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At high speeds

Dmitry Kudinov, General Director of “MAZDA SOLLERS Manufacturing Rus” LLC - on the development of engine production in the Far East

At high speeds
Photo: “MAZDA SOLLERS Manufacturing Rus” LLC
- In 2018, the Far East joint venture SOLLERS and Mazda launched an investment project to create a production of Mazda SkyActiv-G engines in Vladivostok. For the Far East, this is the first such high-tech production. Tell us more about the new project.

- For our company, the implementation of a project to create an engine production is a kind of challenge to ourselves: just as several years ago there were no enterprises that would produce cars in Vladivostok, there are still no companies producing automobile engines. Thanks to our shareholders - the companies SOLLERS and Mazda Motor Corporation, we manage to develop and scale our production. 
In cooperation with Japanese colleagues, we have designed and equipped a high-tech production line in record time, which allows us to produce modern engines that meet all international quality standards of Mazda. The whole line is automated. At each stage of production, the equipment checks all performed operations, in case of a sequence failure of at least one operation or if at least one parameter is different from the standard, the equipment will stop the process and give information about the error. 

Also on the line is installed the latest dynamic engine test equipment, which simulates all of its possible load and extreme modes. Engine quality is determined by several tests. The Mazda SkyActiv-G engines themselves possess some of the best performance in terms of power and economy in the global market, Mazda engineers managed to achieve this through the use of advanced technologies in the field of engine cycle changes.

- How is the main business of the joint venture - the production of Mazda cars? What was 2018 for you, what do you expect in 2019?

- Our factory is focused exclusively on the needs of the market. We formulate a production plan based on the orders that the Mazda Motor Rus official distributor of Mazda vehicles in Russia sends us. Mazda's 2018 production increased by 29% compared to 2017 year. In 2019, we also look forward to an increase in production.

- To implement the project, the company needed the status of a resident of the Nadezhdinskaya advanced development territory. What gave the availability of preferential status and administrative support through the Ministry of East Development and the Corporation for the Development of the Far East?

- The Ministry for the Development of the Far East and JSC Far East Development Corporation promptly respond to investor requests. Becoming a resident, the company quickly received all the documents necessary for the project. For us, the most critical moment was the timing, since a delay of several days meant leaving the construction site in winter and a delay of three to six months for starting the project. Since the implementation deadlines are strictly fixed in the SPIC, which we signed, we could not violate them.

- Your enterprise is one of the few examples of successful cooperation between Russia and Japan in business in the Far East. According to your feelings, what do you need for the two neighboring states to more actively implement joint projects in Russia?

- It should be noted the development of the Far East and in particular the Primorsky Territory over the past few years. In order to improve the investment climate in the region, platforms are created for communication between government and business representatives, investor support institutions are working, bills are being adopted in which investors can count on preferential conditions for the implementation of investment projects. Thanks to the creation of special regimes in the Primorsky Territory, investors are interested in creating and expanding business here.
The management of Japanese companies, due to the mentality of this country, is very careful and prudent to the smallest detail in doing business. Our Japanese colleagues and I have a schedule that describes in detail the control points of all project implementation processes, the schedule consists of more than one thousand points. And we are tracking all these points together. For representatives of Japanese business, structuredness and accuracy of processes to the smallest detail is extremely important. It is obvious that the economic and legal aspects of doing business in Russia are important for all investors; it is important that they are transparent and controlled.

- Probably, any manufacturer in the Far East dreams of the most capacious market located very close - the Chinese market. Does the company have plans to conquer the markets of neighboring countries?

- Mazda has a factory in China and sells its products in the Chinese market. We provide the Mazda with the Russian market.

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