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"Be tuned to the first launches in 2016 year"

About the main results of the meeting at the Vostochny Spaceport with the participation of President Putin: the first launch from the East, which was postponed for several months, continued tight control over construction and the President's demand to bring criminal cases to trial, says East Russia correspondent, who was on the scene.

This trip was waited and feared at the same time 1 year and 1 month: when in September last year, President Vladimir Putin announced to the whole country about the many months behind on the construction of the infrastructure of the cosmodrome "Vostochny", it seemed - well, that's it! It's time! Wake up! And, no, at first the cases of multi-million (billion-dollar-author's) embezzlement were revealed. Then, the workers wrote "Putin, help!", After the main building of the country periodically shook from the visits of Vice-Premier Rogozin. How all this machine can be launched by December 2015 th, Nobody knew, but everyone seemed to know the one who could give an answer. And he gave ...

"Be tuned to the first launches in 2016 year"
Who is at the start?

When the "start is about" and all visible significant objects have already passed, and the landscape of the "Eastern" has not changed for several months, the news is that the IBO (52-meter Mobile service tower) is finally lined with siding, already becomes almost an information guide - on the visual bezrybe it is already a solid "something". Whether it's the case, when turning around and looking at the fire ring, you notice that instead of a colorful blue-yellow range the starting system suddenly changed color - to blue-gray. One can not help recalling the flag of the neighboring state, with which we do not have everything smoothly, betraying irony (days later, its reasons will be announced at the meeting itself - some equipment was actually ordered in Ukraine, so alas ...).

“Why, we decided to repaint,” TsENKI specialists are smiling, “just a new color scheme.”

Otherwise, the work on the "start" is going on, but not so wide-scale - landscaping, cleaning of garbage and residential trailers, and from the most significant - now the builders are completing the creation of the flue, where before pouring concrete into the site to the depth 4-12 Meters zaburivaet 4 thousands of special piles - nagel. They will then restrain the construction, taking over all the pressure of the gases from the rocket nozzle. In general, the old building extras there for a long time already, and to the arrival of the first person and did - was complete calm.

At the sites, the head of state was laconic - he simply listened to the speakers and sometimes nodded, looking at the “cosmic” neighborhoods. It was not clear what to expect from such behavior, neither to the officials, nor to the journalists: the rocket, here it came, went to all corps despite the libel of various publications, but for some reason it does not ask about it ...

How to live on

And he never asked, he just started the meeting and said that a lot of work has been done, there is much, albeit not all, but this should give us additional weight in the world arena - and for this to be the best and the most modern. And for this reason a number of reasons hinder:

- Firstly, the deadlines for the execution of projects are violated. To date, construction and installation work is lagging behind the plan. Yes, I know, now Dmitry Olegovich reported that he personally did a lot to ensure that these terms were reduced. Previously, there was a backlog, somewhere before 8 months now 4-x, On average for the objects. But this is a big backwardness, Vladimir Putin said at the very beginning of his speech. - I know that at other sites, including in French Guiana, the gap was about the same, if not greater. But we need to focus on our own terms, not on what is somewhere and somehow built and sometimes built untimely.

"I understand that what we are doing now is our unique object, of course, I will say more about it, the most advanced and, perhaps, the most high-tech facility in the world of its kind. It is clear that in the course of the process some new ideas emerge, but nevertheless one must keep track of the terms and not allow the increase in construction time, "he said at the meeting.

- I would also like to hear your assessment of the actual deadlines for the delivery of the facility and the first launch. And we know what the plans were for the first launch, - Putin said.

Here, at the gathering to the speech of the president, interest has increased significantly. Especially the phrase "there were plans for the first launch." That it can be postponed, then, here and there, periodically opinions have surfaced since summer.

Next, Putin noted the weak control of "Spetsstroy" for construction. “Spetsstroy Russia attracted about 130 contracting organizations. Control over them, is adjusted poorly. The qualification of the specialists involved in this field requires special attention due to the fact that there is a significant amount of construction marriages, ”the President of TASS said.

"It's good that he is being identified on time, and appropriate measures and decisions are being applied in a timely manner," Putin added.

- Secondly, significant budgetary funds have been allocated for the construction of the cosmodrome, in total about 188 billion rubles. They need to be used with maximum efficiency, - the president continued, - currently contracts are concluded for 109,2 billion rubles. Behind 2011-2015 Years Spetsstroy was financed by 70,4 billion, and according to the acts of acceptance of works performed it was confirmed for 32,3 billion rubles. This means that the undeveloped advance is 38,1 billion.

The president also spoke about the financial problems associated with the builders of the cosmodrome. "It is necessary to carefully check how advance payments are mastered, to prevent delays in payment of wages to employees - we know, there are also, unfortunately, phenomena," Putin said.

