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Resident SPV produces catamarans and develops a project on marine tourism

The serial production of modern pleasure craft was established by the Composite Shipbuilding Group of Companies. In 2016, the investor became a resident of the Free Port of Vladivostok (SPV) and was able to appreciate all the advantages of the status obtained with the assistance of the Far East Development Corporation.

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Photo: Courtesy of Composite Shipbuilding LLC

According to Dmitry Voloshenko, Chairman of the Board of Composite Shipbuilding LLC, tax preferences are, first of all, a discount on payroll deductions and the absence of income tax.

“As a result, the savings will help well when starting, because the launch of our project without such benefits could take a long time,” says Dmitry Voloshenko.

The following year, the company began producing pleasure catamarans under the common brand Pacifico Yachts. This brand combines seven types of vessels designed by Albatross Marine Design Design Bureau, including boats, yachts and catamarans designed for fishing, family vacations, comfortable walks or long sea voyages.

Thanks to the use of modern materials, these catamarans are lighter in weight than their counterparts in wood or metal, and are more durable. This reduces the cost of their production, which favorably affects the price of the product for the buyer, both domestically and abroad.

- In Russia, there are no more serial manufacturers of catamaran-type vessels, except for us, and we are the only ones who export small vessels. This is an important indicator for us, and, I hope, most of our customers will come from other countries in the future, - said the representative of Composite Shipbuilding LLC.

However, the SPV resident has already held talks on the interest of foreign customers in Russian civil courts. In addition to defining the terms of cooperation, a presentation was made of the shipyard projects built and under construction and the new production site for the serial construction of vessels up to 12 meters.

IGE Yachts (South Korea), a leading seller of water equipment in South-East Asia, became interested in Pacifico Adventure 99 and Pacifico Voyager 117. All vessels of the company are made of composite materials, which are a multi-layer plastic, while the production technology is constantly being improved. In the manufacture of cases, the company's specialists use the method of vacuum infusion, which today is the second most manufacturable method in production, since it is used exclusively in the construction of super-racing yachts, cars for Formula 1 and spacecraft.

“When building ships, we use epoxy resin, which is more expensive than polyester and more demanding to production conditions, but gives 25 years of maintenance-free service in terms of operation,” says Dmitry Voloshenko.

In addition to the Pacifico Yachts line, the company also produces other types of vessels for various purposes, including patrol, scientific, fishing and even unmanned vehicles, and plans to start mass production of these models.

- We already had experience in building on all types of vessels, but we are interested in a similar mass production of pleasure boats, rather than a single vessel construction. The increase in the production of catamarans is our main task, and now we are actively increasing our capacity, adding new projects to the line and preparing catamarans for launching, the chairman of the board says.

In addition to composite shipbuilding, the company is engaged in the implementation of a tourist project that will connect the mainland part of Vladivostok and island territories with a network of tour routes.

- We are planning to launch the project on the development of marine tourism at the beginning of next year. As soon as a stable and convenient transport appears, it will affect the comfort of staying on the islands, - Dmitry Voloshenko is sure.

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