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Not a command post, but a submarine!

Victor A. Sudakov, Head of the Department of Specialized Equipment and Equipment - Deputy Head of the Division of Category Supplies of the company Spetsstroyservis under Spetsstroy of Russia

Not a command post, but a submarine!

Viktor A. Sudakov started his career in 1989 year and has extensive experience in construction, procurement and supply of technological equipment. This experience allows Viktor Alexandrovich to skillfully combine the exactingness not only of himself, but also of his team, and quickly solve the most difficult tasks.

During his work at the enterprise, he has established himself as an exceptionally conscientious, executive and proactive employee, a competent and caring leader, a highly qualified specialist, enjoying a well-deserved prestige among the entire team. Possesses the necessary management and organizational skills. He is distinguished by professionalism, the ability to clearly define the main direction in the work and ensure its implementation, regardless of personal time and difficulties encountered.

Currently, Viktor Alexandrovich works at the Vostochny Space Center. Its main task is the timely and uninterrupted provision of facilities under construction with technological equipment and materials. Successfully fulfills the tasks of import substitution.

Viktor Alexandrovich supervised and took direct part in the delivery, installation and commissioning of a compressed air system designed to ensure the functioning of structures in the mode of full isolation and providing compressed air intake, storage and delivery of compressed air at the facilities of the launch complex. 

“I am proud that I managed to work at one of the most interesting facilities of the cosmodrome - the command post. It was from here that the command was given to launch the launch vehicle, here all the “smart systems” of the launch complex are concentrated on two floors of this building. In general, the command post is a unique object - in fact it is a “submarine”, but on the ground. This is how this structure can be characterized - in the event of an emergency situation, it becomes completely autonomous, saving the life of the personnel working here and high-precision equipment. The task was fulfilled - the compressed air system mounted on the “teammate” will allow people to stay here autonomously for up to two days ”, - Victor Sudakov shares his impressions of working at an important facility. 

While working at the cosmodrome, Viktor Aleksandrovich completed many complex tasks that made it possible to ensure the readiness of Vostochny facilities for the first launch of the launch vehicle. With his direct participation, work was carried out on the supply, installation, testing and commissioning of 17 lifting cranes, which were used for lifting and handling operations during the assembly of the Soyuz-2.1 launch vehicle.

“Took part in the performance of work on the provision of telecommunication equipment to the objects of the security system of the cosmodrome. We worked to shorten the delivery time of the equipment as much as possible - we were looking for analogues, the most optimal delivery routes, and we developed logistic schemes. The critical timing of the transfer of premises for the installation of technological equipment often depended on how quickly we fulfill the delivery tasks, and they will have time to prepare the systems for startup. We tried to work efficiently, significantly reduced the delivery time of filter-absorbers designed to clean the air from harmful aerosols, vapors and gases at the technical complex - we “saved” up to 3 months ”, - remembers Sudakov.

Today Viktor Sudakov has been honored with a well-deserved state award. But the memories are still fresh when the work was in full swing and the spaceport was waiting for the first launch.

“Sometimes, we worked for days, we did not consider personal time, and what can you do - it depended on one day whether the builders would fulfill the task in the set time frame. Delay in one process as a chain could lead to many problems. The volume was enormous - we only delivered tens of thousands of pieces of equipment to the spaceport. Now we are proud to look at the results of our work, but we don’t stop at what we have achieved - we continue to carry out the tasks on the cosmodrome and hope that our experience will be useful in the construction of the second stage facilities ”, - says Viktor Alexandrovich. 

By the decree of the President of the Russian Federation, Viktor Aleksandrovich Sudakov was awarded the medal of the Order of Merit to the Fatherland, II degree.

Special project EastRussia and Spetsstroy of Russia "Heroes of the Cosmodrome Vostochny"

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