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I started with the coalition, but with cutting

The new Khabarovsk governor Sergey Furgal will take office already on Friday

The inauguration ceremony of the new governor of the Khabarovsk Territory, Sergei Furgal, will be held on 28 September, Friday. The first steps of the head of the region in this post will be the solution of acute social issues, a halving of the number of deputy chairmen of the government and its formation on a coalition basis. On the beginning of this formation, elected by 23 September governor Sergey Furgal announced on Wednesday after the meeting of the election commission, Khabarovsk Territory which officially confirmed the victory of the candidate from the LDPR in the second round of the election of the governor. EastRussia watched the candidate Furgal turn into the governor of Furgal.

I started with the coalition, but with cutting
Photo: Sergei Furgal (left) talking with the head of the Communist Party of the Communist Party Alexander Gromov (center) and former Communist Party candidate Anastasia Salamaha (right)
The protocol start of the meeting of the regional election committee was scheduled for 10 in the morning. But it began almost a quarter of an hour earlier. Because everyone - and the culprits of the celebration, and their support groups, and even representatives of the formally losing party - the party "United Russia", it is also the party of power - gathered.

"It was hard and difficult work in conditions of high pressure from both sides," said one of the employees of the regional election commission, who was registering the participants in the meeting. First, in the hall of the Reception Hall of the regional government of all arrivals, Chairman of the Regional Election Commission Gennady Nakushnov greeted. With the appearance of Sergei Furgal, the center of cordiality and special attention has shifted to him.

Among the political and apparatus beau monde, in addition to the almost complete composition of the electoral commission and the chairmen of the territorial electoral commissions, were noticed: Pavel Simigin, a deputy and United Russia, who is predicted to replace Sergei Lugovsky, the eldest of Furgals - the head of the LDPR faction in the regional Duma Vyacheslav Furgal, co-chairman of the regional branch of the All-Russian the Popular Front and the chairman of the regional trade union council (KHKOOP - regional union of trade unions) Galina Kononenko. By the beaming look of the speaker of the regional parliament and the leader of the regional branch of United Russia, one could decide that it was he who was celebrating the victory today.

One could also see the elder of the regional deputy corps, United Russia Yuri Matveyev, and Sergei Kravchuk, who took office the day before, as mayor of Khabarovsk. Sergei Furgal, already a small conference hall of the Reception House, managed to switch his attention from United Russia to colleagues from the opposition "systemic" Communist Party of the Russian Federation. With the first secretary of the regional committee, regional deputy Alexander Gromov and ex-candidate for governor Anastasia Salamakha, he talked about the possibilities of forming a coalition government with the entry of the communists into it.

"This is an opportunity for real work, not for opposition," Sergei Furgal explained to them. The interlocutors listened attentively, letting them know that they would take advantage of the opportunity that had appeared.
Gennady Nakushnov, as chairman, put the agenda of the meeting to a vote. Unanimously. Then the chairman of the election commission told about the results of the repeat voting. Of the 800941 voters, 468374 or 47,49% voted. For Sergei Furgal - 325 566 (69,57%), for Vyacheslav Shport - 136 873 (27,97%). After the analysis, the members of the commission (14 out of 13) were asked to sign the protocol and the summary table of the repeat voting, which took place last Sunday.

There are no special opinions from any member of the election commission, either with a decisive or deliberative voice. Gennady Nakushnov read out the text of the resolution on the results of the repeated voting. Briefly: the elections were held and valid, voting established that the choice of a large number of votes was made in favor of Sergei Furgal, the protocol will be published in the Vestnik of the Electoral Commission and the newspaper The Pacific Star.

Again - unanimously.

After the question of wishing to speak on the podium comes Sergei Furgal.

“I'll literally take one of your minutes. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our election commission, thank everyone who took part in these complex structures. I would like to note sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, that the elections for the governor this time were, from my point of view, almost flawless. I would like to note the very high organization of the elections, both in the first and second rounds. It was a very hard and tense struggle. There were a lot of nerves, there were a lot of breakdowns, but nevertheless, everything that had to be done to ensure that the opinion of the population of the Khabarovsk Territory was heard was done. I would like to say right away that the elections are over. I ask you all to accept these elections as the will of our voters, and I invite everyone to join hands together and start working. Voters, people of the Khabarovsk Territory now expect work from us. I ask you to support me on this very difficult and responsible path, - he said.

