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"We need a revolution"

Sberbank will help to fill Kamchatka rivers with fish

"We need a revolution"

One of the largest financial institutions in the country is ready to invest in the development of Kamchatka. This was announced during a working visit of the President, Chairman of the Board of Sberbank of Russia OJSC German Gref to the peninsula.

G. Gref stayed on the peninsula for two days - he got acquainted with the fish processing complex of the region, visited the branches of Sberbank of Russia and took part in a meeting that took place in the regional government and ended with the signing of a cooperation agreement. Before that, G. Gref met with the head of the region, Vladimir Ilyukhin. First of all, the distinguished guest noted the positive changes that have taken place in Kamchatka.

"I have been in Kamchatka for a long time, and I want to note positive changes: it is clear that the infrastructure is beginning to develop, it is clear that the city is being put in order. We visited several cities and regional centers the day before, and it is clear that development is going on everywhere. Significant changes for the better are obvious. I would like to thank the governor and the whole team for this. We will try to make our contribution to the development of the Kamchatka Territory " - said G. Gref.

The head of the Savings Bank stressed that it is pleasant to invest money in such territory, and the result is visible. At the same time, what is clearly missing is the region claiming to be one of the world's pearls of tourism.

“Very often, mentioning Kamchatka, they talk about tourism. It is strange that in the 200-thousandth city there is not a single good level of hotel for visiting guests. You can not talk about tourism without the appropriate infrastructure. We will work together on this hotel construction project and will try to finance it. ”, - He said.

“For several years we have been trying to find an investor who would have built a modern hotel in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky,” we went on all sorts of preferences, offered land on the “red” line, but so far, unfortunately, we haven’t been able to solve this problem, - V.Ilyukhin shared. "I think that with the help of Sberbank we will be able to implement this project."

Construction in the regional center of a modern hotel, investment in the renewal of the airport complex in Yelizovo (we are talking about the construction of new terminals, including international) - this is where money from one of the leading financial institutions in the country can be invested in the near future.

"There are no secondary projects in Kamchatka. What sphere of activity does not take, it requires attention, investments, so that there will be development. We need a revolution in a good way, a powerful breakthrough. And this breakthrough can work with Sberbank, - said V. Ilyukhin. - If we reach all agreements on the construction of the regional hospital, for us this will be a real breakthrough. The same applies to the airport, the sea terminal - we need modern air and sea gates so that we can talk about the further development of tourism. ”

According to the governor, Kamchatka is vitally needed two new terminals at the airport, capable of serving 750 people per hour on domestic routes and 250 people per hour in the international terminal. To this, according to preliminary calculations, it is necessary to order about 4 billion rubles. And still need (again, with the help of Sberbank) to update the outdated aircraft fleet. At least in leasing - then it will be possible to talk about a denser grid of flights to neighboring Far Eastern regions, and about affordable airfares. By 2016, the construction of a new runway will be completed in the main Kamchatka airport, and by this time a new modern air terminal is needed.

"Of course, without the help of the federal center, without the help of such credit institutions as Sberbank, we will not solve these problems, - Summed up V. Ilyukhin. "This attention for us means a lot, because the main branches of the economy in Kamchatka will be able to develop through this assistance."

All problems and possible solutions are identified in the cooperation agreement between Sberbank of Russia OJSC and the Government of the Kamchatka Territory signed on October 7. It determines the priority areas of partnership between the bank and the regional government, taking into account the socio-economic development strategy of the Kamchatka Krai for the period up to 2025. The agreement provides for cooperation in the development of infrastructure, the tourism industry, the fishing industry, agriculture and the food industry, the mineral and fuel and energy complex.

"This is not just a framework agreement," Gref commented. - We discussed a number of specific projects in various sectors of the economy and will try to start their joint implementation in the near future. ”

Of course, the main thing that both regional authorities and ordinary residents expect from this agreement is a clear mechanism for financing the construction of the regional hospital. For several years, the regional authorities have been trying in vain to find money for this archival object among investors and federal officials. Now, it seems, things are getting off the ground - German Gref said that Sberbank, together with the Ministry for the Development of the Far East, intends to participate in the development of this area.

“For the governor, building a hospital is the number one task. And I think this is absolutely true. Having modern medical facilities, where qualified assistance will be provided, is very important in such a region. Together, we will try to start this construction and find mechanisms for how to finance it, ”said Gref.

We spoke with a distinguished guest about the development of the fisheries complex of Kamchatka, in particular about aquaculture. The Governor noted that the peninsula has long lacked the volumes of bio-resources that Kamchatka could always boast of. This means that catches and incomes are falling. To correct the situation, you need to grow fish. This requires money, and a lot of it. There are potential investors who are ready to invest in aquaculture development, but you still cannot do without credit.

One of the issues that was discussed during the visit of G. Gref is the creation of a fish cluster in which fishing, fish processing and fish breeding enterprises will be integrated, that is, this is a full cycle of deep fish processing. Similar projects are already under consideration by the regional government. Prepare a special offer for fishermen and financiers - for example, the industry loan solution for the fishing industry. Its essence lies in an individual approach to assessing the financial situation of the client, the possibility of long-term financing activities, subject to a limited period of use of quotas.

As Vladimir Ilyukhin emphasized, over the past 5 years, entrepreneurs have invested in Kamchatka the development of deep processing of fish products of the order of 13 billion rubles. And this is a very good trend, which is extremely necessary to support. However, there are a number of difficulties. For example, when lending for business development. The standard fishing company today is the seasonality of work and quotas as collateral. The guarantee of the subject would solve some of these problems, but there are no legal mechanisms that would allow it to be provided without collateral either.

Kamchatka is a territory with a great economic potential, but at the same time there are a huge number of barriers (primarily infrastructure ones) for the development of promising areas.

"Kamchatka, even with a very strong team, can not cope with the problems themselves, and, of course, the help of the federal center is extremely important. I talked with Yuri Trutnev (Deputy Prime Minister, Plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in the Far Eastern Federal District -, he is extremely interested in giving such a push to Kamchatka. We have agreed with him that we will sit down and think together about those projects that are extremely important here. We have financial resources, and I think that if there is a desire and administrative capacity, the Ministry for the Development of the Far East and the Plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation will be able to help. ”- said G. Gref.

By the way, in May of this year at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum an agreement on cooperation with the Ministry for the Development of the Far East was signed, according to which Sberbank becomes the main underwriter and expert in financial and economic models of investment projects. That is now, Sberbank not only allocates financial resources, but also conducts a detailed examination of the submitted projects.

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