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On a positive wave

The context of the regional agenda in the media of Transbaikalia has become more positive

One of the main events of the Trans-Baikal Press Festival Region-Media-2019 held in Chita was the discussion platform New Far Easterners - Opening Opportunities. The image of Transbaikalia in modern realities. " A very representative audience gathered to talk about how the Trans-Baikal Territory is perceived today. Answers to the stated topic were expressed by the head of the region Alexander Osipov, deputy plenipotentiary of the president in the Far Eastern Federal District, Grigory Kuranov, professor Evgeny Kasyanov.

On a positive wave

Participants in the conversation were the chief editor of Russia Beyond and media coach Vsevolod Pula, chairman of the Trans-Baikal regional branch of the Union of Journalists Alexander Potyaev, blogger Vladimir Svechnikov and editor-in-chief of the newspaper Slava Trud from Krasnokamensk Marina Aksenova.

The views of the speakers were initially divided. According to Alexander Osipov, criticism of the executive branch should be honest and direct, being an instrument for solving the long-standing problems of a territory that has so far a depressed economy.

“An open conversation is capable of transforming the negative energy of the masses into a desire to create positive things, which we need today in the process of forming territories of priority development and creating centers of economic growth in the Transbaikalia”. But the percentage of criticism and positive should be reasonable. The region has rich traditions, distinctive culture, vibrant nature, and most importantly, people who are able to work, ”said Alexander Osipov.

The head of the region noted that over the past year the negative context of the regional agenda in the media has changed to a more positive one.

“I remember what the image was in October last year. Today the agenda is different, more positive, ”summed up Osipov.

In the past, the vice-governor, and now an economist and TV presenter Yevgeny Kasyanov, did not agree with the head of the region and stated that it was not positive from the pages of the media, namely, the state of the economy creates the image of a subject in the media space. And before positioning a positive image for an investor, it is necessary to stabilize the stagnation processes in the province.

“Not an image creates an economy, but an economy an image,” Kasyanov philosophically remarked.

The Trans-Baikal blogger Vladimir Svechnikov, in a recent past press officer of the Chita football club, noted that on the expanses of social networks you need to post as much as possible positive about athletes who achieve a “golden” result in the international and federal sports arenas. In his opinion, this should create a positive image of the region in the light of the preparation of future Olympic champions.

Alexander Potyaev, chairman of the regional branch of the Union of Russian Journalists, agreed with him, noting that the achievements of the Transbaikal people in literature and art should be integrated as soon as possible into the now joint territorial and intellectual space of the Far Eastern Federal District.

Alexander Potyaev also came up with an initiative to introduce the Zemsky Journalist program, under which the authorities will financially support media workers who want to work in the country.

Grigory Kuranov, the deputy plenipotentiary of the president in the Far Eastern Federal District, categorically rejected such an initiative, admitting that he could be accused of not the biggest humanity for this. He also said that he was not opposed to savoring problems by journalists objectively and impartially, but not forgetting the positive experience for the sake of chernukha.

“Why are we ashamed and unfashionable today to write about the good? I believe that the ratio of objectively positive and deservedly negative information on the open spaces of the media space, regardless of the regional or commercial budget of the media, should play on the attractiveness of the territory, ”said Grigory Kuranov.

In this connection, the media trainer Vsevolod Pula conciliatoryly noted that the balance, when the state-owned media write only about the good and the private ones only about the bad, needs to be balanced. As a result, the media community and speakers agreed with the conclusion that it is necessary to seek a “golden section” in honest coverage of the life of any Russian territory, without making a bias towards a particular bias with a plus sign or, conversely, in a negative context.

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