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Weight in gold

Magadan Oblast is one of the five leaders of Russia in the extraction of precious metals

Weight in gold

If the price of gold in dollar equivalent is stable, then in ruble terms - it has increased significantly in recent months and now stands at about two thousand six hundred rubles per gram. This, according to the region, will allow to replenish the regional budget and keep gold miners' incomes at the same level.

Magadan region in 2014 year broke records for the extraction of gold and silver. Gold mined more 24 tons, silver - 961 ton.

In the village of Palatka opened the first jewelry factory in Kolyma. Today, only seven jewelers are working on it. They are working on the technology, coming up with new models of jewelry and are preparing to move to an industrial level of production. The most experienced jeweler, Vyacheslav Miracles, has been creating jewelry himself for fifteen years. Previously, he worked privately, now he has moved to a jewelry factory just created in the Kolyma. Here Vyacheslav is the most experienced jeweler, he knows exactly what needs to be done to make a decent decoration. “First of all, you need not to be afraid. Solder, try, make mistakes. Again to do something to get something. And if nothing is done, then nothing will come of it, ”Vyacheslav Chudov says.

Gold miners are confident that gold in Kolyma, as well as in Russia as a whole, will always be in demand. In a situation where the ruble is losing ground, the price of the precious metal is constantly growing. In Magadan jewelry stores, the hype does not subside. Residents buy gold and silver. Take and quite expensive jewelry. The salesmen largely explained the agiotage during the New Year holidays, but the desire to securely invest money also partly works.
"If there is such an opportunity, it is better to invest money in jewelry," says a resident of Magadan, a buyer Tatyana Kazetova.

The price of gold in the ruble equivalent is growing, in dollar terms remains at the same level. Gold miners Kolyma believe that this circumstance makes them less vulnerable during the economic crisis. The equipment working at the landfills is mostly imported and is purchased for dollars and euros. But in recent years, the prospectors of the region have largely provided themselves with it.

“If we assume in total terms for the price of gold, an increase in rubles is profitable. And if in general, the price of gold has risen and everything else too. Both on products, and on spare parts. Although we do not know how to do anything other than how to mine gold. Therefore, we will earn, pay salaries, pay taxes and sleep well, ”says Nikolay Derezhen, director of the Artel“ Field ”.

But anyway, it's profitable to get gold now, says Alexander Basansky, one of the largest gold miners in Kolyma. It was he who discovered the first jewelry factory in the region. As the price of gold in rubles grows, so the budget of the region is replenished. Extraction of gold and silver - profile production of Kolyma.

"For the budget of the region, what is being done with the ruble, given that Kolyma works exactly in the field of gold mining, it is profitable. These are actually taxes that will come. MET is considered as the price per gram of gold, and the higher the price, the more the budget will receive a mineral extraction tax, "explains the gold miner, deputy chairman of the Magadan Regional Duma, Alexander Basansky.

The work of the jewelry factory allows you to close the production cycle on the territory of Kolyma - from the extraction of precious metal to its transformation into jewelry. In the future, it is planned that Magadan jewelery will appear in the central regions of Russia.

Magadan region in 2014 year extracted 24 tons of gold - this is the region's record for the last 15 years. In the next few days, they plan to launch the Pavlik mine, which will add another six tons to the Kolyma piggy bank. Given the growing price of precious metal, these are additional taxes to the budget of the territory.

As for the Natalka deposit - the largest in terms of gold reserves in Russia, then, as stated by the Deputy Director of the Matrosov Mine, Alexander Shaferov,, additional exploration of resources is conducted there, there is no other news yet. Whether the revaluation will be made, it will become clear soon.

As we wrote earlier, at the end of last year, the Matrosov Mine, a subsidiary of Polyus Gold, postponed the start of mining the precious metal at the Natalka deposit in the Tenkinsky district of Kolyma for an indefinite period.

According to official data in 2014 year, in comparison with 2013, gold mining in the Kolyma grew by 2 tons 783 kg, silver - by 57 tons 34 kg. The increase in gold production from ore deposits amounted to 2 tonnes 235,5 kg, from placers - 547,8 kg. Gold in the region began to be extracted at the beginning of the 20 century. In 1929, in the territory of the Upper Kolyma Priory area, the mines Srednekansky, Boriskin, Yubileiny, Ducky worked, the annual production reached 85,9 kg of chemically pure gold. And when in 1930 the "Pervomaisky" and "Kholodny" mines were organized, the annual production in the district grew to 281,4 kg.

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