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Oil is not a problem

Gazprom does not intend to shift the terms of construction of the LNG plant in Primorye

Oil is not a problem

As a result of additional exploration of the Yuzhno-Kirinskoye gas condensate field on the Sakhalin shelf, large oil reserves were discovered. Immediately there were opinions that this finding would postpone the launch of a liquefied gas (LNG) plant in Primorye, since oil will be pumped from this field first. Nevertheless, Gazprom assures that so far the LNG project is going according to plan. Experts believe that the APR market needs gas too much to keep it waiting.

The first about the results of the exploration of the Yuzhno-Kirinskoye field was the Vedomosti newspaper at the end of February. According to the publication, if previously the reserves of the field were estimated at 563,9 billion cubic meters. m of gas and 71,7 mln tons of condensate, then after additional exploration, gas and condensate reserves increased to 682 bln cubic meters and 131 mln tons, respectively, and 464 mln tons of oil were added to them. It was these oil reserves that provoked talk of a possible postponement of the construction of an LNG plant in Primorye. Indeed, in practice, in such cases, oil is produced first.

- According to technology, oil and gas fields are first developed at oil and only then - gas. That is, the LNG plant in Vladivostok may be postponed in this situation to a more distant future, - Sergey Karpenko, Minister of Economic Development of the Sakhalin Region, told the media.

The Yuzhno-Kirinskoye field belongs to the Sakhalin-3 project along with the Kirinskoye and Minginskoye fields in the Kirinsky block owned by Gazprom. Sakhalin-3 gas is the main resource base for the Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok gas transmission system, which in the future should provide gas supply to the regions of the Far East and the implementation of the Vladivostok LNG project. This project involves the construction of an LNG plant with a capacity of at least 15 mln. Tons per year in the area of ​​the seaside capital. The first line with the capacity of 5 mln. Tons per year is planned to be introduced in the 2018 year - if no time shift occurs.

Gazprom itself bypasses the topic. As EastRussia was informed in the information department of Gazprom, the company has not yet changed its plans to launch the first line of the plant within the framework of the Vladivostok LNG project in 2018.

- At present, the reserves of the Yuzhno-Kirinskoye deposit are being estimated, and it is premature to draw any conclusions before they are approved by the State Reserves Commission. Documents in the State Reserves Committee will be submitted in March, - noted in the state company.

Gazprom also reminded that in addition to the Sakhalin-3 project, the gas of the Sakhalin-2 project, as well as the Yakutsk and Irkutsk gas production centers, is considered as a resource base for the future LNG plant.

Director of ZAO "DVNIP Neftegas" Alexander Gulkov notes that while there is no opportunity to transport gas from other fields (primarily from Yakutia) Sakhalin remains the only source of gas for the LNG plant. The expert does not see any difficulties in extracting gas and oil at the same time.

- A more important deterrent - how much we now have orders for consumption of liquefied gas. If the plant is "jammed" for 10 years ahead, then there is no problem, "Alexander Gulkov added.

Dmitry Baranov, leading expert of Finam Management UK, notes that the discovery of a large oil field suggests the prospect of the undiscovered Sakhalin shelf and already discovered fields, and also shows the future of oil and gas companies on and around the island for years to come.

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