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Unified system of production, transportation and supply to consumers - Gazprom continues to implement the so-called Eastern gas program in the Far Eastern Federal District

It was possible to find out the details of the project the day before in the main office of the company, where representatives of both federal and district media were invited, and the speakers' questions were answered by the speakers of the level of the deputy giant of the industrial giant. Looking ahead, I will make a reservation right away - it all passed on the eve of the upcoming meeting of shareholders, so the meeting turned out to be appropriate.

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Special project TORA and Free Port

We go to the East

"Priority to the East" - this phrase could be safely put as the motto of a one and a half hour press conference of the world's largest resource-extractor. Heads of Gazprom structures took turns explaining the specifics of production: sources, timing, opportunities for increasing volumes - in the current economic conditions it is especially important not simply to receive something, but also effectively dispose of it.

“The resource base for providing gas to the Far East has already been created since 2014,” marked the beginning of the conversation one of the vice-chairmen of the company, Vitaly Markelov. - Having ensured the launch of the Kerenskoye field in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, we gave fuel to Vladivostok and intend to develop it further, based on the needs of the Far Eastern regions. And believe us, we have enough resources. ”

Vsevolod Cherepanov, one of the board members of Gazprom, confirmed that the company's gas reserves are more than substantial. According to him, as a result of exploration at the Chayanda field, the number of confirmed reserves has increased significantly, and seismic prospecting and installation of new drilling sites continue in all license areas of Yakutia (total 5).

“In 2015, the increase in the Chayanda field amounted to 201 billion cubic meters of gas, 2,4 million tons of gas condensate and 800 thousand tons of oil - this is very good. Totally, the volumes incorporated in the project development amount to 1 trillion 360 billion in gas, 20 million tons of condensate and 66,7 million tons of oil, said Mr. Cherepanov. “Another 7 wells are being drilled, 5 will be completed this year, 2 will be transferred to the next year. In 2016, reconnaissance will be completed. 4 wells from the planned 14 are being drilled in the Kovykta field, and work is underway in Sakhalin. This year, the project for the development of the South Kerenskoye field on Sakhalin will be ready. ”


Amur "miracle"

The Amur Region didn’t ignore it either - as the high speakers said, this region was the most fortunate: not having gas reserves, the Amur Region will act as a transshipment base for fuel, and its largest processor. Recall already this year, under Svobodny, the construction of a plant with a capacity of 38 billion cubic meters of gas per year will begin, and according to the plans, the company will produce propane-butane and its products: ethane, polyethylene, polypropylene and helium.

“The Amur region was lucky, because several large-scale production facilities appear on its territory: Gazprom's gas processing plant, a number of the Sibur chemical plant is an additional tax base, so many Far Eastern regions might envy you. In addition, a decision has already been made to create an advanced development zone in the Amur region - here a balance of interests will be found, ”said the head of the department for coordinating eastern projects of the company, Viktor Timoshilov.

"Proceeding from such a scale, the number of working specialties that will be used primarily by local specialists will be attracted. We see the order of 10 thousands of workers in the construction of this plant. The plant is large-scale, we did not build such a plant, so we get such a cluster of gas chemistry in the Amur Region, "Vitaly Markelov explained the prospects of the region and its residents.

About 5 billion cubic meters of fuel will be left for gasification and technological needs of the Far Eastern regions - the figures will be specified after the creation of the project for the Amur GPP. It will happen, presumably, in 2016-th year.

More than 80% of all questions raised at the press conference related to the export of one of the main types of Russian fuel to China and the Asia-Pacific countries - this means that after the implementation of the "Power of Siberia" the Far East are waiting for new projects. In the Eastern gas program, the domestic market was identified as a priority, but, according to Mr. Timoshilov, it is important not to forget about the cost of production, as well as the transportation of gas. Pricing mechanism for the Far East should be more flexible.

“The President of the country and the government set specific tasks for the advanced, advanced socio-economic development of the region. Gas is one of the sources of this development. For our part, as a company with state control, we are ready to continue to participate in this - in terms of gasification and the provision of resources for new industries. But the regulator should work better: it should find the optimal mechanisms that would make the increased use of gas both for the producer and the consumer economically viable. In addition, there is a lot of coal in the east - you don’t need to close your eyes, because it is also a social component. Now we have submitted to the FTS our proposals for tariffs for each region, taking into account the types of fuel that are available - the price should be negotiated, and we are on this. Even taking into account the development of export production, it is necessary to divide the price already within each entity, so that the grandmothers and the factories pay at different rates, ”Mr. Timoshilov gave a comment to EastRussia after the press conference.

By the way, the issue of prices came periodically, but on the eve of the shareholders' meeting the management preferred not to disclose all the cards:

"Will the base price of gas supplies on the Western route differ from the price of the Eastern route?"

"Perhaps it would be inappropriate to give a clear answer to your question, because commercial negotiations on the Western route entered an active stage, and this is a secret," was the answer of the general director of Gazprom Export, Elena Burmistrova.

There were questions about increasing gas supplies along the Eastern route in 3 times from 30 to 100 billion cubic meters per year.

"100 billion cubic meters of demand for Russian gas per year - a real bid. And any skepticism here, in principle, is not appropriate. This, I would say, even conservative figures, "- said Deputy Chairman of the Board Alexander Medvedev.

"Our resource base allows us to do this," confirmed Elena Burmistrova. - The question is that while 30 billion are contracted, and further will depend on intra-Chinese extraction, including. "

They also touched upon the issue of gas exports not only to China, but also to Japan, as Nakagawa Hitoki, a correspondent of Asahi magazine, admitted, the country of the Rising Sun is very concerned about the supply of hydrocarbons to them.

“Our system is designed and works in such a way that the gas must first be sold, and only then extracted, exported and processed. As for the LNG plant in Vladivostok, the development of the necessary documents is underway, ”said Vitaly Markelov.

"We are considering the possibility of supplying liquefied fuel to Japanese partners," added Alexander Medvedev. "We have the potential in these relations: this is the Vladivostok plant itself and the Sakhalin-3 project."

At the end of the meeting, the participants of the press conference assured that there would be no harm to nature, and already at the moment of exploration all the norms of environmental safety are observed, and there are no tasks for total gasification taking into account the coal and hydropower available in the regions - at best it will be from 20 to 30%.

And finally, another news: at the end of June, the solemn start of the construction of the Chinese section "Forces of Siberia" is scheduled.

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