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"A certain European city ..."

Vladivostok is gaining popularity among cinematographers in North and South-East Asia as a place for field surveys. Experts do not exclude the creation here in the near future of a powerful regional center for film production. The laws on the "Free Port" and TORs can stimulate this process

On the pier of the sea ferry crossing, against the background of ships, a pretty young Chinese woman sits and catches fish. She is not alone - around her is a group of cheerful young men and women. Judging by their appearance, they are all students. The time of year is something around the beginning of spring ...

"A certain European city ..."
This is one of the scenes of the film "Julie and Silence" by the Hong Kong film company "We Pictures", which was filmed in Vladivostok last week. According to the idea of ​​director Derek Tsang - who took four days to shoot in the capital of Primorye, from February 20 to February 23 - several scenes will be filmed here with the main character of the film: Julie walks along Okeansky Avenue and other places in the historical center of Vladivostok, Julie takes a tram, Julie the post office, Julie at the railway station ... The extras to surround the main character - beautiful and interesting faces, types - were also selected by the director in Vladivostok.

“Vladivostok will appear in our film as an abstract European city without a name. According to the script, this city is described in the novel by Julie's close friend as one of the places of her travels around the world. And Julie, in turn, reading the novel, builds her romantic route through its pages. Of course, the credits will indicate that the shooting was carried out, including in Vladivostok, "- explained in an interview with the correspondent. "ER" is the producer of the film, Mrs. Joe Jow.

I must say that Vladivostok "as a kind of European city" in the last ten to twelve years has been very popular as a location for filming with filmmakers from South-East Asia. So in 2013, the film "The Seventh Code" by Japanese director Kiyoshi Kurosawa was completely filmed here. 2003-m - The scenes of the movie "Hotel Venus" by another Japanese director Hidet Takahat were shot in the summer 2005-th - scenes from the South Korean film Typhoon (directed by Kwak Ken Taek), in 2012-m - scenes of the Chinese film "Borders" (directed by Zhao Kyaw Gaw).

The picturesque Vladivostok is also in demand among domestic filmmakers (take at least such Russian films of recent years, filmed here, as: "Piranhas", "A Tale of Darkness", "The Last Floor", "Belovodye. Mystery of the Lost Country", etc.). But in this case, the capital of Primorye no longer symbolizes a European, but rather a certain Russian port city.

During Soviet times, Vladivostok also managed to grab a modest but highly prestigious slice of cinematic fame. So, in 1967-68. here took place the shooting of the historical adventure film "No password needed" based on the novel of the same name by Yulian Semenov about the youth of the intelligence officer Maskim Isaev, the future Stirlitz (director Boris Grigoriev). IN 1982-m - the film "Vladivostok, year 1918" was filmed - about the feat of the young Bolshevik Konstantin Sukhanov (director - Eduard Gavrilov). IN 1988-m On the Russky Island some scenes of the film "Moodzund" based on the novel of the same name by Valentin Pikul (director - Alexander Muratov) were filmed. There were other films included in the imperishable film fund of the USSR.

All this speaks in favor of the fact that Vladivostok, in the future, could become one of the centers of film production in North-East and South-East Asia. At least both foreign and Russian filmmakers who come here for the annual Pacific Meridian Regional Film Festival celebrate the city's excellent location and the optimal amount of sunlight required for filming. Thus, Alexander Andryushchenko, director and producer of the film "Partner" (an adventure comedy with Sergei Garmash in the title role, which was also filmed in Vladivostok in August last year), remarked at one of the press conferences: "We came here for the first time in April and immediately fell in love with this city - there is a very pleasant energy here. The idea to make a film in Vladivostok was born because we want to expand the territory of big Russian cinema, and shoot not only about Moscow and St. Petersburg. In my opinion, Vladivostok is one of the cities most underestimated by filmmakers. "

Against the background of such assessments and the increasing attention from the film industry, an accompanying infrastructure is being created in the city. Today, there are more than ten legal entities that call themselves film companies and specialize in the production of film products of various genres. And recently, an independent structure called the Vladivostok Film Commission began working in the regional center in close cooperation with the administrations of the city and the region.

“Among our tasks is to promote the city and the region in the field of film production, to attract international film projects here, to provide support to foreign filmmakers who come to Vladivostok or Primorye to shoot. We help them go through customs formalities, rent equipment, obtain permits for filming commercial and government facilities, find a local film crew, actors, etc. In addition, we are developing our own film production and entering joint production not only with Asian but also European countries. In particular - with France, Italy and Novegia. In total, more than 20 film projects have been implemented with our support, ”Dmitry Shevtsov, director of the Vladivostok Film Commission, told ER.

It should be noted that a year before the APEC-2012 summit, at the end of 2011, the penultimate governor of Primorye and a large Far Eastern businessman Sergei Darkin did not rule out the possibility of building a film studio on Russky Island, which is administratively within the borders of Vladivostok, in the near future. And the wife of the ex-governor, actress of the Primorsky Regional Academic Theater named after M. Gorky, Larisa Belobrova, even pointed out that the project already has specific investors, including foreign ones.

The topic of building a film studio in Vladivostok (or in Primorye) is being updated again against the background of tax and customs preferences provided for by the laws “On the Free Port of Vladivostok” and “Territories of Advanced Social and Economic Development” (TOR) that have come into force. According to the Director of the Department of Information Policy of the Primorsky Territory Alexei Kazakov: “Cinematography in Primorye can develop in the form of public-private partnership. For example, within the framework of the ASEZ "Russky Island", which provides, inter alia, technical-innovation and scientific-educational specialization. "
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