After the meeting, answering the journalists' questions, Sergey Furgal shares his vision of his first steps as governor. The inauguration of the head of the region will be held 28 September, presumably - in the hall of the regional philharmonic society or in the theater of drama.

Sergei Furgal promises to sign two statements today - on the resignation of powers of a State Duma deputy and on the assumption of the post of governor. He calls the last event "entering a new phase of life." "Because, I think that the work of the governor is no longer a job, not an obligation, but this is already a new way of life, probably. Apparently, it is necessary to move to the office and, probably, for some time, two or three months, probably to live there. Judging by the set of questions and problems that have accumulated, the governor will definitely not have to rest. As well as his entire team, "he explains.

"Definitely, where I will start - this is with acute social issues. This is the first thing. I will try, I will do my best. I think it will be possible to resolve the issue of defrauded equity holders. I believe that equity holders are definitely not to blame for the fact that they were left homeless. , which I will decide - according to "Arkaim." Because this is a city-forming enterprise, people living in the region, for them this is the only place of work. This issue should not be overlooked, not for a single day. Then, without fail, right from the first hours of work, I will start dealing with tariffs for housing and communal services. Because this is a serious problem, it concerns the entire population and it must be urgently addressed, it cannot be put on the back burner in any case, " - says Sergey Furgal.

Immediately he promises to "audit" and audit the Accounting Chamber, the first - within a week. "Next - also from the first day I will begin to understand the structure of the debt, because the debts that Khabarovsk Territory has today, if not to deal with this issue urgently, can drown the whole region." I will personally look through the entire debt structure myself with the help of the federal, of course, center, or significantly reduce the debt burden, or try to restructure it, "- says the new governor. The former physician and the head of the State Duma Health Committee breaks through him all the time: he promises to check the real wages of medical personnel, "just an implacable struggle" with the trade of alcohol substitutes and drugs. But he tries to get beyond the previous horizons: he promises to pay attention to agriculture and the inhabitants of the countryside, to sports and physical culture, to catching fish on the Amur (his situation was tried by Vyacheslav Shport, his predecessor, for two weeks between the first and second round, but failed) . 

"Besides this, of course, I will begin to form a government: the government will be a coalition, the government will be professional, I will ask business: those who are not registered in the territory of the Khabarovsk Territory, but conduct their activities, still have to register with us, so that we would be better, and they would be better.We will create a commission that will deal directly with the protection of the business.That is, I immediately announced to all, all business and all investors that with my arrival the Khabarovsk Territory will be open to all those who honestly registering here, will work and pay taxes, we ask business to come and work with us, and for our part we guarantee them full protection and full loyalty, but only for legitimate business, "he says.

And continues: "The coalition government will be formed from all parties, but this does not mean that a person comes to the coalition government - not a professional." It will be suggested to all - United Russia, Communists, "Fair Russia" - to nominate candidates in the areas that should The people chose the governor in the hope that there will be changes, and changes will be for the better. I will do my best to change the I would be grateful to all, without exception, the political forces that will support me, who together with me will accept my ideology - the ideology of the Khabarovsk Territory, the residents of the Khabarovsk Territory, and there will be no restrictions for the work, "promises Sergei Furgal .

“I want to say right away: I consider such a huge number of deputies to be redundant. From my point of view, this is redundant. I think that from 8 to 12 is the optimal composition of deputies. 21 is too many, it is useless, this is too inflated staff. such a proverb - and people just do not come up with anything - "Seven nannies have a child without an eye." We will decide. The government will be dismissed. According to the law, as it should be. Everyone will be transferred to the status of acting. I will ask to continue I will not keep those who for some reason cannot or will not want to. I will not keep any nepotism, any acquaintances. Professionals will work in the government, those who have not been seen in any schemes, are not involved in any machinations, only honest and really wanting to improve our land. The time has changed - the time has come to work for people and for people, and these are not empty words, "says the new governor.

Finally, he explains why he is so in a hurry with the inauguration: his other governor colleagues elected 9 September are just about to enter office. "The inauguration will take place on the next Friday, we do not have time to delay this event, there is no time to rest, we need to start doing business as quickly as possible." "We have a lot of problems, we are entering the winter." There is no time to shake-people are waiting for action from us, "says Governor.

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