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Hope for "Nadezhdinskaya"

TOP Nadezhdinskaya today is one of the three territories of advanced development in Primorsky Krai

Hope for Nadezhdinskaya
TOP Nadezhdinskaya today is one of the three territories of advanced development in Primorsky Krai. At the site, perhaps the most advantageous location: in the immediate vicinity of Vladivostok, just a dozen kilometers from the international airport in Artem. Near the territory there are all communications, including a branch of the railway.

By virtue of its location, the Nadezhdinskaya ASEZ is planned as a production and logistics facility. It will also house industrial, food and processing industries. The administration does not impose strict restrictions on investors in this matter, "emphasizes the governor of karya Vladimir Miklushevsky.

"I believe that the start of all three TOPs was successful," said Vladimir Miklushevsky, Governor of Primorsky Krai, "It is clear that the implementation of these projects is not a one-year deal, it is designed for 5-10 years." Large investors plan a large production and put it into operation step by step. "

In fact, today one production is already established and operates in the TOP "Nadezhdinskaya". Thus, at the end of 2015, LLC "Primorskiy Zavod" EVROPLAST "launched a factory for the production of blanks of plastic containers with an output of 10 thousand tons per year (up to 300 million preforms and 240 million pieces of a cap). The total amount of investments is 212 million rubles, the enterprise operates and delivers the products to the market.

According to Denis Tikhonov, General Director of the Far East Development Corporation JSC (the corporation is the TOP Managing Company), “today in the Nadezhdinskaya TOP, 13 companies with projects totaling 10,5 billion rubles are in the status of residents. The Corporation is considering another 20 applications with a total investment of more than 30 billion rubles. Applicants occupy 65% ​​of the TOP area. "

Among those who want to become residents of the TOR "Nadezhdinskaya" there are several medium and large companies offering a wide range of products and services: from the confectionery and diaper factory to the tea-packing factory and the fish and seafood processing and canning department. And, among potential investors, not only Russian or traditional Chinese companies, but also firms from Singapore.

As the application is considered, applications are approved. So, the other day a positive decision was made on the application of OOO Ledstroy about entering the Nadezhdinskaya TOR with a project for the construction of an industrial and logistics complex with an area of ​​16,5 thousand square meters for the production of lighting equipment. , It is planned to create 800,3 jobs.

At the same time, perhaps, one of the most interesting projects that can appear in the TOP "Nadezhdinskaya" is the production of electric vehicles. Rather, the conversion of small cars imported from Japan into electric cars with further shipment to India and Thailand.

The project is backed by long-standing partners - the Russian technical holding Sumotori and the Japanese corporation Arai Shoji Co. Ltd. As the general director of Sumotori Vitaly Verkeenko notes, “our old friend and partner is seriously looking towards Primorsky Krai and is interested in the development of several projects. In particular, we have been working on a car recycling project for two years now. For Primorye, this is relevant - more than 300 thousand cars in the region are over 30 years old. We plan to reach the figures of two thousand units annually. "

According to the entrepreneur, in Japan the technical regulations have become toughened again, which makes it possible to buy used Japanese cars at the lowest price, import them to Primorye, install electric motors on them and sell them both in Russia and in the APR countries. Moreover, thanks to the TOR regime, such cars will not be subject to export duties when exported from the Russian Federation, which, of course, will also become a significant stimulus. The initiators of the project also plan to re-equip those foreign cars that already run along the roads of the Far East.

Among the new projects is also the organization of garment production in the territory of the TOR "Nadezhdinskaya", the creation and development of a network of ecological hotels for family recreation, a business center, a residential microdistrict, a shopping center, a children's cognitive development and sports complex.
Recall that to provide residents of the TOR "Nadezhdinskaya" infrastructure in the federal and regional budgets provided 3,9 billion rubles.

Today, the Far East Development Corporation, together with the Primorsky Territory Administration, is working to create the infrastructure of the Nadezhdinskaya PDA.

The territorial planning project implies the division of the territory into separate zones where industrial enterprises close to the sectoral significance are grouped in a single block with a common infrastructure, taking into account sanitary and hygienic and fire regulations. Each block provides for additional reservation of land plots for the prospective placement of residents.

The Governor of the Territory Vladimir Miklushevsky said that today all conditions are being created in the region for investors to be as comfortable and profitable as possible in doing business. “All federal measures are now working in the region, as well as regional measures to support investment activities are being developed and implemented - those wishing to do business on the coastal land can choose the most effective work format for them. We have something to offer - and we do it. Including with the help of large-scale events of the all-Russian and international level aimed at the presentation of the investment potential of the region. The Eastern Economic Forum, approved by the President of Russia, is perhaps the most suitable platform for this. Therefore, announcing the forum, showing the agreements reached there, and the response of investors is one of the key tasks. we have dealt with it, ”the Governor of the region emphasized.

The total number of residents of the three TORs in the region today is 27 companies with investments worth 204 billion rubles.

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ASEZ "Nadezhdinskaya" was created by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated June 25, 2015 and became the first priority development area in the Primorsky Territory. This area is a diversified production and logistics site. TOP specialization is: wood processing, sawn timber production; assembly production; processing of mineral raw materials; manufacture of pharmaceutical products; light industry; production and processing of food products. The favorable location determines the presence of a developed engineering and social infrastructure, and also allows you to rely on the development of a number of priority areas. Significant tax incentives are provided for TOP investors in the Primorsky Territory. This is a reduced income tax rate of 0% - for 5 years and 10% - for the next 5 years, the corporate property tax rate: 0% - for 5 years and 0,5% - for the next 5 years. In addition, ASEZ residents are exempt from paying land tax for a period of 3 to 5 years.
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