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In the Far East, I see only investment projects related to the extraction of natural resources

In the Far East, I see only investment projects related to the extraction of natural resources

Sergey Vlasov, Chairman of the Board of the Bank "Orient Express":

- If we built a high-speed railway from the western borders of the country to Vladivostok, then it would have to invest billions of dollars in it. There are obviously no such means now, therefore I speak now about a pure utopia. However, it was precisely projects of this type that would allow us to carry out container cargo shipments from Europe to Asia. We are the “shortest shoulder”, because now the goods to the same China go through the Suez Canal, etc. It would be a great investment in logistics and quick delivery from the port of Vladivostok to Berlin. Do it! It took 20 years - never did. Although it could well. Unless it would take a lot of work, commercially and politically work out all the issues with other states of the Asia-Pacific and guarantee them this attractive 8-daily delivery to Europe instead of container shipping by sea. Loaded in Shanghai, after a short time the container is already under unloading somewhere in Glasgow. All of Europe needs Chinese goods, and such transit would open up tremendous opportunities for Russia. Naturally, such projects should be state-owned, but with the participation of private business on the principle of public-private partnership: for example, 30% is the state and 70% is a business. But, unfortunately, such plans are still only dreams.

In general, in the Far East, I see only investment projects related to the extraction of natural resources. The economy is very expensive, the cost of energy is two times higher than reasonable values. Plus, everything is aggravated by the monopoly of the state and the authorities. While the attitude of power to business does not change to the exact opposite, we can not talk about changes for the better and about improving the investment climate. Moreover, not only in the Far East, but throughout the country.

As for foreign investors, for them, Russia is a high-risk area. And I'm not optimistic about the prospects of attracting them in the current situation. When I read in the press (and even in your journal and on the portal) information about the imminent arrival of, for example, Japanese businessmen, this information reminds me of the phrase from the movie "Garage" about the satire of the Soviet period, which "is engaged" by one of the heroes: You are doing an amazing job. You are doing what is not ... "I do not think that the Japanese will be very interested in investing money in our economy - it is enough to recall their losses of the period of the 90-years, with the project of development of the Sakhalin shelf and other not very successful for them, endeavors.

Business is a constant, everyday risk, and you must always go for it. If you do not take it as a reality, then you can not do business at all. We must constantly make decisions, from economic to engineering, and if you are afraid - well, then one way to retire. Cautions and fears this does not cancel, of course. But in our case, the risk within reasonable limits was usually justified.

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