The head of state said that this does not happen because the state does not allocate money. "We all allocate in the right amount and on time. This is because a system of these contract organizations has been established, which are closing their holes at the expense of funds received for work on the spaceport, "he stressed.

As for the criminal cases initiated on the facts of embezzlement and non-payment of salaries at Vostochny, the Russian president called on law enforcement agencies to do everything to bring these cases to court, and the guilty were punished. According to Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who oversees the construction site, 20 are currently in the process of criminal cases involving embezzlement in the course of work at Vostochny.

Putin also toured the city of Tsiolkovsky: in his words, “2 houses were put into operation, practically, but not completely, but 3 should be ready, and 4 should be at the stage of complete completion”.

"We can start spacecraft launches only after carrying out the necessary commissioning works, successfully passing autonomous tests, full confidence in the reliability of all the systems of the cosmodrome," the president summed up. "I spoke about the complexities and problems, unresolved issues, but I do not want our the meeting looked like some sort of mess. "

- After that, the word was given to the curator of the main construction site of the country, namely, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who noted the main milestones in the fight against negligence (three-shift mode of work; removal of the subcontracting system; transfer of Dalspetsstroy directly to Vostochny; creation of operational headquarters; student work; salary increases, etc.)

“For the year, the work that we performed at the space center for the previous 3 was actually done,” Mr. Rogozin noted, “and since September 1, all technological equipment has been installed at all start-up facilities. To simply understand how much it is, 1000 cars are, and on the launch pad alone, there are 510 thousands of pieces of equipment.

“Without assault” or Cosmonautics Day not with firecrackers, but with a rocket!

Then Dmitry O. expressed confidence that the Decree of the President “On the Vostochny cosmodrome”, which prescribes the construction and commissioning of the first stage of the cosmodrome in 2015, providing training and launching space vehicles for scientific, socio-economic, dual and commercial purposes, fulfilled.

However, the President noted that “we do not need any triumphant reports” - first set up, recheck several times, and only then start up.

- Be tuned to the first launches in 2016 year, somewhere in the spring. If you make it to the Day of Astronautics, it will be good, if not, then there is no need for storm troops either. Quietly go out for the time, which will soon be counted. Just tell me when. Have agreed?

- There is. By mid-April we will do it, "said Dmitry Rogozin.

- But - not necessarily. I said, "Not necessarily." Just count and tell when it will be optimally done, optimally.

It was necessary to see what was happening at that moment in another room with veterans of the space industry - the generals jumped up from their seats and hardly cried from happiness ...

In various media experts expressed the following points of view.

"In the decision to postpone the first launch from the" Eastern "there are two components:" First, now, for a month - two before the start, it became clear that it is technically impossible to produce it within the stated deadlines. Then the decision to move to the spring is certainly correct. But, nevertheless, politically this is a serious loss for our cosmonautics, "believes the scientific leader of the Moscow space club Ivan Moiseyev.

He noted that Putin took full responsibility for postponing the terms for himself. And this is also a rather revealing moment. "We can say that this is a system solution. Everyone knows our constant illness with postponement of the implementation of major projects - first for a few months, then for a year, then for five years. But this is a very dangerous thing, which leads to financial costs, and to reputation losses. And when this transfer is approved once, like this, at the highest level - it already looks a little different, "- said the expert.

According to Moiseyev, problems with the backlog of work were all known for a long time, the media wrote about this, officials and representatives of Roscosmos said. “Of course, the construction of such a grandiose facility couldn’t go on like nothing. But it was possible to build it on time. All today's problems originate from the first, initial phase of construction - these were 2008, 2009, 2010 years. Works then were extremely disgusting. And when it came to light, measures were taken, of course, to remedy the situation. But, as we see, the schedule failed to catch up to the end, ”he concluded.

The transfer of the launch was supported by Konstantin Kreydenko, editor of the magazine GLONASS Vestnik. "The decision not to hurry is the right one. It is necessary to carry out all kinds of tests with a rocket and space complex, check the work of all services of the cosmodrome, properly train the numbers of combat calculation for preparation and launching, "he told TASS.

According to him, there is nowhere to hurry up with the new cosmodrome, since Russia fulfills all its obligations to international and commercial partners, the military department and scientists using other cosmodromes available at its disposal - Plesetsk and Baikonur.

“The Eastern Cosmodrome is being built primarily for manned missions, but in the coming years no cosmonauts will be sent into orbit from it. Therefore, if you need to provide additional time to complete all construction works, then this will not affect the performance of the Russian manned program, ”the expert noted.

In the end, we recall that the next "space" task will be the creation of the launch complex "Angara", where an unmanned launch is planned for 2021, and in 2023 - with the crew. As Vice-Premier Rogozin assured the president, "everything is ready for the deployment of the construction of the second stage of the cosmodrome ..."
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