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The filling of the industrial park will be crammed

A new scheme for the construction of buildings for residents will be tested in the "Sail"

The company of co-owners of the industrial park "Avangard" (one of the sites of the advanced development area "Khabarovsk") LLC "Industrial Park" Parus "received the status of the resident of the TOR" Komsomolsk "and will build industrial modules for future residents, which will then be leased to them. How this scheme is more profitable than previously used in the creation of industrial parks, explains EastRussia, the executive director of the "Vanguard" Denis Gros.

The filling of the industrial park will be crammed
LLC "Industrial Park" Parus "" involves taking a site in 12,3 ha from 50 ha site "Parus", where he will build several modular production two-storey buildings with a building area of ​​1,15 thousand square meters. M each (according to 1,1 thousand square meters of production space and 300 sq. M of administrative and domestic premises) for residents of the TOR "Komsomolsk". The cost of construction will be about 30 thousand rubles. For the "square". The head of the company Denis Groš told about this today. Now the enterprise conducts design and survey work on the land in the "Sail" and is determined with a standard design decision, hoping by June to obtain a building permit. By the same date, the financing scheme for construction works should be determined.

Completion of construction with the connection of facilities to external engineering networks, which still need to be built by the KRDV and Gazprom Gas Distribution Far East, is planned for December 2017. The site planning project for the Parus site was approved by 28 February 2017.

EastRussia Help. According to, LLC "Industrial Park" Parus "» created 8 December 2016 with the authorized capital of 10 thousand rubles. And belongs in equal shares to co-owners of the industrial park "Avangard" (Khabarovsk) Denis Grosu and Andrei Bezverkhov. The agreement on the granting of the resident status of the TOP Komsomolsk was signed by the JSC Far East Development Corporation with OOO Parus LLC 16 March 2017, 17 March, the company issued a resident certificate, which will be valid until 24 June 2085. According to the document, the operator of the industrial park will carry out activities to maintain buildings and territories, administrative and business support activities to ensure the functioning of the organization, provide support services for business and other personal services.

The idea that the manufacturing companies that are becoming residents of the territories of advanced development need ready-made shops, is being discussed in the Khabarovsk Territory since the summer of 2016, he recalls. For residents, this would save the money required to start the project, by eliminating the cost of capital construction - real estate for a specific equipment is built by the developer and then leased (built-to-suit scheme).

The industrial park "Avangard" has developed up to the present day according to the standard strategy of land development: the management company (CC) brought networks, roads and provided infrastructure sites for the construction of workshops, which were conducted by the residents themselves. Now about 10 hectares of industrial park is reserved for the construction of an industrial and logistics complex (PLC), which should embody the idea of ​​built-to-suit - through the provision to residents of 35 thousand square meters. M of modular industrial buildings (each - according to 500 sq. M.), Storage and refrigeration capacities and capacities for transshipment in containers. But in order to start construction of Avangard Management MC, it is necessary to obtain co-financing from the JSC "Fund for the Development of the Far East and the Baikal Region", and the latter requested a guarantee from the federal "SME Corporation", which at the clearance stage, Denis Groš specified.

"What is" tied "the project in" Sail "- of course, to attract residents. First - who will be located there, the second - funding, - explains Denis Gros. - Currently, negotiations are underway with several potential residents who are already engaged in the production of aircraft components - these are the companies PAKS, Pegasus and Akor Instrument. PAX has capacities for the production of cable products in Kostroma and Moscow, the company wants to localize it in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. "Pegasus" is considering the possibility of creating machining of aircraft components. "Akora" has the production of precision instruments in Germany and Novosibirsk, "says Denis Gros.

All three, he said, are still focused on the production of aircraft components for the Komsomolsk-on-Amur aircraft factory, and in the future - for other UAC enterprises. In addition, Akor can make tools for various sectors of the domestic industry, including shipbuilding, and export them.

According to, PAX LLC is a subsidiary of ZAO Electromechanical Plant Pegasus, which was created specifically for the manufacture of elements of an on-board cable network for aircraft. The company is the only serial supplier of this product for Sukhoi Superjet-100 and has already registered 9 February 2017 year subsidiary PAX-Vostok LLC with an authorized capital of 100 thousand rubles. In Komsomolsk-on-Amur. The status of the resident PAX-Vostok has not yet received. Kostroma plant Pegas supplies components and machinery for machine building enterprises, including AvtoVAZ, ZMZ and UMZ (car manufacturers GAZ and UAZ). LLC Akor Instrument 3 February 2017 became a resident of the TOP Komsomolsk - investor will invest 674,7 million rubles. In the manufacture of about 250 thousand units of carbide metal cutting tools per year.

Financing the construction of the industrial park in the "Sail" is supposed through the leasing mechanism: the developer, having built the buildings for the needs of residents, then passes them to the leasing company, which will lease the structures for a period of 3-5 years. At the end of the leasing period, resident companies become owners of production facilities, the developer earns a margin on construction and then on income from building services, the lessor gets leasing payments, explains Denis Groš.

Compared with the option of building construction under the project financing scheme, when 70-80% of the cost of the work is financed by the bank, the proposed scheme is more profitable for residents, he stresses. “With project financing at a payback rate for a developer in 8-9 years, the rental rate for a tenant enterprise, as we calculated, would be 670-700 rubles per sq. meter per month. This is significantly higher than the market average and very heavy for the production worker, ”he explains.

"Now the government of the region is discussing the adoption of a program for subsidizing leasing payments for residents of the industrial park" Parus ". Partially subsidized will be an advance payment under the leasing agreement and part of interest payments, "says Denis Groš. - We are striving to ensure that the size of the load at the exit of the resident received a contract for the sale of the building with a deferred payment for 3-5 years, and almost without overpayments. This, in my opinion, is even more profitable than buying a building immediately. "

The interlocutor of EastRussia, familiar with the idea of ​​creating the Parus industrial park, emphasizes that the prospects of the project now depend on whether the initiator will be able to agree on the use of a building leasing scheme with a leasing company. “The risk of any investment project is that the construction has been announced, agreements and declarations have been signed, the company may even receive resident status, but the work itself is either delayed or does not start at all. All of this, of course, can be hedged from a legal point of view, but the lessor may impose increased requirements on such a transaction, ”he says. According to EastRussia, negotiations on participation are underway with the largest market players, including Sberbank Leasing and GTLK. Denis Gros did not disclose the names of potential partners today, saying that it was “premature”. 
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