the most complicated special objects? Kochetkov and pondered when he first flew from Moscow to Blagoveshchensk. The reality turned out to be somewhat different.

"When I arrived in the Amur Region, at the launch site, I was amazed by the scale of construction, long distances and the same grandiose objects. I have never had to work in the construction of such huge buildings. Before the launch site, he was building various facilities for the defense industry and Roskosmos, but I did not see such scale of construction.

At the beginning, our company built the future city of Tsiolkovsky and KSISO. And the first thing we encountered was early frosts. Winter work at the cosmodrome cannot be compared to construction in Moscow or in the Moscow region. However, every season here leaves its mark on the construction process. In winter - frost -40C, and even with the wind, which penetrates through and through. Hands and feet do not obey, but you have to work, so you feel like a construction "penguin". In spring and autumn - rains, impassable dirt, in which equipment gets stuck, in summer - heat, dust "column" and midges, which clog up wherever possible. One thing is good that there are really many sunny days a year. In winter, like in Egypt in summer, only the temperature is not a plus, but a minus. Romance, in a word. "

As the head of the branch Valentin Petrovich understood that the construction was proceeding according to the plan, it is necessary to create appropriate conditions for the work and rest of the builders. Care for people has always been a priority for Kochetkov.

At the beginning of the construction of the cosmodrome, the issue of providing facilities with necessary building materials, which had to be delivered from the central regions of Russia, was acute. Of the local materials, only crushed stone, sand and bricks were used. The rest had to be transported from beyond the Urals, from the western part of the country. "

Kosmograd Tsiolkovsky is a modern city of the future, which is being built by the company "Spetsstroytehnologii" near the spaceport Vostochny.

“For the first time in my life, I, and many of my colleagues, became participants in the construction not of individual houses, but of the whole city. There were no communications at the site, it was necessary to solve all the issues of life support of the construction from scratch. Now, when four houses have already been settled, and the rest are being built on prepared construction sites, I am proud of the fact that "we did it."

A new method of hardening concrete helped us a lot. With the direct support of the director of the Federal Agency for Special Construction, Alexander Volosov, "Special Construction Technologies" attracted specialists in the field of construction technology, scientists in the field of thermal physics and automation of the electric heating process, and introduced a new method. The technological process using this method was agreed with the Customer and the designers. He allowed to reduce the hardening time of concrete from five days to one and a half. Thanks to this, it became possible to apply the "conveyor" method, which, in turn, gave us the opportunity to divide construction operations and execute them in parallel. All this allowed us to increase the pace of work and enter the construction schedule. "

In addition, this method has significantly reduced the required number of employees, increased labor productivity, reduced the cost of procurement of formwork and the use of energy capacity.

The construction of the cosmodrome continues, and Valentin Petrovich Kochetkov does not even imagine himself outside this construction.

"Today, work has already been completed at the facilities that provide the first launch of the launch vehicle. With the arrival of the new head of our company, Nikitin Alexander Nikolayevich, the pace of construction has significantly accelerated, all issues have been resolved quickly. The difficulties were gradually overcome, and we entered the necessary pace of construction. At present, Special Construction Engineering carries out work on eight objects of the Vostochny cosmodrome: housing stock with the necessary engineering infrastructure; a complex of measuring instruments (KISO); the storage complex of MCT; the system of telecommunication provision and communication; a complex for the operation of fall areas; meteorological complex; a complex for the processing of construction waste and solid waste; industrial construction and maintenance base. "

Today, like all the employees of the Spetsstroy of Russia, Valentin Kochetkov is looking forward to the first launch of the launch vehicle.

"All the enterprises that took part in the construction, including us, are preparing for the first launch from the spaceport. A number of events are being prepared at the enterprise, dedicated to the first launch from the Vostochny cosmodrome. This will be a holiday for all the builders of the spaceport Vostochny. "

Valentin Petrovich shares the plans of the company for the construction of Tsiolkovsky.

"In Tsiolkovsky we plan to build 21 apartment building and five social and cultural facilities: a kindergarten, a school, an office building, a consumer services and a supermarket. It will be necessary to accomplish the improvement of the new microdistrict and solve the issue of transport communication, namely, to build modern roads connecting Tsiolkovsky with the federal highway, ZATO Uglegorsk and the station Industrial 1. The last road is needed so that people who work at the technical or start-up complexes, other nearby facilities, could immediately get from Tsiolkovsky to their place of work. Tsiolkovsky is a unique construction project. The "smart house" system has already been introduced in the city. Modern technologies provide for the economical and environmentally friendly use of urban life support systems. So, for example, data from sensors for water, electricity and heat supply are transferred to the control room automatically, which makes it possible to build on their basis dynamics, forecasts and conduct analytical work, as well as ensure transparency in settlements in the housing and communal services sector. A resident of a smart city saves time, receiving remotely all municipal services, necessary information about the work of public transport, various institutions. "

In addition, Tsiolkovsky will be equipped with an integrated system "Safe City", which will include many segments that ensure the effective and immediate interaction of all forces and services: the Ministry of Emergency Situations, police, ambulance, traffic police and other services of the city. The concept of a safe and "smart" city provides not only the equipment of households and critical objects of city infrastructure with surveillance cameras, remote control and control sensors, but also the organization of safe traffic, the most convenient and safe organization of urban space (roads, parking lots, yards, squares) , as well as information security. "

VPKochetkov, Honored Builder of the Russian Federation, was awarded the Medal of the Order of Merit for the Fatherland, II Degree ", the Medal" For Labor Valor ", other governmental and departmental awards.

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