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Not everything is gold that flies

Canadian gold mines scattered over the Yakutsk

Not everything is gold that flies
Photo: Social networks

"Now would be in Yakutsk." Today, 15 March, the Republic of Sakha has again become famous in federal blogs and the media. At 15 hours 50 minutes local time, the An-12 airplane, flight No. 9297, carrying a concentrate containing a precious metal weighing 9,3 tons, lost its cargo hatch on takeoff. A lot of wealth sprinkled from the sky directly onto the runway.


The cargo plane of the airline "Nimbus" followed the route Yakutsk - Krasnoyarsk - The Kupol mine (Chukotka Autonomous District, Anadyr District - East Russia). Informed sources say that the "rain" over Yakutia was spilled not in gold, but in silver, in the amount of 200 bars. In social networks of Yakutia they write about platinum and even about diamonds.


However, the the Kupol mine, owned by the "Chukotka Mining and Geological Company" of Canadian Kinross Gold, produces only two types of precious metal - a gold-silver deposit.


"When climbing, the hatch of the cargo hatch was damaged due to the shift in the cargo, a concentrate owned by the Chukotka Mining and Geological Company, part of the cargo crumbling along the runway." The cargo hatch fell to the territory of one of the local car markets, free of buildings and vehicles The aircraft was safely landed at the airport "Magan" in the city of Yakutsk .According to preliminary data, the cause of the accident was nepr the villa fixing cargo nobody suffered as a result of the accident, "-. said in a official communication East-Siberian SU on transport of the Russian Federation.

It is reported that at the airport in the capital Sakha, the territory of the new "deposit" was operatively encircled and precious ingots were collected. reports that after the loss of the precious cargo, police in the airport area carefully searched all passers-by and car owners.


By the time of the flight a gold-bearing aircraft was preparing the equipment from the crew of the same aircraft. In the evening at the airport "Magan" the arrival of the commission for the investigation of the air incident was awaited.

A little arithmetic: withfishing in the documents cited in social networks, 172 ingot was collected on the take-off field, each weighing about 20 kg. In total, this gives 3,44 tons of precious metal. If it was gold, then at the official rate of the Central Bank for 15 March (2425,42 rubles per gram), the cost of the defeated would be more than 8,34 billion rubles. In the case of silver, the total value is reduced to 103,9 million rubles.
It seems that everything is clear, almost a fairy tale from the series "a truck (plane) with ingots will turn over on our street." But further on in the case of gold-platinum rain in the Republic of Sakha, a detective begins.

First: the director of the Nimbus airline, Alexei Tresvyatsky, said that the company has 5 planes, and there is no AN-12 among them, and Nimbus has nothing to do with the transportation of gold. Whose plane was it? The last traces of the RA-11130 board left in official reports can be found in the annual report of the United Sakha (Yakutsk) Transport Company for 2009. It follows from the document that the cargo An-12 was handed over with two engines and a certificate of airworthiness ending on May 15, 2005, then leased to the Moscow airline "Avial NV", but stood at the Yakutsk airport in places reserved for those removed from flight. operation of aircraft.
Second: In an interview with the Ren TV channel, the Konstantin Sergeyev, deputy director of the Federal Airports Airport of the North, confirmed the fact of the incident, but at the same time denied that there was something out of the aircraft: "We did not get anything from him. Neither on the lane, nor in the parking lot, nor on the taxiing is nothing. "

ОHowever, the photos that were scattered across the Russian media say the opposite. Investigative bodies launched a pre-investigation check. As a result, as it is customary to formulate in the investigators, "a procedural decision will be adopted."  
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