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Reliable mix

How the resident of the Free Port entered the market of dry building materials

No construction will not do without dry construction mixtures, but it is the builder who decides what to use - independently made or prepared by the manufacturer. The company "Tiger Mix" has created in Primorye a unique production of building mixes from local components. This enterprise started work in October of the year 2016 and became one of the first success stories on the practical application of the Vladivostok Free Port regime.

Reliable mix
Most dry construction mixtures in the Far East - oddly enough, imported. The business idea to make four types of mixtures, plastering and cement-sand, floor screed and glue for ceramic granite, arose just due to a deficit in the regional market of local products. The equipment of the leading Chinese manufacturer, CNBM, was created for the new factory to order. The company is equipped with a three-shaft mixer and an automatic filling machine that taps the mixes in bags according to 25 kg, says the company director Valery Rybenkov. Plant productivity up to 10 t / h.

Preparing for the implementation of the investment project, the company carefully studied the benefits that could be obtained from the application to the project of the economic regime of the Free Port of Vladivostok. "The residence in the Free Port provides for serious tax and insurance benefits. This is a great advantage for our company, which will allow to reduce the cost of production without loss of quality, "he clarifies.

As a result, 24 million rubles were invested in the new production, 17 jobs were created. Since last year, the company regularly supplies products to the market. The Tiger Mix products immediately have a double advantage over the imported mixtures, since the two main components of the mixtures - cement and sand - are delivered by the resident company to the production from the local market. The raw material partner is the Vostokcement group of companies, which provides the Tiger Mix with not only high-quality cement, but also artificial sand. This is still the only such example in Russia.

The manufacturer pays special attention to the sand used. "Artificial sand" is a product of solid rocks, which means that it has increased resistance to damage. This is enriched sand, it goes through several stages of processing at once - from crushing-cubization on modern Japanese equipment to dedusting with an air stream. How much better such a component is than ordinary sand becomes clear if you test fresh masonry for strength with any metal object - it will be erased rather than the masonry of the seam.

Cement-sand mix "Tiger Mix" is used for laying walls and partitions of all types of bricks, natural stone, small items and blocks, for leveling the base of the floor, plastering and repair of walls. Screed for the floor - to align the base of the floor and the device of the final final coating. Plaster mix - for single- and multi-layer manual application on walls and ceiling, on concrete base, masonry. Glue for porcelain tiles - for facing tiles or tiles on walls and flooring inside and outside buildings. These four types of dry mixes are the basis of any construction work.

As the development of the company has gone on the path of improving technology, not only in terms of the composition of its mixtures. So, for tare of mixes "Tiger Mix" the polypropylene packing of box-type type has been chosen. A well-known alternative to this package is a paper bag. But the polypropylene bag is not afraid of rough handling, can withstand a large bulk weight, is convenient for packing and storing. And most importantly - it is not afraid of moisture, which is especially important in the damp Far Eastern climate. In addition, the production has turned out to be universal: it can be used to make mixtures according to the customer's recipe, for example, for using shotcrete - applying one or several layers of a mixture under pressure of compressed air to the surface of the structure when repairing a reinforced concrete or concrete surface. About the implementation of one of these individual orders, the company reported in July 2017 year - a mixture prepared according to a special recipe, went to the customer to the north of the Far East, for use in difficult climatic conditions.

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