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Mason's award

Mason Michael Mishin: from the construction of the infrastructure of the Strategic Missile Forces to the spaceport Vostochny

Mason's award

Decree of the President of the Russian Federation builder Vostochny cosmodrome, mason branch "Construction Management №515» Volga cupola Spetsstroy Russia Mikhail Mishin awarded the Medal of the Order "For Services to the Motherland» II degree.

Mikhail Anatolyevich learned the joyful news right on the job site, on the site of construction of new objects of the regiment of the Strategic Missile Forces in the Kaluga region. More than 15 years, Mikhail Mishin heads the team of masons of the Privolzhsky Headquarters of Spetsstroi of Russia, builds special-purpose facilities in various parts of Russia. Creates conditions for combat duty on the defenders of state borders.

These are the professionals needed in the construction of the cosmodrome East, where the professionalism of the builders depended on the implementation of the most important state tasks to ensure building readiness of objects for the first launch of the carrier rocket.

In 2015, the Brigade Mishina Privolzhsky Glavk directed to the lump-sum construction of the infrastructure of the Vostochny cosmodrome. Michael A., along with colleagues, took part in the construction of high-rise buildings in the new city Tsiolkovsky - in this housing experts have called, which provides training and self rocket launch.

- About two months, we actually worked on the other side of Russia. The most difficult, perhaps, was to adapt to the regime of another time zone. And everything else is normal everyday work ... unless, of course, you think about the fact that you are building objects of a new space harbor in our country, ”Mikhail Mishin recalls. - Here it was possible to truly feel the full power of Spetsstroy and the scale of our Volga cupola. Together, as a team, we worked with teams from Saratov, Kozelsk, Teikovo. Helped each other by deed and word. Despite all the difficulties, we completed the work on time and finally returned home.

The work path of Mikhail Anatolyevich is famous for his work at the most important facilities that ensure the country's defense capability.

- The first object for our brigade was the famous Tatischevskaya division, - says Mikhail Mishin. - To say that we did a lot of work there - do not say anything! Worked with 1998 years, more than 10 years. They built a whole town on the territory of the division. Thanks to our special construction team, several strategic missile regiments were put on combat duty. You know, with such powerful protection as there is now in the Saratov region, where my family lives, where the grandson grows up, now sleeps more quietly ...

To continue to perform tasks of national importance, Mikhail Anatolievich had to say goodbye to a settled life in his native Petrovsk. After completing the entire front of work on Saratov land, Mikhail Mishin together with the brigade went to the Kaluga region to build facilities of a similar division. Then began a large-scale construction in the Ivanovo region. Here the staff of the Main Directorate No. 5 at Spetsstroy of Russia created the infrastructure for basing the first mobile ground complexes of the Strategic Missile Forces. Spetsstroevtsy erected educational and command-administrative structures, previously not represented in any of the military units of the country. And the Mishin Brigade made its considerable contribution to a great common cause.

- I can not say that some object was given more complicated, but some easier. The main thing for us is to work qualitatively and meet deadlines. Therefore, on business trips, which usually last 20-40 days, we work by rolling up our sleeves. If required, at any time of the day and in any weather, - commented Mikhail Anatolyevich. - In fact, I spend more time on business trips than in Petrovsk. But such work suits me. State enterprise, stability, big serious facilities, prospects ...

The Mishin family is sympathetic to the professional choice of the father. For his life, Mikhail Anatolyevich tried his hand at various industries. In the Petrovsky he worked as a mechanic at the plant "Hammer", the driver of trust "Dorspetsstroy" turner at a factory of auto parts and even plastics caster. And only a profession bricklayer, where Mikhail Mishin devoted about 20 years, will truly be proud of their work: to see how the middle of the steppe grow one after another dissimilar buildings, to understand that from your work, even if indirectly, but all the same The defense of the motherland depends. The federal award is another confirmation of the fact that Mikhail Anatolyevich once made the right choice in his life.

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